Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 1784: A Save?

Chapter 1784: A Save?

Evelynn felt giddy and satisfied by his desiring gaze but combined along with this terrifying ominous energy; she felt as though she was a mere rabbit who would be hunted down by a voracious lion.

Davis saw that Evelynn was trembling and embarrassedly looked away, momentarily forgetting that he was still using Fallen Heaven's death energy. He sent his soul sense back to the spatial ring again and compiled the information on a large amount of wealth and the hidden weapons that may or may not end up being useful to him.

Nevertheless, he felt satisfied finding another 94 Peak-Level Spirit Stone Vein Sources and 3.6 million Peak-Level Spirit Stone Vein Fragments. In them, 4 of them were actually Darkness-Attributed Peak-Level Spirit Stone Vein Sources, which ended up giving him a total of 10 Darkness-Attributed Vein Sources as he collected 6 Darkness-Attributed Vein Sources from before.

Nevertheless, the total amount of non-elemental Peak-Level Spirit Stone Vein Sources became 284!

Davis couldn't help but blink as he felt that he was now richer than the Dragon Families combined, perhaps.

With a flick of his sleeves, Davis stored the spatial ring inside, but at the same time, his hand was like a scythe while his intent was that of a reaper's. 


He cut down the Hidden Night Emperor's head while the strike of the brownish-golden martial energy rushed into the soul sea and shattered his soul.

The Hidden Night Emperor fell, blood splashing from his severed neck as it stained the floor.

There was a momentary silence before a voice echoed.

"Did you cause him to be unable to reincarnate?" It was Evelynn.

"Do you think I have such a power?"

Davis couldn't help but smile at her.

However,  Evelynn heavily nodded, causing him to be taken aback before he didn't know what to say to her blind belief towards his abilities.

"Well, no. I didn't use it on him since he seemed to be telling the truth."

Davis shrugged before he gestured to the other woman who was present.

"Nadia, here…"

He waved his hands, and four corpses fell in a row along with the Hidden Night Emperor.

Evelynn and Nadia raised their brows as they saw it was the four wicked path hegemon.

"Have the magical beasts from the Magical Beast Sanctuary cook them for you, Nadia." Davis spoke with a blatant smile, "I'm sure they know how to cook human meat since they're civilized..."

Nadia blinked while Evelynn's expression couldn't help but twitch but knowing that this was extremely nutritious for Nadia, she also agreed that their bodies should not be wasted. 

Nadia nodded and was just about to collect the bodies before a voice echoed.


Evelynn stood in front of Hidden Night Emperor's body and removed all the poison she could as some had already deeply mixed. He would die in a few days even if left alone, so the lethality already made it impossible for him to survive unless Davis decided to use his life energy on him, which is impossible unless he had a reason for it.

In fact, she was worried that if these wicked path experts did strange things to their bodies or if they did not cultivate properly and incurred illnesses or ailments, making her wonder if their meat was of good quality.


Suddenly, she came out of her reverie and couldn't help but have an amused expression on her face, wondering why she thought like this.

Was it she because she was a fey and could also eat human meat and tend to gain from it?

She didn't know about the specifics, nor did she think too much as she finished removing the poison from the Hidden Night Emperor's body.

"There… now it's all good."

"I'm pretty sure that my death energy would easily digest their bodies, but I'm grateful, big sister."

Nadia spoke while revealing a beautiful smile. She then waved her hand, collecting the bodies before she headed towards somewhere else.

"Now then…"

Davis sneakily disappeared and appeared behind Evelynn, wrapping her arms around her slim waist. 

Evelynn saw him coming but still couldn't help but feel her heart skip a beat in excitement, clasping his strong arms as she relaxed on him as she laid her head on his shoulder and turned to look at his face, their lips naturally connecting as they started to kiss, their tongues interlocking with each other as they kissed with skill and passion.


Evelynn moaned softly as she left his lips and moved her head to the other side, feeling his lips treat her fair white neck with care, placing gentle kisses as well as sucking on them, making her feel immensely good and feverish.

"Hss~ Husband~ To my room~"

Evelynn coquettishly moaned under his hold, and Davis lifted her up as he disappeared from the place. When he reappeared, he had Evelynn in his arms, making out heavily as he threw her into the bed.

Before long, they got naked and started to fuck like rabbits, mating with intent to impregnate and become pregnant; even though it wasn't possible, but still made their experience a pleasurable and satisfying one.

