Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort

Chapter 27

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 27

Ye Qingli was totally unaware that someone was plotting to finish her off.

As the day began to brighten, servant mamas arrived at her courtyard one after the other. First, they began to clean up the entire place, and then, they furnished and decorated both the inside and the outside. It completely changed. The decorations were all expensive furniture that little He was utterly dazzled. Her eyes were refusing to believe what she's seeing.

However, Ye Qingli was too lazy to even to take a glance.

She already knew that Madam Guo did this to chill out Ye Zhongtai's anger.

And it is also one of her means to win her husband back once again.

If she really believes that from now on they could have sex once again, then she probably lost her mind.

Ye QIngli slept in her room for the whole day. She left the servants to fool around the house, but in the end, they completely finished renovating and decorating the courtyard before evening came.

At this moment, Ye Qingli had already slept enough, she kicked everyone out of her yard and then asked Little He to guard outside. When she was alone in her room, she carefully looked at the piece of jade annulus in her hands.

It absolutely does not look gorgeous, and it seems to be just like a normal ornament.

But now, a dragon pattern was above it and also the red traces of bloodstains.

Suddenly, brilliant radiance of different enchanting colors flickered..

Ye QIngli held the jade annulus with both hands, and gazed at it in deep meditation.

Then, her whole body instantly vanished into thin air!

At the next moment, she suddenly emerged in a dazzling space.

In front of her was a huge lake, it was glimmering, twinkling in different colors, it was like a colored glass magnificent in splendor..

It was only last night that she discovered this place.

This jade annulus, was actually able to unlock a mystical void!

Beneath the crystal clear waters, fishes were swimming incessantly.

As the breeze gently pass by, waves of medicinal fragrance covered the air. It was like a paradise.

Across the glimmering lake, was a small hill where the sweet scent fragrance of earth was coming.

In her mind, Ye Qingli thought of moving, and the water lily blossom began to float towards the opposite side..

There actually was a wide expanse of different kinds of medicinal herbs planted in here. There were a lot, and most of the herbs were about to mature.

Ye Qingli was frightened that her chin dropped, she said to herself, "These herbs needs a full three years to mature, but…it only took a day…."

When she was dispensing the drugs last night, she inadvertently lacerated her own finger open, and then, the jade annulus suddenly emitted a bizarre light and directly pulled her into within this space!

She was then surprise to see that the soil in here seems to be a hundred times, perhaps even a thousand fold stronger than the outside world. She merely dropped the seeds around and they all grew in an unthinkable speed,

It practically made her overjoyed at the unexpected news.

In her past life, she used to have collected a lot of precious and rare medicinal seeds.

But in that world, the surrounding have been seriously contaminated by pollution, and of course, there was no way that those precious herbs can survive.

She merely sprinkled the seeds here, and it only took one day and they were already growing.

"One tree, two trees, three trees…"

", , a growing …."

Ye Qingli proudly laughed out.

With these medicinal elixirs, what can she not do?

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