Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 2655 Dicey?

Chapter 2655 Dicey?

Myria knew that the moment these impure Ice Essence Orbs finally reached an ignition point and imploded was the time this region would be completely encased in ice, but investigating it from this close of a range, she saw that there was more time before that could happen.

She had the confidence to diffuse it.

On the other hand, Tanya saw these orbs were of varied quality. It was a testament to the tenacity of the Unfettered Ice Fiends as she learned this happened to be made from their lives from Myria while traversing here. Each of them held a massive power that would allow one to increase their cultivation base in the Immortal King Stage.

If properly diffused and secured, they were contribution points as well, and an exorbitant amount at that, especially if sold to powers outside that practiced ice-attribute.

"Guard me."

Myria raised both her hands as she began building a spirit formation to diffuse them. She did not try taking the cluster of hundreds of one-meter radius impure Ice Essence Orbs into her spatial ring as it would have the possibility of exploding instead of imploding, causing them to die before the region ends up worse.

Tanya nodded and raised her senses to high alert. She could sense the Level Four Unfettered Ice Fiends actually making their way up now, probably intending to attack them. However, she also knew they couldn't do as they pleased in the vent.

If they pounced over to the cyclone, they would be blasted and cut into pieces.


However, despite Tanya's expectations, they did exactly that.

*Whoosh!~* *Whoosh!~* *Whoosh!~*

Hundreds of Level Four Immortal King Unfettered Ice Fiends pounced into the cyclone and let the wind blow them up to their level. Icy spears manifested in their hands, and they actually started throwing them at them.

*Whizzz!~* *Whizzz!~* *Whizzz!~*

The sound of the icy spears piercing through the cyclone could be heard, but they didn't even reach halfway before being blasted into the skies. They spun in the cyclone and made their way without harming a single soul.


Then wind blades did their due diligence, cutting apart these Unfettered Ice Fiends into pieces. They weren't even able to resist the whirring blades for five whole seconds, causing them to die a useless death.

Tanya's brows couldn't help but twitch as not even a single spear reached the eye of the storm.

However, her gaze sharpened as she saw the Unfettered Ice Fiends throwing their fellow fiends to the eye of the storm before dying a gruesome death, lacerated by hundreds of wind blades slicing them into pieces of meat.

"The concept of self-sacrifice doesn't exist in you creatures."

Tanya's voice trembled as she drew her sword out. She knew that these creatures weren't independent in a way that they could think for themselves as all they did was work in a way that was beneficial to their allfather, just like ants working for their queen.

Such behavior had her looking down on them from the bottom of her heart, especially when their craziness almost put her beloved in danger. Only she knew that if she didn't have the core, it would've been impossible to retrieve them as they had fallen to the lowest floors of the Mercurial Blitz Ice Valley.

That location was fully cut off from the upper floors, having no way to traverse, and if they tried to pass through the abyss that was underneath, it would've pulled them down regardless. Furthermore, if the ice below them had caved, then they would be dead without a doubt.

Fortunately, Stella Voidfield was present, allowing the both of them to retrieve them back in a few minutes as Tanya provided the exact coordinates to shuttle back and forth.


Tanya's sword cut down, causing a plethora of icy swords to manifest and rain over the Unfettered Ice Fiends. Their bodies became full of holes before their entire body froze over and the momentum of the impact dragged them straight out of the eye of the storm, causing them to be shattered into a million pieces under the barrage of the wind blades.

Even though hundreds kept repeating these suicidal movements, some successfully appearing in the eye of the storm and throwing icy spears at them a close range, Tanya merely raised the hilt of her sword, causing everything in her vision to freeze.

It was simply the case of ants trying to bring down an unshakable foe. None of the Unfettered Ice Fiends were able to do anything. They could only struggle, merely wasting their lives in droves.

Davis watched this happen from the edge with a languid smile on his face. On one side, he was proud but on the other, watching each fifty thousand contribution points get destroyed millisecond after a millisecond, he could only sigh. However, he was doing his due diligence as well, his senses keeping an eye on the main body of the Level Four Immortal King Unfettered Ice Fiend.

He managed to find it, as it was hiding behind the tunnel in which the Unfettered Ice Fiends came out and were launching themselves into a suicidal dive at the cyclone that brought them up to fight.

