Divine God Against The Heavens

Chapter 13: Lurking Danger

Chapter 13: Lurking Danger

Here, he was feeling very happy and in a small room of auction house, the manager Zhang Lan was currently sitting with other two members of the Zhang family.

"Are you saying that it is a kid of fifteen or sixteen years old? He gave you 100 spirit stones for auction." An old man around the age of fifty-five said while stroking his long white beard with his right hand.

"Yes Second Elder, it is true. That kid is currently sitting in room number 1 of our auction house." Zhang Lan said to the old man before him.

So, it turns out that these old men were talking about the spirit stones that Ye Xiao gave them for auction.

"He casually took out 100 spirit stones for auction. I think definitely belongs to power, maybe those five great sects or the Royal family of our Azure Dragon Country. Only these powers have the mine of low grade spirit stones." said the other old man.

"No, Third Elder. If that kid really belongs to the five great sects or the Royal family, he would have been no shortage of money. He would not come here to suction the low grade spirit stones in our auction house in exchange for some gold coins." The second Elder of the Zhang family said.

"I think the second elder is right. I have already checked it, that kid has the strength of Ninth Stage of Body Tempering Realm and was staying currently in an inn controlled by a small family of our Lin star City." Zhang Lan said to other elders of the Zhang family.

The other two elders of the Zhang Family nodded their heads.

"If that kid does not belong to any of these powers, then how does he possess so much low grade spirit stones. And I suspect him, that there is still some low grade spirit stones in his possession." The second Elder of the Zhang family said.

"He definitely would have encountered some sort of fortune, or get his hands on these spirit stones, searching some ruins of an expert." The third elder comes up with this theory after thinking for a while and said to the other two.

"Yes, I also think this is the case. Anyway, we don't know anything about that kid. If we want to go against him, then we have to take every step very cautiously." said the Second Elder.

"Second Elder, how about this, we will send some expert of Qi Condensation Realm to attack that kid at night. If our men failed to gain anything then it would mean that some expert is protecting him from behind. At that time, we will immediately retreat and never attack that kid again."

" And if those men of ours succeeded in capturing that kid then his wealth will become ours." The third Elder said while being excited.

"Hmm, we will do as the Third Elder said," Second Elder said to the manager Zhang Lan.

"Yes, elders."

After the discussion among them has ended, they stood up and left.

On the other hand, Ye Xiao was currently enjoying the auction as he ate the fruits one by one, which was placed on the table. He did not even know that the danger was lurking behind him.

On the stage, Zhang Qing was currently auctioning the items one by one.

She got someone to bring a token to Ye Xiao that was the proof of him being able to buy the Void Fire Fruit. When the auction will end, he can give the token at the counter and obtain the Void Fire Fruit after paying the bill.

Sometime later, a young girl brings a pill bottle on the auction platform.

Zhang Qing said, "Everyone, within this pill bottle are 5 Origin Strengthening pills!"

The Origin Strengthening pill, a medicinal pill used by Origin Core Realm martial artists. It can increase their speed of cultivation as well as the amount of spirit energy in their body.

Even though this medicinal pill was a rare pill but it can be found in any medical store.

For a moment, many people lacked any interest.

And there were even people who said in disdain, "When did the Zhang Family's Auction House decline to such a level? They are actually auctioning the Origin Strengthening pills. These pills are sold at the medicine store at 1000 gold coins each."

"Exactly, there is no need to auction this kind of item, right?"

"Hurry up and change it to the next item!"


The crowd of people started shouting out.

"Everyone, please be silent!", Zhang Qing's expression did not change. She seemed to have known long that this would happen.

When Zhang Qing raised her hand said every one to be silent, the hall quieted down.

"Everyone, these are no ordinary Origin Strengthening Pills." Zhang Qing said, seeing that everyone was looking at her, she smiled and said, "Everyone knows that medicinal pills refined by genius alchemists normally have a purity of over 70% at most. Being able to refine a pill of 72% to 75% purity is extremely hard to come by."

"However, the Origin Strengthening Pills in my hand have a purity that has achieved 80%!"

"Once an Origin Strengthening Pill of 80% purity was consumed and used to cultivate, the increase in cultivation speed will directly double compare to ordinary Origin Strengthening Pill. If It were to give to an Origin Core Realm martial artists who were trapped in a bottleneck and unable to break through after a long time. If they consumed this Origin Strengthening Pill, they would have a 90% of a possibility to breakthrough." As expected, Zhang Qing's words caused a stir within the hall.

Many people in the hall did not quite believe it.

As far as they knew, a medicinal pill of purity of 75% could already be considered the existence of rumour.

Seeing this, Zhang Qing continued, "Everyone, these 5 Origin strengthening Pills have been personally verified by our Zhang Family's Auction House."

"Moreover, our Zhang family's trustworthiness is recognised by everyone."

Many people in the hall nodded their heads upon hearing the old man's words.

The Zhang Family indeed had not done anything untrustworthy during their auctions.

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