Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 896 Purple Haze

Chapter 896 Purple Haze

Davis mused that the improvement of the Law Manifestation from Distinguished Law Manifestation to Grand Law Manifestation happened to his father as well, but he felt that the process was even more difficult since his father's Law Manifestation Stage had already consolidated in the beginning when compared to him as he had consolidated his Law Manifestation at the Superior Law Manifestation level from the start.

Logan had only comprehended Level Two Intent of Lightning Laws when he entered the Law Manifestation Stage in the past, brewing a Distinguished Law Manifestation from his lightning-attributed Law Seed. After he solidified his cultivation base, his law manifestation solidified naturally as well.

In the meantime, he had comprehended Level Three Intent of Lightning Laws. However, it still wasn't helpful in upgrading his Law Manifestation as it had already solidified. But, it wasn't the case when he absorbed a heavenly resource, the High-Level King Grade Lightning Elemental: Purple Yang Star Lightning.

With Davis's ardent help in absorbing the Lightning Elemental, he successfully absorbed it into his dantian, comprehending Level Four Intent while his law manifestation automatically improved to Grand Law Manifestation!

Davis could now tell that his father's improvement in the level of the Law Manifestation was only because of the Purple Yang Star Lightning. Otherwise, even if his father had eventually comprehended Level Four Intent of Lightning Laws, it would be challenging for him to improve his Law Manifestation.

Heck, he felt that it would be even more challenging to improve the solidified law manifestation even if his father had comprehended Level Five Intent. After all, it wasn't only a matter of comprehension, but was also a matter of melting the solidified Law Manifestation, molding the melted form before rebuilding it again into an improved manifestation!

One should possess enough external and forceful energy to change!

If it were so easy to improve the Law Manifestation upon solidifying it, the younger generational experts would be rushing to increase their cultivation base instead of waiting to comprehend Laws at the relevant stages.

Logan took a deep breath as he looked at the sky-shattering lightning bolt that danced like a serpent above him.

"Watch out!" Feeling that he would accidentally kill her, he abruptly warned.

Even he felt that his manifestation's point attack prowess was frightening! Forget him, the Elders and Grand Elders all judged that it could even instakill a mediocre Law Dominion Stage Cultivator!

Nora Alstreim quickly responded and waved her hand. The elegant purple flaming fan that had enshrouded the space behind her gracefully moved to her front when the massive purple-colored lightning bolt instantly shot towards her!

The huge purple-flaming fan collided with the massive purple-colored lightning bolt right at the center of the two of them!


A massive rumble echoed, shaking the space above the martial platform! The whole Grand Welcoming Hall vibrated for a moment as if it were going to collapse!


Nora Alstreim and Logan simultaneously spat out a mouthful of blood as they received the explosion's remnant forces to their system. Neither of their attacks won as they canceled out each other's, and the resulting explosion strangely kept forming a haze as it spread around the martial platform in an unabated manner.

'To think that her defense was this strong...' Logan held his abdomen as he imagined. He felt that his manifestation's sudden explosion had given him a backlash that resulted in him spewing a mouthful of blood as a form of injury. It was like giving him a rude awakening while he was sleeping!

It made him feel nauseous and dizzy.

However, he didn't know it was the same for Nora Alstreim.

'What...? What is this?' He looked around, wondering what kind of fog is this purple-colored fog.

The space in front of them became chaotic, unable to be sensed or seen clearly. Even if the smoke from the resulting explosion of an attack blocked their view, it should still be possible to sense the opponent's aura, but he was unable to!

He clenched his teeth and used his soul sense before he was finally able to find her somehow!

'Before she could reach me, I will reach her! This way, she will finally give up!' Logan's eyes flashed as he forcefully suppressed the pain that threatened to put a tear on his dantian.

He quickly moved using his Thunder Cloud Movement Technique as he clad himself in purple lightning.

'Dear!' Claire screamed in her mind as her muscles tightened while she almost stood up.

The force of the explosion would have reached them if it weren't for the defensive formation that activated in time. Though the defensive formation was transparent, letting them see what was happening inside, the whole area was covered in a strange kind of haze.

Usually, it would've been cleared in no time, but since the haze was being impeded by the defensive formation and the skies were blocked by the ceiling of the Grand Welcoming Hall, the haze didn't clear out, and they couldn't see clearly past a few hundred meters.

"Quick! Swiftly crack open a few holes on the barrier!" Grand Elder Valdrey Alstreim noticed the problem and promptly notified.

Nora Alstreim, who was inside the hazy atmosphere while clutching her stomach in pain, heard her grandfather's shout as she rubbed the blood on her lips. She took a deep breath and waited for the haze to disappear, thinking that her opponent would be doing the same, but her eyes suddenly narrowed as she looked towards the side.

Arcs of purple lightning that crackled like fireworks shot at her in a frenzy.

'To attack me in this strange haze, is he purposely trying to kill me!?' Nora Alstreim's scalp turned numb.

She instantly retreated in the opposite direction, and knowing from experience that she would be got off-guard again if she erected a flaming barrier, she cast her movement technique and released her purple flames through her hands as she pointed her palms at the purple-lightning bolts.



Purple colored flames and lightning clashed. Many of the lightning bolts were destroyed, but some managed to pass through!


Three bolts of purple-lightning hit her, but she clenched her teeth and didn't release a scream of pain as she worked on suppressing the lightning energy with her flame-attributed essence energy as she retreated. Furthermore, her eyes were taut with attention as she gazed around, but she still couldn't find Logan in the haze.

She felt that he had hidden in the haze again, perhaps realizing that he wouldn't be able to harm her.

"Fine, if you won't come to me, I will!"

She felt that being active on the offensive rather than being passive would be advantageous to her!

Nora Alstreim raised her hand as her essence energy surged out, forming into a purple-flamed fan that took shape as it blazed with an intense cold might before it gave off searing heat. It was none other than her Grand Law Manifestation she summoned out once again.

She swung her manifestation once around, and the haze surrounding her cleared away as the temperature increased while the purple flames swirled around. A single part of the space became unaffected by the purple flames as Logan appeared with his hands raised above, his manifestation being appearing if full might as if he just created at this moment.

"We're doing this again?" Logan's eyes twitched.

The two Grand Law Manifestations undulated their auras, intimidating to the fullest!

Since Nora Alstreim was using her Law Manifestation for the second time, Logan felt that he had no choice but to use his Law Manifestation again as well.

"You have forced me!" Nora Alstreim spat out from her teeth and didn't hesitate as she felt that her life was on the line.

This man was taking it too far for a mere battle exchange!



Lightning and flames erupted above the martial platform. The Grand Law Manifestations trembled as they collided and exploded once again!


Logan and Nora Alstreim spat a mouthful of blood again, and this time, they bent their knees in mid-air as they were unable to even stand up properly.

However, their expressions were filled with disbelief.

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