Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort

Chapter 18

But the present is now different from the past. She wants everyone in the whole house to know that no one can just casually bully her and her little maiden servant girl ever again!

She coldly pointed to Guo mama, "Little He, hit her back!"

Little He was so shocked, "Young miss….I…"

Guo mama could not believe what she just heard. Her eyes stared glared wide open as she fiercely stared at Little He, "You little bitch, if you dare put your hands on me, believe it or not, I will tear you skin off!"

Ye Qingli sneered, "You two, hold her down for me. I'll give her a beating to make her obedient, otherwise, I will slam the whip down on you again!"

The two mama who kept on rolling in the ground, the pain on their body actually did not stop at all, but instead was intensifying worse and worse.

But when they heard Ye Qingli's words, they looked at each other and suddenly pounced up. One held Guo mama's right hand and the other held her left hand. A mama also took off the sock under her feet and stuffed it altogether on Guo mama's mouth.

The foul, acidic, stinking stench of the socks almost made Guo mama faint.

Little He stared with her eyes wide open.

But then she recognized the two mama, they were always the lackey of Guo mama, always following her side. They were loyal and compliant to her like dogs. Why did they now follow the words of the young miss?

"Little He, you are my personal little maiden. In this house, those who dare bully you, you must seriously hit them back. No matter what, do not be merciful, hit her!"

Little He stared at Guo mama who kept on whining and crying. She did know where she found the courage, but she suddenly rushed up and slapped Guo mama's face very hard.

This slap immediately took Guo mama with shock as she stared blankly and looked at Little He.

Little He can not believe what she did and looked at her hand.

She actually hit Guo mama!

Guo mama is the strongest mama in the whole estate in terms of strength and authority!

She pinched herself very hard, confirming this was not a dream……

Guo mama shouted, "You little slut, I will kill you, I will tear you skin off!"

However, when Little He threw the slap, the chains binding her heart was suddenly shattered. Her original fear of Guo mama flew to the clouds, and so she hit Guo mama's face again and again.

"This is for making the young miss protractedly kneel last year."

"This is for not giving us food for three whole days a year ago."

"Three years ago, you made the young miss stand under the falling snow for one whole night. She returned to her courtyard dead sick and failed to recover for a long time…."

Little He's mouth continued to rumble as she slammed her palms thirty times on Guo mama's face,

Both sides of Guo mama's face now were very swollen, it was very red and bright, and now looks very like the face of a pig.

Ye Qingli gave a satisfied smile.

"Remember, those who dare bully you later on, give them a hard beating! I will take the blame, don't show mercy!"

Little He stood proudly behind Ye Qingli and straighten up her back.

The young miss was really ferocious. To actually fix up these evil slaves and make them humiliated and obedient.

A satisfied yet somewhat devilish smile was on Ye Qingli's face.

However, putting the slaves in their places, was but only the first step of Ye Qingli's plan.

She looked at Guo mama and faintly asked, "You said that the madam summoned me?"

Guo mama can barely open her mouth. She spit out a mouthful of blood, but seeing Ye Qingli's smiling expression, she felt her body went numb cold,


Ye Qingli washed her hands, "What are you waiting for, let's go!"

Guo mama was stunned. She did not expect that Ye Qingli would actually agree to go with her.

Being beaten to this point, can she show her face?

Ye Qingli seeing she did not act immediately, she stood there and looked down, "Eh?"

Yuan mama acted quickly, and pulled several mama behind her. They bowed forward, "Please follow us young miss!"

And then she lead the way in front of Ye Qingli with the several mama surrounding her side.

Ye Qingli was very satisfied as she emerged from the firewood room.

She turned around to Little He and said, "Little He, you can tidy up the place here. Just take the things here, move it to my courtyard, and wait for me there!"

"Ah!" Little He heavily nodded her head.

Ye Qingli gave her a smile and strode on forward.

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