Certainly, he didn't think that it didn't have any plan to tackle this situation. Although they were stupid in his eyes, he had to admit that they were cunning.


Just at this moment, a transparent form of vapor rushed toward Myria and Tanya from a distance.


Davis yelled, his eyes wide as saucers as he sensed a formless attack rush straight from the Unfettered Behemoth Ice Fiend's heart.

Hearing Davis's warning, Tanya's eyes quickly flashed as she turned to look at the sealed monstrosity that was still alive. She couldn't sense anything, much less see. However, a sense of danger filled her heart from that heart's direction, and with Davis's shout, she quickly took a defensive stance, sending her beloved icy-silver sword flying in its direction.


A formless attack exploded, causing Tanya to spit a mouthful of blood. The myriad of wind blades flying in the cyclone abruptly froze over, and even the cyclone itself abruptly slowed down for a few moments, causing numerous jaws to drop as they saw the change in heaven and earth.

It was as though the skies had fallen with this single attack.


The next second, the bridge Myria and Stella Voidfield worked hard to create became destroyed! The cyclone became even faster, resulting in wind blades becoming even more exponentially dangerous than before!


Davis's eyes were wide as he watched this happen in horror.

He understood quite a while ago that the Unfettered Gargantuan Ice Fiend was semi-sealed. The Frostcloud Sword Empress's ice was no longer effective as it was millions of years ago, allowing it to create these horrid lesser versions of itself halfway. However, never did he expect it to be able to unleash a direct attack on one of them.

If it could, why didn't it use it to scare them away the first time? At that time, it was even more powerful, able to kill all of them in one move!


But at this moment, his expression froze over again.

In the eye of the storm, Myria was still diffusing the impure Ice Essence Orbs. However, she was now covered in frost, appearing like an ice statue. The attack had left her almost immobile and utterly cold, but despite the freezing vulnerability she was in, she possessed a determined expression and hurriedly continued creating the spirit formation.

Tanya was momentarily weak as she had taken the brunt of the Unfettered Gargantuan Ice Fiend's attack. Although most of it was eaten by her Immortal Emperor Grade Sword, she bore the impact of it, allowing Myria to live.

If not, Myria would've died. Her contributions were great enough to get an equal share. However, none of that mattered to them right now as their scalps turned numb.

Their eyes swiveled to the cluster of impure Ice Essence Orbs and saw the head of a Level Four Unfettered Ice Fiend rising from within, the slit of its mouth curved into a big, sinister smile.

Tanya's gaze flickered with horror as she saw it emerge from the cluster of Ice Essence Orbs. She couldn't process the fact that it was hiding there all along, using the massive energy of the Ice Essence Orbs as a cover!

'This bastard already had us in checkmate from the very beginning...?'

Davis and Myria's expressions flickered greatly. Their eyes were wide with shock, especially as they noticed that its body was still buried within the Ice Essence Orb. It didn't even take them a millisecond to notice that it was going to explode the Ice Essence Orbs instead of making them implode!

Although it made a world of difference when it came to the destruction between explosion and implosion, any blast would still send them to the heavens.

The Unfettered Behemoth Ice Fiend decided that it was better for them to die than allow itself to have a chance at freedom!

Davis's pupils abruptly dilated as his senses rushed down the vent, zig-zagging past all the wind blades and latching onto the Level Four Immortal King Unfettered Ice Fiend's main body. At that same instant, he activated Fallen Heaven's ability, causing the light in its eyes to suddenly disappear.

The grinning Unfettered Ice Fiend hiding in the cluster of Ice Essence Orbs also froze over.


Myria looked at this scene with dumbfounded eyes. However, she instantly blasted its face from the face of the world and quickly continued diffusing the Ice Essence Orbs. It just took her two more seconds, but it was done at the third as she had panicked a bit. In the fourth second, the Ice Essence Orbs stopped flaring, appearing like they were no longer going to implode or explode as they reached their normal state.

Myria's bosoms heaved as she let a cold, shuddering sigh, but at this moment, everything in her sight went blank.


Davis watched a pitch-black silence take over the region that was on the other side of the vent. It only took a moment for him to realize that it wasn't an explosion but a spacequake!

"A fucking natural disaster at this time!?"

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