Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort

Chapter 28

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 28

Ye Qingli remembered that she had grabbed this jade annulus while she was panicking to flee from that mysterious man that was clenching her foot. Recalling that he was just randomly bringing it in his body, it's not like that he treasured this object, but still, he probably won't come looking trouble at me right?

Ye Qingli exited out of this mystical space.

She then stood in front of a mirror and carefully gazed at her appearance.

A thin little girl stared back at her on the mirror.

Even when all is said and done, Ye Qingli could still not imagine what the former master of this body had experienced in her tragic life.

Ye Qingli was a full half a head shorter than Ye Jinli. Her face was pale yellow, and in addition to the scar, she can see the traces of pale blue color in her face.

Ye Qingli's eyes instantly became ice cold.

With her identity of being a medical goddess, she naturally can be able to tell.

This are signs indicating this body has been poisoned!

She instantly found out this problem the first day after she passed through.

However, she was not poisoned by someone, but it was a poison she directly inherited from some else. A poison she directly inherited from her mother's body!

After she came back, Ye Qingli carefully asked Little He how her mother, Jiang Yunge, died in the end.

In those days, Little He's mother accompanied Jiang Yunge as they settled over with the dowry.

Jiang Yunge came from a very huge, influential, aristocratic family in the south. It was an unparalleled family that gained the respect of even the royal family to some degree. Jiang Yunge was also the young miss of the master's first wife.

At that time, nobody can understand why she has fallen in love of the still nameless unknown Ye Zhongtai.

Her marriage not only brought him a lot of wealth, but also the Jiang Family's accumulated business connections and countless loyal men and servants.,

Because of this, in a short span of three years, the Ye Family became Da Luo's number one richest business family.

However, after just three short years, Jiang Yunge also died due to childbirth.

Soon after, the Jiang Family's property and possessions were all confiscated by the emperor. And thus, the once immensely powerful family were blown and scattered by the wind like the clouds.

It is also probably why Ye Zhongtai deliberately neglected Ye Qingli.

Nevertheless, she already knew from the mouth of Little He that Jiang Yunge already possessed slight traces of having been poisoned even before she gave birth.

Although normal people can not detect it, but these subtle traces of discoloration can not escape this medical goddess' eyes!

But who could poison Jiang Yunge when she is living within house?

Less than three months after Jiang Yunge's death, Madam Guo married into the family. Soon after, she was pregnant.

However, Madam Guo claimed that she was having problems bearing the child. She began to be bedridden even if her pregnancy was still suppose to be in its early stages. Secluded in her courtyard, it wasn’t until ten months later that she announced that she gave birth. She stayed at the courtyard for another six months before she finally brought the child out for others to see.

This trick of course could not deceive Ye Qingli.

She can see it in a glance. Her own age could never be much older compared to Ye Jinli. She knew they both were born on the same year, and she knew their births were only a few months apart!

In other words, even when Jiang Yunge was still alive at that time, Madam Guo and Ye Zhongtai had already a deep sexual relationship together. Moreover, Madam Guo was impregnated by Ye Zhongtai.

She learned that after her mother's death, most of the servants Jiang Yunge brought were kicked out of the house by Ye Zhongtai and only left those that were indispensable. With the passing years, those that were left were slowly being squeezed by Madam Guo's men.

Ye Zhongtai has no qualms about what happened. He was already enjoying the treasures he got from the Jiang Family as he broke all relationships with them.

Perhaps he was also silently wishing for this daughter to die too?


Ye Qingli suddenly felt full of fighting spirit.

Now, she will recapture back all that she rightfully owns!

Ye Qingli looked up, the sky had already turned bright. She opened the door of her room, "Little He come with me, we are going out!"

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