Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 2400 Third Target

Chapter 2400 Third Target

A huge tower shot through the heavens, occasionally lighting up with some spark. Surrounding the huge tower on the surface was eight circles in eight positions, each representing a spatial teleportation conduit.

Davis spotted Klein Zyrus amongst an entourage that had just appeared out of a spatial conduit next to him clockwise.

Klein Zyrus, a mortal heavenly genius with Imposing Rune, Imposing Crest but a Supreme Immortal Sigil! He had an immortal physique bloodline flowing through his body, not to mention also possessing a physique!

The urge to assassinate Klein Zyrus filled Davis's soul as the target was extremely close, within a hundred-meter range.

To people like him, that was no different than being a meter close for mortals. However, his muscles tensed ever so lightly, holding himself back as he gazed at the two peculiar individuals around him. They wore a skeletal hand affixed to their heads as a hat, and the tip of the skeletal hand's fingers lowered a veil, shrouding their features.

Their appearances made him uncomfortable in an aesthetic sense, but their reserved aura that was unreadable was more suspicious, causing Davis to blink at them visibly.

"Master, those two are Immortal Kings..."

"I know…"

Nadia's voice resounded in his soul sea while Davis responded. He didn't know for a fact but guessed, but since his gaze already fell on them, he didn't take it off, curiously watching them like every other person on Spatial Teleportation Formation, or so he thought when every guard bowed their heads towards them.

The others also deferred a bit as they lowered their heads, but Davis didn't remove his gaze, still looking at them with curious eyes.

Noticing the gaze, Klein Zyrus shot a look at Davis, his gaze lingering for a moment before turning around and ignoring him. Taking a step forward, he then flew into the skies as a ray of light shot out from his head.

A giant Level One Immortal Beast Stage Dark Moon Crow appeared in the air as he mounted it. The wind roared with the sound of darkness screeching as the Dark Moon Crow shot forwards, heading into the distance while the two Immortal Kings also followed, carrying the rest of them along with them.

It wasn't a while before people began raising their heads and gossiping about the arrival of the Zyrus Family members, a few actually recognizing Klein Zyrus.

"How can you not have heard of Klein Zyrus, the new Young Master Candidate? Are you perhaps not from here?"

"I'm from here. But I have just returned from a short journey that lasted a hundred years… Senior. Isn't there already a suitable Young Master Candidate for the Zyrus Family? What's going on?"

"Ah, that… it's just that happens in any family. Young Master Liam Zyrus is no longer considered top of the line to become the Young Master anymore because of Klein Zyrus's existence. After all, although born a mortal with an average ancestral bloodline purity, is actually blessed with the Ghastly Cloud Physique, the Immortal Grade Soul Physique that brought them to this height!"

"Ohh…! So the Zyrus Family plans to raise Klein Zyrus into the Young Master and approach their prime as power once again!?"


Davis focused on a conversation between two particular individuals on his other side. They had the cultivations of Level Seven and Level Eight Immortal Stage, respectively. He started to walk away, but he still kept hearing their booming voices that were spoken without being submerged under their breaths, intermixing a few praises every now and then so that the guards looked at them and nodded in appreciation.

From their conversation, he came to understand that this mission was perhaps commissioned by the Zyrus Family itself, specifically, those who didn't want Klein Zyrus to rise for their own heaven-forbidden selfish reasons. Perhaps, it was this Liam Zyrus's supporters, some other candidate's supporters, or Liam Zyrus himself who commissioned this mission to assassinate Klein Zyrus for a hefty reward of a hundred million immortal crystals.

That was how Klein Zyrus was worth it to be killed.

However, Klein Zyrus definitely could not compare to his wives Shirley and Isabella, who had five hundred million immortal crystals bounties on their heads each, and especially not him, who had a billion immortal crystals on his head.

Just a while ago, he had been thinking of faking his death and claiming the reward with Everlight's help as he could revive from her tail even if things went wrong. However, with the Ghost Tear Hall being able to identify kills through the mysteries of the karmic workings, he decisively let go of that plan.

Davis exited the huge tower.

However, some guards did look at Davis with anger as he left. After all, he didn't bow down, but they didn't go far as to bring trouble to him, unexpectedly escaping calamity.

To him, the Dark Moon Crow's aura was unambiguous and traceable, even if it was of the nature of darkness. He followed its track through the air while he walked because, obviously, he was not an Immortal King or one of the Zyrus Family's people to be flying in the skies.

This city was called Xilen Zyrus City, making him wonder if it was named after the first Immortal King City Lord of this city. With its security and booming economy, it appeared to be a Tier One City.

