Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 1899 - Drake's Wealth

Chapter 1899 - Drake's Wealth

Outside, the disciples and elders of the Dual Lotus Manor were fraught with excitement and nervousness. The Emperor of Death had actually paid a visit to one of their top disciples, treating him equally as though he was a true friend. This smelled like an opportunity to them, a chance to shed their mediocrity and rise above far more than what they could reach with just their strength.

Of this thought, both men and women were the same, but they harbored different ways to go about it.

On the other hand, the Two Sect Leaders wryly smiled at being ignored just like that. However, they dared not take offense, considering that they had just witnessed the Emperor of Death lacerating the Venerable Twilight Pill Emperor to show his place. The Emperor of Death didn't allow such an individual to disrespect him but didn't say anything to Drake Blackburn, but even looked delighted for calling him by his name and patting his shoulder.

From this, it was clear to all of them that Drake Blackburn could be considered the Emperor of Death's bosom friend. The Two Sect Leaders only lamented why Drake Blackburn hadn't told this sooner.

Inside the resting room where Drake Blackburn had just screamed, Drake's women couldn't help but appear worried, seeing him unusually driven into a corner that he had to rely on someone else.

After all, with their current strength, how could they stand up to the likes of the Vast Sky Emperor or the vengeful wicked path that wouldn't dare to strike the Emperor of Death but would point their arrows at them.

"Sorry, I was too stupid not to notice this point..."

Mo Mingzhi placed both her hands on her cheeks as she blushed in embarrassment. Just a little bit of thinking on her part would've helped him avoid this kind of situation.

"It's not your fault." Drake shook his head as he turned to look at them, "After Davis arrived, I would've casually spoken with him anyway, and people would've naturally made guesses and looked into my origins. Even if it's just a blind chance, they'll take it. That's how people who want to get back at someone are unpredictable and vengeful, but I presume that it wouldn't be bad as we think it is."

"Of course," Davis nodded, "I may be exaggerating, but since I myself have no weakness at the moment, people would go after my external weaknesses, like my wives, my family, and my friends, so yeah, you would undoubtedly be targeted first if you were to remain in the Dual Lotus Manor."

"True. I can see that happening..."

Drake calmed as he took a deep breath, "Well, this just means that it's time for me to take a vacation on Earth's sandy beaches. I presume you know the way, right?"

"I do. I'll lead you there after the competition."

"Ahaha! Perfect!"

Drake laughed loudly, looking as though he was going to enjoy with his wives, but in truth, he couldn't wait to see his family who thought he was dead, although he knew that they wouldn't be able to recognize him in this new body. However, he had the resources to extend their lives and even allow them to step into the cultivation path if they wanted.

"That's right." Drake's eyes suddenly went wide, "You owe me money now. Give it up, or I'm going to beat you up!"

Davis's lips curved into a sly grin, "You'll have it, but then, I'm going to have leave you to die here."

"Dammit! You can't blackmail me…!"

Drake looked as though he had stabbed himself in the back, "Ahh. I knew that I should've never trusted you..."

"Hehe. Too late to regret, you scumbag with brains under the loins."

"Bastard! You're the scumbag, you literal tyrant, overlord who publicly cuckolded a poor young master in front of millions of people!"


Some women were tensed at their confrontation, but Kara and Evelynn assured them with soul transmission that they were just fooling around, causing the likes of Niera and the others to somewhat relax.

"Speaking of which," Davis abruptly went solemn, "Since you came out of the mini-realm with this many resources, why weren't they confiscated? It couldn't be that you obtained a remnant tomb, right?"

"Indeed." Drake grinned, "Your lucky guess back then was on the mark as though it was fate. I truly didn't expect that I would find the site leading to the First Ancestor's remnant tomb. Once I refined it after clearing it, I've hidden it in my soul sea, so people wouldn't know even if they checked and most of the time, they only check the soul for injuries even if they did."

Davis blinked, wondering if his mouth was a curse or blessing before he spoke, "With it, you should be able to defend yourself, possibly even against the Vast Sky Emperor."

"I think so too, but at this point, I'd like to stay low, improve our physiques rather than reveal my trump card."

"A good choice indeed." Davis nodded to Drake's response as he felt that he would've taken the same action if he was in the other's shoes.

"Also," Drake grinned as he continued, "I have ultimate control over the Dual Lotus Manor's formations unless they have changed it in the current or the previous eras, which I think they did, but not to all formations."

"Wow, that's cool. As expected of the tomb of the First Ancestor, which means you're the future inheritor of the Dual Lotus Manor, effecting becoming its Young Sect Leader."

"I think that's the case, but without backing, chances are that I would be robbed clean and maimed instead." Drake chuckled at the descriptive image of his own death, "Rumors had it that the First Ancestor was a man with a Peak-Level Emperor Grade Exquisite Nine Yang Physique and capable of battling three levels higher. Someday, I hope to reach his level."

Davis nodded before he couldn't help but ask.

"Uhm… how many did he have?"

"Before he ascended, thirty-eight beauties..." Drake's eyes were full of desire, "I hope to reach that level, but I don't have enough willpower."

"Tsk… I'm facing the same problem..."

