Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3750 Surrounded By Ferals

Chapter 3750  Surrounded By Ferals


The golden ant queen arrived first at the scene, its colossal body shimmering in the sunlight. Its hardened exoskeleton gleamed with a metallic luster, each segment of its body radiating a golden hue.

Its head was crowned with long, thin antennae that twitched in constant motion. The translucent wings stretched from its thorax were vast, catching the light and casting intricate shadows on the barren ground.

Despite its enormous size, a massive length that was around two kilometers, there was still a grace to its flight, and surrounded by its buzzing fleet of relatively smaller golden ants and silver ants, numbering twelve and ninety respectively, their synchronized movements made one think if they were all connected in mind and soul without the need to connect through soul transmission.


In stark contrast, the jade-green sandworm was a serpentine-like creature, its body squirming through the barren land like it was swimming in water with fluid motion. It was unknown how long it was in size since it was burrowed in the sand, but its body segments could be seen covered in emerald scales while some segments were shimmering with an iridescent glow.

Its maw was lined with rows of sharp, crystalline teeth, capable of tearing through the toughest defenses and making sure that the earth below it wasn't even a problem to chew through.

It was also accompanied by verdant sandworms, numbering around fifty.


Meanwhile, the only solitary figure in the region was the crimson scorpion, its carapace painted with a deep, blood-red hue, the color radically intensifying at the joints and the tip of the pincers. Its body was covered in intricate runes that seemed to pulse with a fiery glow, almost seeming like it was a step away from entering the Empyrean Stage.

Regardless, Davis could see that its tail, arched high over its back, and the venom it carried should be avoided at all costs. Just the sight of its dripping venom dropping on the barren land and corroding it into a giant seeping hole underground was enough to stop anyone from wanting to near it.

"Zziss~ Tree!"


The jade-green sand worm opened its wide maw and growled, its screeching throughout the land. The crimson scorpion also growled.


Davis blinked but nodded, 'It'd be like that…'

Although these three and many more sentient insect magical beasts sensed his soul sense, they didn't find him to be a threat. Instead, they focused their senses on Stella and further glanced at Mira.


Stella raised her hand and patted her bosoms, "To be able to recognize that I'm a tree, you have good eyes, little worm."


The jade-green worm hissed with its gaping maw, sending a funeral of sand flying into the air.

"Tree woman, this is a barren land. There are no nutrients here for you to feast upon. Why have you descended here?"

The ant queen asked, her voice feminine and gracious, yet the threatening intent she exuded didn't allow anyone to relax. She was able to articulate her words better than the others, which allowed Davis to know that she was a full-fledged magical beast and not a feral beast like the smaller ants.

Even the smaller golden ants that appeared like they were royal guards didn't seem to have much of a consciousness.

Feral Beasts were magical beasts that had their bloodline degrade to a point where their consciousness would revert to a dull state. Although they aren't like mindless Savage Beasts, their intelligence is far less than Magical Beasts, and they mostly rely on their instincts for their survival.

Their bloodline purity wouldn't even be five percent.

However, the golden queen ant, jade-green sandworm, and the crimson scorpion all seemed to have more than forty percent bloodline purity from how they could talk properly.

As far as Davis knew, if a beast has less than five percent bloodline purity, it would mean that it is a feral beast.

This lasts until the reach they reach the ten percent mark, where they finally start gaining awareness as a consciousness instead of being an instinctive predator. At the twenty percent mark, they could finally start to speak, and at the thirty percent mark, they could make individualistic decisions that meet their wants rather than needs.

The five to forty percent mark could be considered a semi-state where they are said to be at the fringe of being an instinctive beast and a sentient beast.

Finally, at the forty percent mark, they were considered magical beasts as that was the point where they would be able to transform into a human. That signature technique that all magical beasts possessed let humans and other races know that these Feral Beasts were no longer feral and exuded sanity although it didn't change the fact that they could be aggressive just like any other entity.

This once again made Davis sigh.

The World Master was too kind to allow all beasts born through copulation to maintain a forty percent bloodline purity in her world.

'In the Three-Layered Universe, as long as the parents' bloodline purity is low, the chances of giving birth to a low bloodline purity offspring for magical beasts are extremely high…'

Magical beasts give birth to liters of offspring, so out of three or four on average, one might turn out to be a dud, born with defects or low bloodline purity. It was a sad endeavor, and perhaps that's why the World Master changed that factor in her universe using unknown means.

He guessed she also did a few things for spirits and humans, making him sigh.

"Master~" Mira called out to him.

"Do you want to destroy them or subdue them?"

Davis's lips curled, "Subdue them. If they're sentient, they could be soul-searched to gain valid information, but you're the one who is going to do it, Mira."

"Ehhh!?" Mira trembled, "I… I haven't become proficient in that technique yet. If I soulscoured them, then I would make their heads explode. Please spare me~"

She squeezed her figure and huddled on the ground as though making her smaller in order to escape punishment, causing Davis to chuckle.

He couldn't help but think his Mira had matured. After all, she was probably worried sick about Isabella like him, yet could still make jokes.

He shook his head, "Fine. Lereza, you're up."


A pink-robed fairy appeared behind him out of nowhere, sitting on top of a white cloud. Her sharp yet bright eyes, chiseled nose, and fleshly lips exuded an immense charm, even while she wore a pink veil, not to mention that her curves also appeared bountiful, practically heaving as the cloud beneath her slightly swayed every second.

Her black hair swayed in the wind along with a few green strands, not to mention she had a dragon horn that twisted to the back of her head and radiated a jade green light.

She extended out her dainty hands, vines instantly shooting out from her sleeves.


They diverged into many branches and stretched towards the retaliating beasts. Numerous attacks fell. The golden ant queen swung her scythe-like forelimbs, trying to slice through the vines.

The moment they made contact, it proved to be useless as the green wooden vines couldn't be cut. Instead, the vines grew quickly and slithered around the golden queen ant's body.

The entire two-kilometer body was locked down in two seconds as it was forced down from flying.


Davis looked around and saw that the entirety of the magical beast swarm that stood at the forefront was all restricted by Lereza's vines. These strange vines had some places where they glittered with pink shades of thorn. These thorns appeared to be capable of inducing an effect similar to making one's senses dull.

Even the poisonous crimson scorpion couldn't retaliate.


Davis had considered all his forces in order to be prepared for all situations, but Lereza never showed herself after the fight with Wicked Tamer Jaxon Harrow- no, it was when he married Everlight and let him know that her cultivation base had increased to Level Seven Immortal Emperor Stage in case he needed some help.

However, from Mingzhi's idea, Calypsea was used to defend the premises instead, so Lereza never got to appear in the public eye again.

'To think she's now as powerful as an Empyrean…'

Davis's eyes narrowed, thinking it was a pleasant surprise while also feeling a sense of security. The others also had wide eyes, unable to believe that Lereza secretly trained and increased her cultivation all the way up in a short period of time.

Lereza was now at Level Nine Immortal Emperor Stage, and her prowess that he had seen last time was seven levels higher, which meant she was definitely an Empyrean-level character!

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