Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3549 Divine Inquisitors

Chapter 3549 Divine Inquisitors

The World Master stared at the three Divine Inquisitors.

As far as she could tell, these were Empyrean-level characters in front of her, being that wouldn't be able to enter her universe easily but the Reincarnation Dimension was different.

She could not block them since she was essentially borrowing their reincarnation cycle.

She also knew why they could detect such minor disturbance that didn't even last for a few seconds.

After all, she went from a ridiculously powerful Revolving Core Stage Cultivator to a ridiculously powerful Immortal King in one step upon creating her universe. Therefore, if Davis and Myria had created the reincarnation cycle, she didn't doubt that they would've climbed to the Empyrean Stage or at least the Peak Immortal Emperor Stage in one fell swoop.

After all, they were already Immortal Kings, creating a much more intricate version of a reincarnation cycle that almost wrested control of souls from the true reincarnation cycle.

If that didn't happen, she doubted these strung-up fellows would've come here.

However, she had no choice but to separate Davis and Myria at that time.

If she hadn't done it, then they would've gotten hit by the divine punishment lightning, facing the same fate as her.

Now, these fellows— Divine Inquisitors were here to take their lives away as far as she could tell, making her wonder if she should let their fate take its course instead of trying to meddle with it.

After all, they may be Empyreans but they were currently suppressed by her universe, not to mention they were not allowed to step into the real world for a long time or the heavens would also strike them for disrupting the balance. However, she knew better than to underestimate them because they were the inquisitors of the Reincarnation Dimension.

They were said to be the minor manifestation of death, reaping souls that might escape from the reincarnation cycle like immortals trying to reincarnate with their memories intact and similar cases.

Even if an Empyrean used some ungodly method to reincarnate, they could hunt them down.

In fact, she knew Myria never got caught by them, always slipping through due to her Eternal Life Soul that cheated the Reincarnation Wheel, so she guessed they might even recognize her, perhaps even actively hunt her down if they pinpointed her.

However, she also knew they generally didn't deal with Divergents as it was the heavens' problem.

But Myria was special, so she didn't know how they would treat her. Hiding her would be difficult even if they failed to detect the source, as they might move on to capturing her for eluding them all this time.

She felt like she should stall them until they were no longer willing to stay, but she didn't know how to converse with them. She didn't know their origins as they were mysterious, coming and going as they pleased, even if only for a little while.

"To think she would be still alive. It is nothing short of a miracle." The female Divine Inquisitor on the left spoke up.

"Still, her time of death is nearing soon."

The female Divine Inquisitor on the right shook her head before the man at the center uttered in a low voice.

"However, even the Death Supreme is unable to see through it."


"Your karma have some variability even though you garnered twelve-meter tall fourth tier karmic virtue but since you reached this level in cultivation, you should know the Reincarnation Wheel is incapable of reincarnating you on its own."

The male Divine Inquisitors uttered as though having a normal conversation or perhaps, reminding her to be on their good side if she wanted to be reincarnated.

"I'm aware."

The World Master calmly replied.

She was aware that Empyreans naturally don't get the privilege of reincarnating. As far as she knew, their souls would be eradicated by the Reincarnation Wheel by the Deity of Death, whom they call the Death Supreme, also having many names from many myths like the Yama King.

However, it was different for those who accumulated fourth-tier karmic virtue.

She had a chance at reincarnation if the Deity of Life or as they would call it, the Life Supreme, says she gets another chance, then of course, she would be reborn with none of her memories intact, being given a new identity with clean slate.

However, she doubted that would happen since she was at direct odds with the heavens. Most likely, even if she got reincarnated, whoever gave birth to her would meet their end along with her in a destructive or even an annihilative tribulation. After all, she knew that those who had such karmic virtue at her level would be reborn as immortals.

If she had fourth-tier karmic sin, though, she was definitely going to get extinguished by the Death Supreme without a doubt.

She had tried to look into the Reincarnation Dimension and researched many texts, but she wasn't able to enter it no matter what or garner much information about them. To enter it, she had to die first, and if she came back, she wouldn't have memories of it, so it was impossible to know anything for sure, and most texts were pure speculation.

The World Master couldn't help but smile, still having her hands clasped, "Many thanks for your consideration. As for the source, feel free to investigate."

"You did well to hold out this long."

The male Divine Inquisitor nodded his head before moving past her.

The three of them shot in three different directions, as though not knowing where the source was. However, the World Master could instantly tell they were going to three ends and form a triangular formation in order to pinpoint the disturbance.

She could only hope Davis and Myria could escape this tribulation.

After all, she was already running on fumes, so trying to meddle with the fate of Davis and Myria was no different than courting death. She can't afford to get caught by the Celestial Transcendent again.

'Senior was already merciful…'

The World Master took a deep breath, knowing the Celestial Transcendent pulled his punches or she couldn't have escaped that quickly. She was careful, but the other party almost obliterated her as she really wasn't in a position to fight against such an entity.

The energy she could use was limited, and due to her crippled soul, she couldn't even muster fifty percent of her strength.

She could conceal herself without a problem, but to escape was hard.

She spared Davis and Myria but didn't want to go as far as to kill herself by interfering with their fate with the Reincarnation Dimension.

Right now, she was wondering if she should at least warn them or not, but if she did, the Celestial Transcendent might be at her doorstep from a stroke of misfortune.

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