Looking at both perverts lament about not having enough women, the women all clenched their fists, looking as though they were going to throw daggers at them. However, the two perverts merely grinned at them as though they had successfully teased them.

"Are you sure your new beauties won't betray you for you to be talking about the remnant tomb this openly?"

"I guess they might if given enough incentive as our relationship isn't long and had just been a few weeks but too bad for them they already pledged their lives to me and swore loyalty through Blood Soul Contract in order to receive my favor. Besides, they probably came to know of it anyway as they would have noticed the abnormality after sleeping with me and soul-cultivating with me. But, what about you? You didn't seem to like the idea of having many women at that time? I'm sure you have many secrets yourself, but if you don't look after them properly, chances are that they will look the other way."

"Yeah, I changed, becoming corrupted with power, but I still haven't lost myself. I care for them and love them all, as equally as possible, although my first wife is still the favored empress."

"I see… just like me. Kara takes care of my lovely harem, and I'm so grateful to her than anyone for indulging my selfish requests."

"Evelynn does too. She may have a cold exterior at the moment because of so much that happened, but I assure you, her heart is still as clear as the blue sky, kind and full of warmth."

The two of them exchanged soul transmissions, boasting about the good nature of their women while being bombarded with attacks by their women as though the women also wanted to take part in their foolery.

It turned into a comedic moment before Davis, and Drake Blackburn discussed the exchange in detail.

Drake had given Mo Mingzhi plenty of yin-attributed resources at the Eighth Stage and Ninth Stage, which paved the way for Natalya to rapidly increase her cultivation. With Iesha combined, she only needs to put a quarter of the effort this way, perhaps, even lesser than that.

On the other hand, there were also yang-attributed resources for him, some authentic to cultivation, which he felt like he didn't require as he couldn't have yang jeopardizing the balance between fire and lightning, and some dubious resources… for dual cultivation. Davis felt like he should spank Mingzhi's supple, peachy butt for that and thank her later.

Nevertheless, he confirmed that the cost did really come to twenty-five Peak-Level Spirit Stone Vein Sources and the extra five to be bought at a premium, which he had no problem with. However, Davis let them know about the Stargaze Pills, which Drake wanted immediately upon knowing it despite knowing the value of Peak-Level Spirit Stone Vein Sources.

A Peak-Level Spirit Stone Vein Source's energy level could be compared to the energy of one million Peak-Level Spirit Stones. However, that was not considering the purity. If one took the value of the purity into account, the value of the Peak-Level Spirit Stone Vein Source's value skyrockets that in the auction nowadays, one Peak-Level Spirit Stone Vein Source sold for a hundred million or more Peak-Level Spirit Stones if it ever appeared!

That's how valuable it was!

Since Drake wanted Soul Forging Cultivation Pills for his women, he gave them the pills used to increase Elder Soul Stage and Mature Soul Stage Cultivation.

As for the Seventh Stage and Eighth Stage, Davis gave them ten Undaunted Purple Lotus Flowers, which stunned Drake and his wives as it was announced as part of the rewards for the top five.

Moreover, the Supreme Stargaze Radiance Pills that increased the prowess of Supreme Soul Stage Experts were also given to them for free since Davis had many of them with him and could make more if he so wanted within five minutes as he still had the raw ingredients with him.

As for the Stargaze King Radiance Pill and Stargaze-Risen Emperor Radiance Pill, these were two pills that could be valued at High-Level Emperor Grade and Peak-Level Emperor Grade depending on the scarcity of resources and the difficulty of making them. These two pills would cost from a million to billions of Peak-Level Spirit Stones in that range.

Considering that, it could be said that Davis owed Drake three billion Peak-Level Spirit Stones in an approximate value. Therefore, Drake didn't want the Vein Sources anymore but directly exchanged it for the almost impossible-to-obtain Stargaze Pills for himself and his wives.

However, Drake knew that the value of the exchange cost about a hundred Peak-Level Spirit Stones Vein Sources, which made it so that he now owed Davis seventy Peak-Level Spirit Stone Vein Sources.

But, Drake Blackburn suddenly took out a thick tome and gave it to Davis. When Davis checked the contents, he saw that it was the copy of the Yin-Yang Merit Sutra! However, it was not Emperor Grade but Immortal Grade!

Feeling stunned, Davis had pushed the thirty Peak-Level Spirit Stone Vein Sources to Drake, making him take it. But after that, Drake shook his head and handed a copy of the Rapturous Soul Aroma Manual at Immortal Grade, causing Davis to feel shocked and more indebted!

These two dual cultivation manuals were entirely supportive manuals, but their quality was high as their lower counterparts, allowing the users to experience more of a rapid increase in dual cultivation sessions, causing Davis to suck in a cold breath of air. Especially, the value of the Rapturous Soul Aroma Manual was immense such that even a thousand Peak-Level Spirit Stone Vein Sources wouldn't be able to match it!

It was a twist of turn of events that rocked the women's hearts, making them wonder how fast they would grow in Soul Forging Cultivation from now on one side and how they could read and learn new things from the manuals' new chapters on the other. At the same time, they were moved by their friendship that did not hold back against each other.

Now, they knew why they were like two little mortal teenagers who didn't know the word called respect and distance, cussing each other yet not taking offense even though there was a vast difference of power and status between them.

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