Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 2762 An Old Acquaintance?

Chapter 2762 An Old Acquaintance?

Moonshade stared at Davis for a few seconds before she turned around and headed back into a room.

"Immortal King Grade missions are rare to come by, so even the mission distributor like Moonshade doesn't have direct access to it."

"I see."

Ghost King Death Dragon explained, causing Davis to lightly nod his head.

At this moment, a black-robed individual stepped beside him, seemingly waiting for the receptionist to appear. Only a moment later did he recognize the Ghost King and slightly nodded towards him.

"Void Terror. You haven't died yet?"

"...!" The black-robed individual was shocked to hear this voice as he turned to look at the luxuriously dressed man beside him.

"Dead End...!"


Instantly, he rushed behind as he gained some distance, looking shocked at Davis.

"What are you afraid of? We can't battle here, remember?"

Davis calmly spoke, causing Void Terror to be even more stunned, yet a burst of rage stemming from embarrassment also filled his heart. Right now, he knew he messed up, and the creased eyes of the women around him that made it seem like they were smiling didn't help him calm down.

However, it wasn't long before Moonshade returned, her rosy lips moving as she extended out an array of jade slips.

"My apologies for leaving without saying anything. I was just too rattled by junior master's prowess."

"Ju-junior master?" Void Terror's lips twitched.

Davis took the jade slips without responding to Moonshade and went through the missions with a sweep of his soul sense entering those jade slips. Numerous pieces of information entered his head, allowing him to know what he was going to deal with.

Because this was the Zyrus Prefecture, the location of the missions was regional, generally not too far, and was only within the surrounding Prefectures.

Nonetheless, he obtained his targets this time.

One of them was Liam Zyrus, the Young Master Candidate of the Zyrus Family, who was reinstated because Klein Zyrus had been killed by Dead End.

Back then, Davis thought that Liam Zyrus was the one who commissioned Klein Zyrus's assassination, but he didn't know how credible that was.

After all, now that there was an assassination mission for Liam Zyrus, he couldn't tell who was commissioning it, and the reward was five hundred million Mid-Level Immortal Crystals.

Remembering back again, he knew how joyful he was when gaining millions of Low-Level Immortal Crystals while completing the Ghost Tear Hall's assassination missions for the first few times, but now as Aurora Cloud Gate's true disciple, he couldn't even be bothered to react to this measly amount.

However, it wasn't like the Aurora Cloud Gate was showering its disciples with riches. It was just the calamity-level incident like the presence of the Unfettered Behemoth Ice Fiend made it so that he and his people earned based on the risk involved.

There were no gains without risk, after all.

"I'll accept these missions."

Davis sent a few jade slips back to Moonshade and kept the rest on the desk, allowing her to collect and go through them in a few moments. She checked the missions and raised her attractive brows, looking at him once again before asking for his status plate.

After obtaining his status plate and doing something with it, she raised her head to look at him.

"Junior master, you have failed to assassinate Haijin Minn. Would you like to pay the fine?"


'Yeah. That seemed to have happened...'

Davis blinked once before he gave a slight nod and extended out chump change that didn't even bother him.

"Haha, even someone like you failed to assassinate someone like Haijin Minn, who ran to the Aurora Cloud Gate?"

Void Terror coldly laughed before he flinched his head as though understanding dawned on him, "Oh, I see. You have been hiding so much that you only came out after you have reached the peak of the Immortal Stage. I have to admit. You cultivate fast but all that swiftness would only harm you in the end. Still, I look forward to seeing your wall of achievements, Dead End."

He sneered, appearing complacent.

The receptionist here was quite playful, so he only thought that she was playing with Dead End but didn't realize that Dead End truly had high status within the Ghost Tear Hall.

The Ghost Tear Hall didn't publicize this matter as well, so other than Dead End being an Anarchic Divergent, no one knew about his true identity or his true status, which is the successor to the legacy of the Ghost Tear Hall if what Deathseeker said was actually true.

At this point, he could practically be compared to a Young Master Candidate in terms of status in the Ghost Tear Hall.


Nonetheless, Davis wasn't sure of this himself, as he felt that there could be other candidates like him. The world was vast, and he knew this wasn't the headquarters of the Ghost Tear Hall, so there was no way he would be seeing top or true disciples here.

Or at least, he thought before he saw a black-robed person who wore a veil, blocking their entire face as they stood before him. The veil possessed the image of a single eerie gray eye crying as there were a few tears falling, making Davis imagine that it should be a trademark of the Ghost Tear Hall.

"So you are Dead End?"

A hoarse voice echoed out with some clarity, causing Davis to turn his shoulders around and finally face them as he sensed the other party to be an Immortal King.

"And who might you be?"

"This is senior Netherblade, the first-ranked disciple in Mid Immortal King Grade Rankings, and he's a core disciple."

A hint of pride swelled in Void Terror as he spoke about the black-robed person next to him. The latter chuckled lightly, his veil shaking as it displayed his smiling face.

"I heard that my subordinate Void Terror was taken care of by you nicely in the Void Dust Secret Realm. Care to explain-"

"Oh?" Davis quickly interrupted, "Void Terror. I didn't think you shat your pants so quickly after our encounter that you submitted to someone else to protect your skin."


Void Terror trembled, remembering the things that happened after he was caught by the Zyrus Family and sold into slavery.

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