Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3309 The Fate Of The Masses

Chapter 3309 The Fate Of The Masses

"The upper echelon of the Fire Phoenix Clan is decimated. He took them down all by himself…"


Back on the Aurora Cloud Gate's island, in the same master bedroom of Davis where Myria stayed and began to converse with the others as she wanted to see them as sisters, Mingzhi held a messaging talisman.

She got a report from Black Claymore, her intelligence network, which she then declared to everyone else.

Naturally, they stayed updated on the news that Mingzhi got from the Black Claymore for the past hour, contemplating whether to lend a hand to Davis. Of course, they were aware that they were not strong enough to be able to aid him, so they deliberated whether to send Lereza or not.

However, Myria simply said that it wouldn't be needed and proceeded to state that if he used his trump card, then no one other than the World Master could defeat him in this world, honestly shocking them to the core. Her faith in him and the trump card she possessed was also a newfound experience for them.

Lereza also agreed, but she went confused, wondering why the trump card should be used when it would be dangerous. If it was possible, she wanted to go herself.

Nonetheless, before they could even come to a decision, Mingzhi received a report that said the battle was over, and the Emperor of Death emerged victorious.

This didn't leave them shocked as they felt that he would already win, but the speed at which he ended the upper echelon of the Fire Phoenix Clan left them speechless.

"It was no wonder he borrowed the Nine-Phoenix Locking Relic from me earlier today. He had already planned this out."

Shirley shook her head before she asked, "Is there any news on Reselius Zenflame, the mastermind and the reason for the Fire Phoenix Clan being this foolish and wicked?"

"Yes." Mingzhi turned to look at Shirley, "It is said that he didn't show up outside and is possibly cooped up in the Ancestral Palace or has escaped. It is also said that Killian Zenflame fell into the hands of the Emperor of Death."

"That's good. Mingzhi, you had your fun, but this time, it's me who should torture him."

"That's fine. I'll teach you a thing or two about torture."

Shirley and Mingzhi grinned.

The hatred the two shared for Killian Zenflame couldn't be easily wiped out, not until they saw him dead.

"Is he coming back?" Evelynn asked.

"I don't know but I'll continue to monitor all the happenings. But everyone, do you want him to massacre the Fire Phoenix Clan? Do you want him to shoulder something like that?"

Mingzhi asked, causing everyone to blink and some to look away.

What needs to be said more about it?

If they let them go out of the kindness in their hearts, then it may come back to bite them one day. If they killed them, then the guilt might weigh on them, for the millions of people were still innocents. However, if those citizens stuck with the clan and idolized it, then they had no choice but to end it all, no?

"I'll stick with whatever decision he makes." Shirley shook her head, "After all, we know how reasonable he is, so if he is provoked into killing them all, then there is nothing for me to say. If he sins, I will carry it along with him. If he obtains glory, then I will swim in it. It's all the same to me, for we have given them too many chances to go back on their words and not wait until the end."

"Well said."

Mingzhi smirked and turned to look at the others, whose clouded expression cleared.

But on the other hand, she saw that the expressions of Evelynn and Myria never once frowned as though they already knew what kind of decision he would make for them not to worry.


In the surroundings of the Grand Zenflame City, there were many Immortal Emperors watching the aftermath with stupefied expressions on their faces.

However, none of them dared to go near it and remained far away.

But there were still a few people who were standing closer, like Patriarch Fenren Jadelight, who summoned his Ancestors and came to fight alongside Davis but ended up witnessing Davis ending the upper echelon of the Fire Phoenix Clan instead.

The Golden Crow Clan and Obsidian Crystal Turtle Clan had also rallied and were halfway here before they came to know of the stunning news.

The entire Central Primesky Alliance was mobilized but quickly stopped. Hearing that the battle was over, they couldn't express anything other than stumped expressions as though they couldn't believe what they heard.

The entire situation was ridiculous. After all, the war that was supposed to be the talk of the century lasted not even for an hour...?

Near the Ancestral Palace of the Grand Zenflame City…


Davis listened to Great Ancestor Zenflame's response and couldn't help but blink.

"Is that all you needed to say?"

"That's all." Great Ancestor Zenflame's voice was firm.

"That stupid son of mine never learned even till the end…"

He released a heavy sigh before going silent.

Davis stared at him for a few seconds before he nodded, "Then I'll relay your words. As for the Grand Zenflame City…"

He turned to look back.


His actions instantly caused the three inheritors to feel their hearts sink. They hoped that he wouldn't bother and just leave to hunt Reselius Zenflame, but it seemed like that wasn't going to be the case.

"I'll bury it in a sea of death."


"-if any one of them dares harm a strand of hair on my family again."

"That- that won't happen. You have my word."

Great Ancestor Zenflame tried to calm him down as he promised. Looking at Davis's expression that was serious, he knew he would do as he said.

He could hear the whispers of the citizens with his soul sense, so he understood what went on.

The Emperor of Death really did submerge the skies in a swamp of death and took the lives of the Grand Elders and the Ancestors within a few seconds. If he was capable of that, then submerging the city in death wouldn't be much of a problem.

In fact, the masses might even die in peace without feeling much suffering whatsoever.

At this moment, two figures flew into the region and hovered above the city without fear before they appeared before him.

They were none other than Mistress Zahara and Mistress Yeyin.

After arriving before Davis, they didn't know what expression to make.

They thought they flew here faster, but by the time they appeared, everything was over. They initially left, intending to communicate with the Fire Phoenix Clan to reveal their crimes and surrender, but after crossing the border and looking at the defenseless cities on the way, they noticed something was wrong and hurried.

When they were finally here and saw the citizens were still safe, they didn't know whether to thank him or not, as that might be patronizing.

"There's no need to say anything. Hand over the western side of this Prefecture, near the Aurora Cloud Gate Domain's border, and I'll take a step back for the moment. The five of you can decide what to do with the Fire Phoenix Clan, but I will be watching."

Davis cupped his hands and bid farewell.

With a step forward, he shot towards the Northern Divide, leaving behind a long line of slashes in space. His incredible speed almost caused them to be blown away, causing them to struggle against the tumultuous force of the wind before the space around them became calm again.

Great Ancestor Zenflame turned to look at Mistress Zahara as he felt a sense of respect, knowing that the inheritance master had become a Queen-Tier Immortal King Beast. He cupped his hands towards her before dropping his hands and turning to look at the masses, who all kept their gazes on them.

"My foolish descendants, listen-"


Davis flew towards the Northern Divide.

He occasionally took out Killian Zenflame as though he was a compass before checking if he was heading in the right direction as the karma thread entered the void in the distance. Although the thread entered the void, it still showed the general direction, so he guessed the coordinates of the mini realm must be in that direction.

He flew past many sceneries, wanting to stop a few times as he checked some good spots to have some fun with his women, but none came closer to that giant cherry blossom-like tree near the Land of Calamitous Ruin.

Nonetheless, it wasn't long before he appeared before a crevice in a valley between two mountain ranges.

There were some wild magical beasts, but they ran as soon as they sensed his aura, allowing him to descend. He had Killian Zenflame by his side and saw that the karmic thread led into that crevice, causing him to jump into it without a second thought.

It was pitch dark here, but he could still see well.

However, the mini realm that was supposed to be hidden until found suddenly appeared in his view as a spatial vortex emerged in the middle of the narrow airspace. It spun like it was devouring everything but was extremely stable, causing Davis's eyes to narrow.

'Is this an invitation to surrender or a trap…?'

He uttered, his lips curling into an amused smile.

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