Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 2921 Out Of Calculation?

Chapter 2921 Out Of Calculation?

"Look at that lovely man he calls Master; imitate you. Isn't he adorable?"

In a large and spacious hall with high ceilings and elaborate decorations designed to awe and impress visitors with their extravagance and magnificence, two women sat on a cushion opposite each other. One was clad in a purple robe with crimson flame patterns, while the other wore a pure white robe untainted by specks of dust.

In between them was a small table where refreshments were kept, but it seemed as though neither reached out their hands to take part in them. Instead, their heads gazed at the projection towards the wall over the right.

But after the purple-robed woman giggled ever so lightly, her voice resounding with amusement, the white-robed woman also opened her mouth.

"It's been seven days, and he had just woken up. Do you not understand that it's not good for you anymore?"

There was a hint of exhaustion in her voice, as though she was tired of having to convince again and again. However, the purple-robed woman couldn't seem to stop smiling.

"Indeed. It's been seven days, and he had just woken up. I've waited to gain what I wanted far too long, and there's finally a chance to obtain it." She uttered, her crimson eyes gleaming with desire.

"Heavenly lightning and heavenly flames. Could you imagine what kind of power I would retain upon controlling them, oh lovely Myria?"

"Is that really the case?"

Myria raised one of her brows, "Then why haven't you restricted him yet?"

"There's no way a cautious and calculating person like you will leave an Anarchic Divergent who can attract all twelve Paragon Magical Beasts, including something I had never seen, without any kind of restraint, even if he was badly injured. Do you think you can control him with just one woman by his side?"

The Blazing Thunderlight Sect Founder's hand finally moved, seeming to take the teacup that was on the table as she took a sip ever so elegantly.

"Do you not know the art of influence? It is nothing like force. It is a mixture between coercion and manipulation that cannot be used against a foe without having a high stature, not to mention prowess that could be considered a valid deterrent."

"Do not patronize me, child. You're a few thousand years early to teach me what influencing is."

"Is that so? Perhaps, should we have a competition in that field?"

The Blazing Thunderlight Sect's Founder suggested as she placed the cup on the table, only to suddenly frown as the Myria in front of her disappeared, her soul body disappearing.

"No need."

A melodious yet cold voice resounded from the entrance, causing the Blazing Thunderlight Sect's Founder to turn to look at the source of the voice and find two individuals who entered this palace without even triggering or alerting a single formation.

"I'll take you on right now. Come." One of them was Myria.

Her true body had arrived.

Late Stage Immortal King Soul undulations surged as she circulated her cultivation, causing pitch-black energy to surge along with pure white energy, where they combined behind to create a mystical wheel of iridescent color. Its black-and-white nature encompassed the guest hall with its untold complexities, causing the Blazing Thunderlight Sect's Founder to feel as though the temperature had suddenly dropped as chills surged through her spine.


Her eyes trembled as she recognized this power. Wasn't this the same energy the Emperor of Death used to battle the Paragon Magical Beasts and-

'Wait… who was that person?'

She hurriedly wondered but then quickly glanced at the other woman who radiated even more dangerous vibes than Myria because the other party was an Immortal Emperor! Moreover, although she couldn't tell who this person was, she could recognize from the aura she was radiating!

Quickly, she floated to the air and made hand signs, causing defensive formations to activate- or so she thought when she felt that the cores had become unresponsive.


She poured more energy into force activating them but then suddenly realized that she was being stared at without being aggressed by both ladies. Her gaze then fell on the purple-robed voluptuous woman, her lips twitching.

"Well, well… if it isn't the famous Void Dust Empress who destroyed the foundations of the Godwin Family. Have you come to destroy my Blazing Thunderlight Sect and rescue one of your disciples?"

She grinned at her, unable to believe that Myria, an Anarchic Divergent brought strong backing from her sect.

Wasn't she demonized there?

'This is out of my calculations...'

She thought the Aurora Cloud Gate wouldn't care about Myria anymore since it was revealed that she was most likely a Divergent, or even an Anarchic Divergent since she did something that brought a strange heavenly phenomenon, but to think an ancient Immortal Emperor would step up for her.

Even her sect's few Ancestors wouldn't be able to measure up to her in prowess alone, making her think twice. It seems like the rumors that Aurora Cloud Gate truly accepted Divergents back in her days were true, except they were closed when she was around.

"Of course, but I'm not into bullying." Wix Voidfield's mature voice resounded, "I won't make a move unless you continue to insist on activating the formations here."


The Blazing Thunderlight Sect's Founder stared at them. She also saw that Myria was waiting for her decision, appearing to be quite confident or determined to defeat her. Her brows squinted sharply, forming two slits.

"Are you two not afraid I will kill him?"

"You won't."

Myria coldly spoke, her lips continuing to move.


What Myria said further caused the Blazing Thunderlight Sect Founder's heart to shake.

"Even if you did kill him, he will not die. Are you happy about knowing that fact and still choosing to offend him?"

The Blazing Thunderlight Sect's Founder trembled upon hearing further words. She didn't know if it was the truth or not, but she felt provoked, having her plans thwarted by a woman whom she assumed to be even younger than her.

"What are you? His mother?" She hissed.

She couldn't believe that there was someone who would go to such lengths to protect him. This was the heart of her Blazing Thunderlight Sect!

Not even a Mid Stage Immortal Emperor could enter easily! Yet, the Void Dust Empress, who had superior comprehension of Space Laws, seeped through defenses like she was water.

Nonetheless, hearing the Blazing Thunderlight Sect Founder's question, Myria went silent for a few seconds before she answered.

"You could say that I'm his mother-in-law since he is in a relationship with my child, who begged for me to watch over his tribulation. If I wasn't practicing soul cultivation during that time, you wouldn't have been able to easily take him away."

"You're unrelated to him?"

"Obviously. Is it so rare to see two people have similar physiques?"

"No…" The Blazing Thunderlight Sect Founder's lips twitched behind her veil, "It's completely unheard of for two people to have a ridiculous physique in the same era..."

"Then you should visit the true immortal world and see, widen your horizons than wasting your life here..."

"Sigh. Fine, fine… A woman should know when to lower her head and strike back later. I'll release him… but on one condition."

Myria raised her brows, seeing how quickly the Blazing Thunderlight Sect's Founder took a step back, but she still moved her lips.

"State your condition."

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