Divine God Against The Heavens

Chapter 2: Encounter

Chapter 2: Encounter

In this world strength is everything. Strong rules while the weak live in fear. To gain strength, people cultivate and practice martial arts. Cultivation is divided into many major realms and those major realms are further divided into nine minor stages.

Silver Moon Sect was one of the smaller sects among many sects present in the Azure Dragon Country. Here, disciples are divided into many categories was outer court disciples, inner court disciples, and core disciples.

Those disciples, who are accepted by some elder or sect leader are also known as direct disciples.

Ye Xiao was a direct disciple when Fifth Elder was still alive. But after his death, he was reduced to be an outer court disciple and given a job to take care of herbs in the medicine garden.

He walks toward the Black Cloud Forest because after passing the forest he can reach The Lin Star city.

Suddenly, he felt a chill from the back of his body. He hurriedly dodged to left. A blast rang out where he was at that time. When he raised his head, he saw Zhou Yan walking toward him with three other disciples.

"Zhou Yan, what do you want", said Ye Xiao.

"Hehe, what I want, I just want to have some fun beating you", after saying this he suddenly rushed toward Ye Xiao with a palm attack.

"Hundred Needle Palm"


A young man's cry sounded throughout the forest.

Ye Xiao was not able to dodge this palm attack because of two reasons.

First, he was already injured and his dantian was destroyed.

Second, Zhou Yan's speed was very fast. He didn't give him the chance to dodge.

"Hundred Needle Palm", Zhou Yan once again attacked him in the chest.

Ye Xiao felt like hundreds of needles were entering his chest. He was already heavily injured but was further injured after this attack. His wounds became even deeper.

"Hehe. Trash how are you feeling after getting beaten up", Zhou Yan asks the young man lying on the ground.

"Senior brother Zhou, let us kill him", a man next to Zhou Yan said.

"No, not now, I will slowly torture him. Let him feel the pain of his body parts severing. hahaha"

"Senior brother is right", one of the disciples who came with Zhou Yan said and kicked in Ye Xiao's abdomen.


Ye Xiao was sent flying, he vomited a large mouthful of blood.

"Zhou Yan, kill me now. If, by any chance, I stay alive, I will kill you", Ye Xiao said. He was not willing to die here.

He began to think of a way to escape from here. He ran in a certain direction thinking to come across anything that can help him get rid of Zhou Yan and his followers.

"Hehe, Trash, where do you think you are running." Zhou Yan began to chase after him.

Ye Xiao suddenly stops because in front of him was a deep ravine, he was on the top of a cliff.

"Now you know you can't run away from me, oh, so there is a ravine that's why you stopped on your track"

"You dare to run away, now die", after saying this Zhou yan kicked him. He was sent flying and fell into the ravine.


Ye Xiao looked at Zhou Yan and wanted to say something but his vision began to blur and he lost his consciousness.


Ye Xiao, who had lost his consciousness, fell onto the thick layer of pitch black grass which was almost five-meter tall. The blood started to flow out from his body.

Dark red blood dripped from Ye Xiao's heart and fell onto the pitch black grass.

The black grass instantly changed its colour and dyed red.

He was on his last breath, suddenly, a change happened.

A black light flashed on the grass. The blood that had fallen earlier actually entered into that black ball.


After absorbing the fresh blood, That black ball suddenly started to tremble.

Sometime later, its colour changed from black to multicolour.

Suddenly, streams of multicoloured light shot out in all directions. Then, the black ball which was now a multicoloured ball directly rushed into Ye Xiao's heart as if it was alive.

The black ball entered Ye Xiao's heart, and the multicoloured energy rushed out from the ball and began to fuse into his body. Immediately following that, Ye Xiao's body started to shine with multicoloured light.

The multicoloured light brought dense vital energy along with it and began to repair Ye Xiao's damaged meridians.

When it repaired Ye Xiao's meridians, the multicoloured light passed through his blood via his meridians. After that, it started to upgrade bone and marrow.

After upgrading his bone and marrow, it entered into his dantian. His dantian also began to repair as the multicolour with dense vital energy entered into it.

His meridians changed and became much stronger than before. His bone and marrow were purified and upgraded and his dantian was also restored.

When all of these things were done, the multicoloured light vanished from his body as if it was never here. The multicoloured ball in his heart also reverted back to its original appearance, becoming a black ball.

A pitch-black liquid gushed out of Ye Xiao's body. These were the impurities in his body that began to be expelled from his body.


Slowly, Ye Xiao regains his consciousness.

"I, I am alive"

"I am alive, haha, I did not die, I am still alive", Ye Xiao laughed out loud.

"This, my dantian, it is repaired. Hahahaha, now I can once again cultivate. Zhou Yan, Grand Elder, Sect leader all of just wait. One day I, Ye Xiao, will come back and take my revenge.

"But how, how did my dantian repaired and my meridians, it is all fixed and even much stronger than before".

Ye Xiao began to check inside his body with his spirit energy. Suddenly he saw something in his heart.

"Aiya, what is this in my heart. A ball, no it looks like a pearl, and what is this picture carved on it"

"A picture of the galaxy. Ah! I don't know, let it be for now. But what exactly is this pearl. Did it repair my dantian and meridians. If it is, then it is definitely a treasure".

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