Nonetheless, as he concealed himself in broad daylight using Nadia's death energy and rushed, within ten minutes, he was out of the city, continuing to follow the trail left behind by the Dark Moon Crow.

That Dark Moon Crow reminded him of Nyoran, making her momentarily wonder where she was as she had ascended with her immortal ancestor.

Since her Dark Moon Crow Empire was to the northwest, he imagined that she would be either west or north and not in the south where he was. However, thinking of north, he was also reminded of Iris Serenity or, rather, Nightveil, the Darkness Elemental Spirit that he had helped succeed in her immortal tribulation.

Were they safe? He didn't know the answer but knew they were alive as he had checked his karmic profile before leaving the Xilen Zyrus City.

There, two vague karmic threads always headed towards the north, but he couldn't find where exactly as the air of the First Haven World felt heavier, disallowing him to pinpoint their locations, only capable of knowing their general directions.

Still, if they didn't belong to Nightveil and Nyoran, who exactly did they belong to? Davis didn't know.


'Strange… I helped Nyoran and Nightveil, and in turn, they repaid me with rewards like a Darkness Elemental and a spatial ring, so there shouldn't be any karma between us… unless those two have been thinking of me as well?'

Davis couldn't help but wryly smile as he shook his head.

On the way outside the city, he also heard conversations about Davis Alstreim, about himself.

With the heaven-flipping news about him flaring day by day and resounding in every region in the First Haven World, it was natural that they also came to know about him and were worried, or perhaps, people came to somehow know they were related to him and were being abused to cough out the truth?

He couldn't help but feel the distaste in his mouth when he thought of it that way, hoping they were safe and sound. However, it was true that they didn't forget him. Otherwise, the karmic threads wouldn't be remaining even at this moment.

Soon, he crossed a mountain valley. A river cleaved through the way ahead at the exit, but the river made his eyes wide as the surface of the river was full of pink petals. They were like sakura blossoms flowing through the river stream, and when he turned to look at the mountains nearby, tracing their source, his eyes went wide as he caught sight of a giant thousand-meter-tall tree with incredible thickness.

Its branches were enormous, and its entire body appeared to be covered in pink. Carried along with the wind, a wave of fragrance rushed past him. The soothing aura it emanated caused him to blink, making him want to go talk to it as he could feel its undulations and aura.

It was a perfect date spot, making him wonder if people used this space, and as he thought, he spotted a few couples roaming around.

"Master, it's so beautiful..."

Davis's smile brightened. Even Nadia found it beautiful, and that went to say the volumes of influence this tree possessed. Perhaps, it was protected by the Zyrus Family as a national treasure.

'Maybe I should bring my lovely beauties here one day…' Davis made a mental note and quickly left.

He didn't have time to be leisure with his pursuit as the trace was slowly disappearing.

Chasing the target for hundreds of kilometers, he arrived at the foot of a massive mountain that completely blocked his view and blotted out the skies, reaching thousands of kilometers in altitude.

Its giant rock body was adorned in raw black-colored ore of unknown nature, but he guessed that it was somewhere between the Mid Immortal Grade and Late Immortal Grade.

However, that wasn't the attraction as Davis came to a stop and looked dumbfounded as he stood amidst a sea of mortal cultivators.

He had undone his concealment and mixed in with them, thinking that he blended without wasting time, but only after he blended did he learn that these people came from different cities, different powers.

However, they weren't the concern.

Raising his head, Davis looked at the array of powers aligned in a circle as they stared at each other, making him momentarily stunned.

There, not only was Klein Zyrus present, but there were also other young individuals present, each of them appearing as outstanding and arrogant as they come. They all shared the same altitude as they stood in the air, meaning that they were all equal.

To be precise, there were not only humans but also magical beasts and spirits. Moreover, Davis found the aura of the Fire Phoenix within one of the many powers present above, making him convinced that these people were from major powers.

Suddenly having found himself underneath the presence of multiple major powers like the Zyrus Family, Davis wondered what was going on.

"I find it extremely amusing that people of other Prefectures have the audacity to show up to our doorstep and demand entry."

"Your doorstep?" The Fire Phoenix youth's lips curved into a mocking smile, "Don't be delusional. We all share this border and claim it as our land, so this pocket space that appears once every century belongs to all of us."

"Heh!" Klein Zyrus scoffed as his tone countenance remained confident, "Say what you want, but this location is still within the jurisdiction of my Zyrus Family. Since you all want to enter, you better pay up when exiting the Void Dust Secret Realm. Otherwise, don't think about leaving alive."


'A secret realm…!?' Davis's eyes lit up.

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