Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort

Chapter 19

As soon as Ye Qingli arrived outside the huge hall, she heard the voice of Old Madam Qiu.

“These two girls are my beloved granddaughters. If someone wants to harm them, this old bag of bones will fight to the death!"

Ye Qingli coldly smile.

Old Madam Qiu was of shallow birth and grew up as a peasant, unknowledgeable countrywoman. She and Ye Qingli's mother, Madam Jiang, were originally in horrendous terms, with their attitude towards each other extremely cold. Then after Madam Jiang's death, Madam Guo married into the family.

Although Madam Guo is not a literary talent like Madam Jiang, but she came from a merchant family. In addition to being scheming, she is incomparably skillful in her strategies. So with sly trickery and force, she became feared by everyone in the estate.

As for Old Madam Qiu, after being bestowed by gifts of great value, she soon accepted Madam Guo as her daughter-in-law. Thus, Ye Zhongtai, stashed the memories of his former wife, Madam Jiang, behind his head..

As for Madam Guo's two daughters, he was also very loving to them. Whether it was the second young miss, Ye Jinli, or the third young miss, Ye Yunli, he all loved them to the bone.

As for his own daughter, the Ye Estate's first young miss, he had long abandoned her behind. Meanwhile, in the memories of Ye Qingli, she had not seen this grandmother of her for a few years.

On the eve of her marriage, not only did she not see her grandmother at her side, but was so ungenerous by not sending her any kind of present whatsoever.

The grandmother who does this, can really be ranked as the worst of its kind.

During this time, Guo mama had already ran quietly to the water room and tearily began to clean her messed up face.

Yuan mama stepped forward, “Madam, the first young miss is here.”

Madam Guo and Madam Cheng was in the process of talking at each in low voices as Ye Qingli came in. .

Madam Guo merely took out a few things and promises, and she had already coaxed Madam Cheng out of her wits.

Whatever this woman's plans are, it now half succeeded.

As long as she gets the marriage certificate from Ye Qingli's hands, this annoying matter would be successfully resolved.

Hum, the little slut, is she a person in which she can just pinch between her fingers?

At this time, a gentle soft voice sounded, “Daughter pays respects to father and the Aunt.”

The last two words, suddenly made Guo mama turn upside down as she turned to look..

After Madam Guo entered the household through marriage, in contrary, she immediately forced all the memorial tablets of Madam Jiang to be hidden away.

She wants Ye Qingli to totally forget about her. However. the people surrounding her couldn’t find a single fault. All they could do was praise her for still being respectful and filial to her deceased mother.

Guo mama's was so angry that her face became pale.

This little slut, never called her mother even once, not even in front of these people.

Ye Qingli slightly bowed and said: “I do not know why father asked daughter to come, what is it?”

Madam Guo was somewhat shocked. Then she discovered that Guo mama was nowhere to be seen. She glanced at Yuan mama.

She was wondering whether these old women did what she asked.

Did she not told them to first frighten the bitch for a bit so she will just obediently hand over the marriage certificate?

Yuan mama's head was drooped on the side, and deliberately pretended not to see her eyes.

If she's not careful, she may offend the first young miss, and she will be the next one to suffer immense bitterness!

Ceng Dichen squinted his eyes at he stared at Ye Qingli.

Her voice was clear and bright, her expression was neither humble nor overbearing. The huge scar on her face don’t look so scary either.

What he was seeing seems to be different from the legendary weak, first young miss that everyone was talking about.

In those days, Ye Qingli's mother, Jiang Yunge, was very kind to him and the Ceng Family. At this time, he wants to help her if he can, even for once.

The only thing is, this little girl probably does not need his help to get up……

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