Divine God Against The Heavens

Chapter 3: Heavenly Pearl

Chapter 3: Heavenly Pearl

Ye Xiao touched the pearl with his spirit energy and suddenly he felt his eyes blurry and when everything became clear, he found himself in another world.

Ye Xiao was in the center of a beautiful Grassland out of nowhere.

There was a forest, mountains, a very large river, a large Grass field surrounded by very beautiful flowers and a path made up of pure jade that goes in four directions.

He looked at the jade path that was going in four different directions. The jade path that was going in the left direction was leading to the mountains and rivers.

The jade path which going in the right direction was leading to the dense forest.

He didn't know where the jade path which was leading in his backward direction leads to because nothing could be seen from here and the same goes for the jade path that was going straight.

He started to walk down on the jade path that was going straight from where he was standing while enjoying the scenery in front of him.

"What is going on. Where exactly am I". Ye Xiao began to think.

When he woke up he found himself in a pitch-black area where he can't see anything. After that, he found out that he was not dead but alive and even his damaged meridians and dantian were repaired. There was a strange pearl present in his heart with a picture of a galaxy or something carved on it. When he tried to check it with his spirit energy he somehow comes here in this strange world.

While he was still thinking, suddenly a piece of information surfaced in his mind.

"Heavenly Pearl"

"Heavenly Pearl, what is this? Is this the name of pearl which is inside my heart ?"

"Is this the world inside the Heavenly Pearl, how did I get here and how can I go outside?"

These were the questions he started to think about after knowing the name of the pearl inside his heart. He walked on the jade path for almost two to three hours and then he saw a Nine Story Pagoda at the end of the road.

He walked in front of the Nine Story Pagoda and saw on the left side of the gate of Pagoda there was a stone pillar of the height of around one meter. On top of the stone pillar, there was an image of a hand's print.

When he saw the image of a hand's print, he noticed that the height, length and even thickness is the same as his own hand.

"Do I have to put my hand on this image of this hand's print?"

After thinking about this he put his hand on the place where an image of the hand's print was and then a change occurred. He felt a large amount of information seeping into his mind. And a voice rang out in his mind.

"Inheritor of The Heavenly Pearl, destined to rule over the heavens. Since you are the inheritor of Heavenly Pearl then from today onwards you will make your own destiny with your hard work. You are not allowed to bow your head in front of anyone. You are the owner of yourself and your destiny. Remember, No one has the right to look down on you, no one, not even the heavens."

"No one has the right to look down on me, not even the heavens." Ye Xiao murmured this phrase and his blood began to boil, his eyes lit up and he said out loud looking at the sky "Yes, I, Ye Xiao, am the owner of my destiny and myself. No one has the right to look down on me and no one has the right to stand in my path of walking toward the peak of martial arts."

"If devils stand blocking my path, I will cut the devil into thousand pieces, if gods stand blocking my path, I will kill the gods and if heavens Stand blocking my path, then I, Ye Xiao, will destroy the heavens."

After that he calm down and suddenly heard the voice of the door opening.

"Churrr! Churrr!"

He looked at the door and started walking toward it. When he reached the front of the door of the Nine Story Pagoda, he stops and looked inside it. There was nothing but only darkness.

"Should I go in or not?"

He thinks about it then made a decision.

"Forget it, since I am the inheritor of The Heavenly Pearl then I will look into it".

He took a step forward and passed the door, entering the first floor of Nine Story Pagoda. He closed his eyes after entering because the light suddenly flashed in front of him.

After a few breaths later he opened his eyes and saw that there was nothing on this floor except for a cauldron. There was a dragon, circling around the cauldron.

Ye Xiao slowly walked toward the cauldron and just as he was about to touch the cauldron, a large amount of information once again flashed in his mind.

Through the information, he found out that on the first floor of Nine Story Pagoda, time flowed slowly compared to outside. Here, three days is equal to one day outside. In other words here time flows in a 3:1 ratio compare to outside.

After learning this he was overjoyed. With the help of this tower, he can cultivate many time faster than the outside world. And spirit energy here is much denser than outside.

And through the information he gains from here, Ye Xiao found out that in the cauldron present in the middle of the floor, there are three types of memory stored and he can use these memories as his own.

He hurriedly opened the lid of the cauldron and saw three types of bright light inside three different barriers.

From the information he gained, he knew that red coloured bright light surrounded by a barrier has the memory of alchemy by an Ancient Pill God, blue coloured bright light surrounded by a barrier has the memories about Formations by an Ancient Formation God, and lastly, a purple coloured bright light surrounded by a barrier has the memories about the weapon refining of an Ancient God of weapon refinement.

And other than memories of Ancient Gods there was one more thing present there and that was a small ball of light floating in the space of the dragon cauldron.

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