Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3707 The Remaining Hidden Pagodas

Chapter 3707  The Remaining Hidden Pagodas

"Woah, did the seventh seal just break?"

The others didn't have a seventh seal since they didn't climb the seventh step but they could sense Dewzai, Rea Tyriel, Evelynn, Isabella and Shirley's cultivation base climb higher to Level Seven Immortal King Stage.

"Well, there goes the Fifth Hidden Pagoda…" Crystia sighed.

She was thinking of going there, but Founder Rocksunder said too much time had passed.

"I'm worried about Hirona and Sierra." Shirley commented, "Even if they didn't win, I hope they're safe. If they did win, they'd probably need our help in escaping, but they also have Escape Talismans, so it's fine~"

She nodded to herself as she spoke out loud, causing Flamerose and Frostrose to also nod.

The twins didn't feel much for Hirona and Sierra other than looking at them like they were teammates, so they weren't that worried. They were more worried that the rewards from the Fifth Hidden Pagoda would be lost.

"How many are left…?" Hayley couldn't help but ask.

She wasn't even close to winning the Fourth Hidden Pagoda as she failed to subdue the biggest spheres as she didn't have brute force and died from blood essence loss but she still didn't want to give up.

Founder Rocksunder and the others discussed how many Hidden Pagodas were left but Evelynn's group looked at each other, knowing only two Hidden Pagodas were left if the number of Hidden Pagodas were nine.

Isabella started, "Evelynn completed the Eighth Hidden Pagoda, and Rea Tyriel completed the First Hidden Pagoda. Shirley and I completed the Ninth Hidden Pagoda and Fourth Hidden Pagoda respectively, and chances are that the Fifth Hidden Pagoda was just now completed, which leaves the Second, Third, Sixth, and Seventh Hidden Pagodas."

"I encountered the Seventh Hidden Pagoda, but I also met with big danger…"

Isabella explained how she met the Luminous Temple's twins, Altross and Zoltross, and suffered a loss.

Evelynn and Shirley were angered that they couldn't do anything about it yet.

Nonetheless, Isabella remained firm, "I don't believe they hadn't completed it yet, so we can exclude Seventh Hidden Pagoda."

Shirley sighed, "Alright. That just leaves Second, Third, and Sixth Hidden Pagodas."

"Indeed, of these three, one is completed. We don't know which one is completed, so only two of these three remain."

Isabella nodded, "Based on the rewards we obtained, Second and Third Hidden Pagodas might not reward well. It could reward one or two Gilded Realm Ascendant Pills made from Minor Realms, but as for the Sixth Hidden Pagoda, it is worthy of our attention. It would grant three Gilded Realm Ascendant Pills made from Minor Realms or even one pill made from Lower Realm at the very least."

The three of them nodded.

They weren't aware that Tahundra, the Emperor-Tier Fey from the Lightning Dragon Clan, completed the Second Hidden Pagoda, which meant only the Third and Sixth Hidden Pagodas remained.

Evelynn's voice fell in their mind, "We can keep an eye out for these three Hidden Pagodas but focus on the Sixth Hidden Pagoda. If we obtain more, then we can reward Flamerose and Frostrose or even the others for the protection they granted us. After all, we can't have more realm pills than we currently have. It is dangerous according to the World Master herself, right?"

Evelynn smiled at Isabella, causing the latter to feel shy and embarrassed.

Isabella did indeed feel guilty of hoarding three Gilded Realm Ascendant Pills when she was supposed to share it. Without Crystia and Noctis, she wouldn't have survived the siege and would have had to use an Escape Talisman to escape again, miserably so.

That's what it means to climb the ninth step and face incredible danger for easy access to the Hidden Pagodas. Even if they failed, they could wait for the next batch without having to worry about Crystal Units.

Besides, the Earth Dragon Clan, which always supported her relationship with Davis, at least deserved that kind of recognition in her mind.

"Hey, you've been talking too long using soul transmissions. At this point, I'm wondering if you're all going to escape this place and hide somewhere else safely with just the three of you alone."

Abruptly, Rea Tyriel barged into their group as a soul transmission fell on their minds, her expression appearing cocky as though indicating that she would leak their secret if they didn't respect her.

After all, she knew that they possessed at least three Gilded Realm Ascendant Pills, including hers.

Evelynn cast a glance at her before looking at Isabella and Shirley, opening her mouth.

"Did you know? Rea was apparently in love with Davis."

"What!? I said I had a crush and might've given him a chance back then if he pleased me enough. That time is long gone, and the only one I truly love right now is Black. Hmph~"

Rea Tyriel walked away, her cheeks red behind her veil.

Isabella and Shirley laughed dryly. This was news to them, but it was also unusual to see their big sister bully someone. It seems like she had taken a liking to Rea as a friend.

On the other hand, Evelynn was surprised that Rea admitted it again. It seems like it wasn't some last resort to fool her into pitying her. Unlike Davis, she couldn't tell what was the truth and what wasn't the truth, after all.

She must rely on her own intuition.

"Davis Loret…" Dewzai approached them, her eyes narrowed, "Interesting. To have subdued the three of you into his harem and maintain a harmonious relationship, it shouldn't be easy."

Shirley became smug, "What can we say? He conquered us early."

"What? He married all three of you when you were children!?"

"What the- no! We were mere mortals when we fell in love with him! We would've seldom become immortals if we hadn't chanced upon immortal inheritances, but I am also convinced we chanced upon only because we met him. Besides, we didn't have big egos like Rea Tyriel has."

"It's pride!"

Rea Tyriel yelled from a distance, apparently still embarrassed.

"I see."

Dewzai had her brows raised.

If they were all mortals, she could imagine an epic of their adventures but also curious what kind of adventures an Anarchic Divergent would've had. What kind of struggles did he have to go through to become strong enough to keep three strong wives harmonious?

She also heard that there were other powerful women in his harem, such as Tanya Frostblight and a few others.

Surely, one of them would've rebelled by now, even if it was harmonious, making his life a living hell. How could he maintain them without being heavy-handed? She was also confused as she had heard Divergents walk their life alone without meeting people for love, so what needs to be said about an Anarchic Divergent?

Everything about him seemed to be different than what she heard from the myths that one-sidedly condemned Divergents, so she was intrigued.

Perhaps researching him would also give an insight into a Law or two? She couldn't help but think.

"Are you interested?" Shirley asked.


Dewzai flatly denied it, and after seeing Shirley's teasing smile, she added, "Not in a romantic way, at the very least. I'd be interested to see why he was deemed wicked than the wicked path by the heavens."

"Ooh- good friend. Now you're talking…"

Shirley looked genuinely happy that someone tried to understand her husband as a person instead of just deeming him guilty.

She turned to look at the twins.

"Flamerose and Frostrose, can you please heal Dewzai? I'll pay up once we return."


Flamerose and Frostrose gazed at Shirley in silence.

"We'll talk about your identities once everything is settled." Shirley sent them a soul transmission as she smiled wryly.


Flamerose and Frostrose stared at her for a few more seconds before they nodded and walked up to Dewzai, looking at her bloody face behind the veil hat and clothes that were slightly tinged with blood underneath her chest area.

"Dewzai, they're here to help."

Shirley reminded.

Dewzai appeared hesitant, but eventually, she acquiesced. She believed Shirley.

They went to a hidden corner for privacy, but after a gasp, Flamerose's surprised voice echoed out.

"Empyrean Stage remnant energy!"


Founder Rocksunder and the others were alarmed.

Shirley rubbed her head, "Yeah… we did encounter Empyrean Stage Crystal Beasts… she foolishly challenged one and barely survived…"

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