Half a day later, they finished their little rendezvous and went to find Isabella so that they could relieve her of looking after Lea Weiss but then saw that they were in the hall along with a bunch of people he didn't expect to be present.

"You all… why are you not in seclusion?"

Davis dumbfoundedly looked at Sophie, Niera, Nora, and even his mother Claire gang up on Lea Weiss as they sat around her, looking at her with curious eyes and asking many questions, causing her trouble.

It seemed like Isabella was no longer present, relieved of her duties.

"Mother, what are you doing?"

Davis clenched his teeth. 

Couldn't they see that they were putting Lea Weiss in a spot by surrounding her like that? How could a prideful person like Lea Weiss allow herself to be looked down upon by many women who are not even half as strong as her?

"What am I doing?" Claire narrowed her eyes, "What are you doing? I hear that you took Zestria Domitian, whose older than me by many years, and now, look at what you've done."

She pointed at Lea Weiss, causing her to blush as she looked away.

Davis inhaled a deep breath as he felt that he had to say it.

"Mother, you only had a say in who my first wife was. Other than that, I deci-"

"Davis, don't be so disrespectful to your mother." 

Lea Weiss narrowed her eyes, causing him to blink at her in shock.

She was already taking the side of the mother-in-law? What kind of sorcery was this?

"Claire, your son's adventures are no less than of a legend's..." 

Nora grinned as she shook her head, feeling incredibly amused by this situation.

Claire got a daughter-in-law who had lived a hundred times more than her that she couldn't help but find it hilarious no matter how she thought about it.

"You are not my son, Davis. How can you do this to them without marrying first? I do not remember teaching you to be so low..."

"Mother-in-law, please don't blame him. It was I who seduced him."

Lea Weiss interrupted with a worried expression on her face.

"Oh, yes. I've seen him being seduced by women all the time, but if he fancies someone, then he must be proper about it and go about it the right way, not be those men I hate. I do not want my son to become like that. Look, he still hadn't married these two beauties as he promised but kept them waiting…!"

Claire appeared deeply angered for her daughters-in-law as she pointed at Sophie and Niera, looking at Davis with reproachful eyes.

Sophie and Niera were taken aback, wondering why they were suddenly brought into this while Lea Weiss pursed her lips in anxiety, feeling a strange sense of pressure from the mother-in-law.

"Mother, I…"

Davis's tone stepped down a few notches as he couldn't help but feel shameful as he knew what his mother meant.

"That's why do me a favor and stop borrowing my son's time."

But suddenly, the atmosphere changed as Claire's voice became solemn, but it was directed towards the women, causing them all to be taken aback while Davis became shocked.

"You have all the time to marry him in the immortal world, so keep yourselves chaste until then, allowing him to become strong enough to protect you all as he does daily, even today where we were merely disturbed by assassins instead of being faced with life and death situations."

"He wants to marry you all without a doubt, giving you the proper time you deserve, but he just doesn't have time under the threat of others and the Calamity Light, so please don't doubt him."

Looking at his mother gaze at them with pleading eyes, Davis's heart shook similarly to others.

"Mother-in-law, you don't even need to say this!"

"Yes! I believe in him and will patiently wait for the day even if it takes years!"

"I… I will also wait..."

Unlike Niera and Sophie, who were already convinced of Davis's character, Lea Weiss was still hesitant and wanted to get married as soon as possible, but she also agreed that since she seduced him, she should wait for more than anyone else to get the treatment of the bride.

It couldn't be helped, considering that she had fallen in love with a married man, one who married many women.

"Davis, don't make your promises become empty promises. Otherwise, I will despise you." 

Claire sternly warned and left along with Nora, who gestured with a wink, sending him a soul transmission that this was not to berate him but to keep his growing harem in check from destroying his calmness and the ability to think rationally.

Receiving random help from two mothers, Davis didn't know what else to say other than he didn't need it, but still, seeing his mother still care for him even after he went against all her values; he couldn't help but feel that he was still the most loved child out of all the siblings.

The atmosphere turned awkward after Claire left but then saved by two figures walking in as the hearts of many lit up in happiness, looking at the firstborn of their love who was still being nurtured arrive.

However, Lea Weiss stiffened as she looked at Shirley, holding her bloated belly with care while being accompanied by Isabella.

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