Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 2760 Locating The Hideout

Chapter 2760 Locating The Hideout

Vereina stared at Davis for some time, seeming to contemplate a lot before she turned away and said nothing.

Davis didn't mind and stepped forward, continuing the journey without even bothering to take the loot. He was too rich to even bother.

Mingzhi and the others followed him and Schleya was also done with refining the immortal beast's blood from the Golden Vajra Rhinoceros, collecting it in a cauldron that she possessed. The gory scene was hidden by a veil of bloody light, so no one found it uncomfortable.

Without a single hint of hesitation, they killed a few bandits and an immortal beast, making their way to the Ghost Tear Hall's hideout.

Within a few minutes, they rushed past many valleys and chanced upon a cave that headed inside the mountain. It was without much embellishment or decoration and looked natural, even water dripping out over the ceiling as there was a water source nearby on a mountain peak.

Heading inside, Davis, Fiora, Mingzhi, Schleya, Katherine, and Vereina saw that the path had come to a  dead end. However, Davis raised his hand, and a ripple appeared before the cave, causing the wall to disappear.

They continued heading inside, and there were more paths diverging, but each time Davis raised his hand and displayed his status plate, he would be met with the correct path opening for him.

According to his senses, there were multiple layers of defenses placed on each cave route, one that could trigger one's death. However, none of them reacted to the people around him, causing Davis to relax.

He felt the Ghost Tear Hall to be thorough, making him think that the defenses were temporarily deactivated when activating through a status plate.


Abruptly, a black-robed person wearing a black dragon's mask appeared in front of him, kneeling in front of him.

"We were expecting you to come, junior master."

Davis blinked at this scene while the others also looked at each other, wondering what was going on. On the other hand, this made Davis wonder if Deathseeker lied and there was the ability to find his location using the status plate, but on second thought, he imagined that it was because he activated all those pathway gates, making him understand that there must be mechanisms to see who was accessing which area.

"Were you people waiting here for me specifically? Is your master present here?"

"No, we death slaves are spread throughout the lands, mountains, and seas; some of us waiting for your presence in branches such as this Zyrus Prefecture's main branch. However, I have informed master of your arrival, so there's a chance that master could pay a visit."

The death slave replied in a pious voice, making Davis a bit uncomfortable. He wasn't the kind of person who would personally keep slaves, but he didn't disagree with it either, as he felt some people really did deserve to lose all their freedom just like they deserved to die.

He didn't know these death slaves' circumstances but chose not to bother for the moment and turned a blind eye to his master's hobby until he knew more.

Besides, it seemed like Deathseeker really wanted to meet him, even going as far as to place his manpower in certain branches to look for him, even though his master said that he should go look for a Ghost King or a Ghost Emperor if he were to ever want to contact him.

"Alright, take me inside. I want to see how the branch is."

"Your wish is my command."

The death slave stood up and turned around, displaying his staunch back as he continued to walk without any ounce of depression or discomfort.

Davis was a bit curious, considering that he couldn't sense the other party's cultivation as it was deeply concealed.

"What should I address you as? You have a number?"

Last time, Davis remembered that Slave Four met with him in the Mercurial Ice Blitz Valley to deliver the status plate that Deathseeker specifically made for him.

"No, I am Death Dragon." Shook the death slave, causing Davis to raise his brows.

"Oh? You're not only not a numbered slave but also possess a powerful name? Are you that strong?"

"I think so."

Death Dragon lightly voiced out as though he was smiling, making Davis more curious about Death Dragon's true cultivation.

Nonetheless, the path before them quickly became quiet as no one spoke anything.

With the death slave, Davis and the others were easily able to get through the manned checkpoints without any questions being asked. Moreover, even though the death slave appeared to be servile, the other assassins deeply respected him, not even displaying the slightest hint of derision.

Before long, they appeared out of a cave tunnel, becoming bathed in sunlight- no, a kind of artificial light that hung above.


Mingzhi and the others became stunned as they witnessed this scene while their eyes adjusted to the ever-glowing brightness, causing them to pan their heads and gaze at the marvel before them.

'What the hell...? A mini underground city...? And all of these people... are assassins?'

Mingzhi was stunned as she saw the people in the streets of this vast underworld. She could see children to men and women running around, either practicing or going about their way with ingredients in their baskets as though they were mortals buying groceries to cook for lunch.

For a moment, they all couldn't help but wonder about the life these people would lead in this vast underworld world, making them think about their assassin ways and habits, their customs and usages, and how they live down there among them as well as how they came to be where they would go.


Death Dragon lightly invited them before he descended the obsidian stairs, causing Davis and the others to follow. They looked around, taking in the spectacular novelty of the two-story buildings that were placed around them.

"Ghost King!~"

"Ghost King!"

But suddenly, as they walked through the main street that was long and wide, leading to a giant nine-story palace in the center, many people came forward and greeted them while having eerie smiles on their faces while some were masked, causing Davis to blink before he turned to look at Death Dragon walking before him.


'Great... a Ghost King is a slave of Deathseeker. Have I been underestimating my master too much?'

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