Divine God Against The Heavens

Chapter 14: Meeting An Acquaintance

Chapter 14: Meeting An Acquaintance

Within room number 1, a trace of surprise could be seen on the face of Ye Xiao.

80% purity?

Ye Xiao never imagined that such a high-purity medicinal pill could appear in this small city.

A purity of 80% was sufficient to show that the alchemist that refined this Origin Strengthening Pill was an alchemist of very rich experience and extraordinary natural talent.

Ye Xiao currently only had the strength of the Ninth Stage of Body Tempering Realm. He was still very far away from reaching the Origin Core Realm. This Origin Strengthening Pill was only meant to be used by an Origin Core Realm martial artist, So, he does not need it.

"These Origin Strengthening Pill was obtained by our Zhang family in a ruin of Martial King Realm expert by spending much effort and manpower!" said Zhang Qing to the crowd of people.

Hearing this, Ye Xiao understood that these pills were not refined by an alchemist of this time. It was probably refined by the alchemist of the time when the owner of the ruin was still alive.

"There are a total of pills in this bottle, and the starting price of these Origin Strengthening Pills would be 5000 gold coins. Every bid must increase at least 100 gold coins." Zhang Qing said.

"6000 gold coins"

"7000 gold coins"

"10,000 gold coins"

The moment Zhang Qing said to start the bid for these Origin Strengthening Pills, the crowd of people started fighting for these pills.

These peoples are really very rich. I don't know, how much money I can earn by auctioning those 100 low-grade spirit stones. It should be more than these Origin Strengthening Pills, after all even though pills of 80% purity is very rare but this type of pills with less purity can be found everywhere."

"But it is another case if it is about spirit stones. Even though one has money, they won't be able to buy spirit stones. Spirit stones are much rare."

"12000 gold coins!"

Suddenly a voice pulled Ye Xiao back from his world of imagination. The price of Origin Strengthening Pills was already increased by a large amount, reaching 12000 gold coins.

At this time the voice of those who are bidding for these Origin Strengthening Pills quieted down.

"12000 gold coins once!"

"12000 gold coins twice!"

"12000 gold coins thrice!"

"Congratulations to this guest here for successfully bidding these Origin Strengthening Pills." Zhang Qing congratulated the person who bid for Origin Strengthening Pills.

"Now the time for our final item has come. Everyone please open your eyes and be ready to bid for this item because this is only one in a lifetime chance for you all to be able to own this item."

Zhang Qing's beautiful voice sounded out as everyone saw a young girl holding a tray with red cloths hiding something in it, walking toward the stage.

When the cloth was removed, a lot of shining stones appeared in front of everyone.

"What are these shining stones?"

"Is this some type of rare ore for refining weapons?"


Many people started talking about themselves after all many people have never seen spirit stones.

Seeing the reaction of the crowd of peoples, Zhang Qing nodded her head in satisfaction.

Zhang Qing pointed at the pile of spirit stones and said, "These stones are low-grade spirit stones. I don't think I need to introduce it any further, everyone is well aware of the uses of these spirit stones."

When the crowd heard that those shining stones were spirit stones, their enthusiasm was immediately piqued.

"There is a total of 100 low-grade spirit stones. They are divide into 10 groups, with 10 low-grade spirit stones in each group. There is no fixed starting price for these spirit stones. Now, start the bi..."

"1000 gold coins"

"1200 gold coins"

"1500 gold coins"

Zhang Qing did not even finish her sentence when the people present here already started bidding.

Normally, the 10 spirit stones value is 1000 gold coins but here, only the start bid is already 1000 gold coins. This is the benefit of auctioning rare materials in auction houses.

"1800 gold coins"

Suddenly a familiar voice sounded out from a private room.

"Zhou Yan"

Ye Xiao frowned after listening to this voice.

"Everyone, I am Zhou Yan, a disciple of the Grand Elder of Silver Moon Sect. Grand Elder Ma Yafei is also present here. We want a batch of spirit stones. Please give us some face and stop further bidding." Zhou Yan said to the peoples present here.

For a moment all the noises quieted down. The majority of peoples present here were only from some small clans or lone cultivators. They did not dare to go against a sect like the Silver Moon Sect.


"You just see how I'll make fun of you today."

Ye Xiao thought and said in a rough voice, "2000 gold coins"


The crowd was once again astonished. There was actually someone present here who dare to go against the Silver Moon Sect.

Grand Elder Ma Yafei's face immediately darkened. He looked at Zhou Yan and Zhou Yan nodded at him and said, "May I know who this sir is in that room."

"Why should I tell you my name? So that you can attack and kill me when there will be no one near me." Ye Xiao said in a rough voice once again.


Silence prevailed everywhere.

Zhou Yan and Grand Elder Ma Yafei's face twitched a little.

"No, this friend here, we do not mean that. We just want to take those spirit stones. Give us some face please." Grand Elder of Silver Moon Sect Ma Yafei said politely while suppressing his anger.

"Why should I give you face. Who are you to tell me about giving you face? If you want to take those spirit stones then bid, otherwise sit down quietly." Ye Xiao said, making fun of them.


Grand Elder and Zhou Yan felt hard suppressing their anger. This was the first time anybody dares to talk like this with them.


Yes, this was a humiliation they felt for the first time.

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