Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3161 Authoritative Presence

Chapter 3161 Authoritative Presence

*Whoosh!~* *Whoosh!~* *Whoosh!~*

There was a big entourage of cultivators flying in the skies. Their combined auras reverberated, making sure to make all the Feral Beasts realize their instinctual fears and have them move away willingly. The entourage only felt that it was a pity that no Feral Beasts targeted them. Otherwise, they would have access to tons of Feral Beast Cores that would be half as valuable as pure Magical Beast Cores.

Regardless, they collected so many cores, tens and thousands of them at the Immortal King Grade and thousands of them at the Early Immortal Emperor Grade, that they did not feel that they were losing out.

With their minds satisfied and having an extremely powerful yet anarchic leader to follow, they knew the consequences but were full of excitement. The fact of the matter was that they could move using battleships, but for some reason, they felt following him was more honorable and cool.

Suddenly, Fairy Thunderblaze changed directions.

She left the group, heading towards the distance.

After five minutes, she came back at an incredible speed, lightning and flames sporadically flickering as though she was going to explode. However, she also had a Mid-Level Immortal Emperor Fire Attributed Feral Beast Core in her hands, as though providing a reason as to why she left without saying anything. Indeed, no one made any comments, and the journey continued on as usual.

However, many could see that Fairy Thunderblaze hunted a feral Azure Flame Kirin from the aura they could sense from the core, which she put inside her spatial ring, which made people wonder if Sophie would demand it since she also used azure flames.

But not many knew that Sophie's azure flames were not destructive in nature, even though they could cause significant damage. Her azure flames were more yang in nature, heavily focused on the heat rather than explosive power, while the Azure Flame Kirin's flames were destructive. Besides, Sophie's azure yang flames were more nurturing in the sense that they helped incubate a spirit like an egg was being incubated.

As a result, the drama they expected never came.

Davis narrowed his eyes as he sensed the emotions of these captives whom he saved.

They didn't even see him as their savior but as someone they had to serve, but in their heads were thoughts that wanted to see him fall. He imagined that these kinds of people would rarely ever reach the top or have some sense of integrity that would make their character truly shine in a respectable way.

Or perhaps they learned reality, knowing that they could live their last moment any second, and became a bit daring. Of course, there were good people as well, some men who looked up to him and some women even smitten, but that just ended up invoking the jealousy of the men of their group, wanting him to meet an ill fate.

He knew he likely stole their women's hearts when he made a fool out of the Thundering Serenity Upper Realm's Empyreal Monarch, a show of force that not many women who had just been captured by them could resist.

Either way, he made sure to tell them while flying that he was not leading them and that they were just following him of their own will and could be subject to his whims if they wanted to stay anywhere near him. They had no choice but to nod their heads or be thrown out of the group because the other end of the choice was to stay hidden or get caught by the young geniuses from the true immortal world and made retards from being soulscoured.

In fact, they were about to be soulscoured, but the Thundering Serenity Upper Realm's Empyreal Monarch eagerly took off with the battleship, where they were kept in prison cells like livestock as he wanted to kill an Anarchic Divergent and enjoyed the karmic virtue from it, not to mention that was also one of his jobs from coming from a family that was famous for killing Divergents and Fiends.

It could be said that they were saved twice by Davis, so they had no choice but to obey him both morally and prowess-wise. They, the heavenly geniuses of their powers, were forced to understand that this was a dog-eat-dog world in the truest sense since they had no backing at all to save them here.

*Whoosh!~* *Whoosh!~* *Whoosh!~*

Soon, they arrived at a juncture where the path split into two valleys.

However, Davis knew the path since the assassins came out from the left valley.

Without stopping, he took them into that path. Here, there were no veins that were connected to the core, so naturally, the apocalyptic flames couldn't be seen either. While flying through the valley, Davis could see many battle marks, remnants of defensive talismans, and even dead bodies of humans, feys, and magical beasts.

He imagined that these magical beasts belonged to beast tamers as they didn't appear to be Feral Beasts. Looking in a certain direction, he even found a few High-Level Immortal Crystal Vein Fragments shattered, which meant that this probably had taken place here due to the discovery of a High-Level Immortal Crystal Vein Source.

Other than the signs of a great battle and plunder, there was nothing left here other than desolate silence.

This made the others uneasy as they knew they were nearing the grand and mighty Monarchs, who could mostly overpower them within a few seconds, leaving them with no choice but to use blood essence to escape.

Davis could sense their uneasiness, but he didn't blame them, considering that they were going to meet three or four Empyreal Monarchs gathered in a single location at the very least. Death was their destiny if they continued to follow him, but he didn't warn them anymore.

He was also cautious, not letting his guard down.

Soon enough, a small temple that was no more than twenty meters tall appeared at the end of the valley. The area was desolate like this was a tomb, and like a tomb, this hidden temple had many floors going downwards rather than upwards.

Naturally, tens of people remained here as though watching the entrance in case anyone tried to run away with the treasure, their gazes falling on them.

"Ahaha~ Look at these weaklings gather together to make it towards the hidden temple. Their greed knows no bounds. Watch me subdue them with a single hand of mine."

A scarlet-robed man pounced on Davis, his muscles bulging as he pulled his arm back and shot toward Davis like a cannon. Crimson earth energy poured out of his very being, containing an explosive force that Davis had not seen before in Earth Laws.

His opponent's fist was let loose, and it came raining down upon him like a cannon.


Davis also raised his fist almost simultaneously when it was only a few dozen centimeters away from his face, but when their fists connected, the scarlet-robed man's pupils dilated as he saw his arm simply explode into a fountain of blood.

However, the impact was so bad that half of his right shoulder was taken away while he rushed past Davis in disbelief.


Before he could even let out a blood-curdling scream and attack the ones in front of him in rage and revenge, two swords sliced across his body diagonally, causing him to be turned into thousands of bloody pieces of flesh, becoming a lifeless heap on the ground.

"Not even a Kingly Monarch…"

"Courting death…"

The two of them coldly spoke, appearing offended that they were not off to face Kingly Monarchs at the start, while Davis didn't even know which realm he offended this time as there was no information on this weak scarlet-robed man.

"The true immortal world is truly vast, isn't it?"

His lips curled into a smile as though he was asking the young heavenly geniuses from the true immortal world, causing them to furrow their brows at him in caution as they couldn't even see him move to counter.

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