Divine God Against The Heavens

Chapter 26: Breaking The Barrier

Chapter 26: Breaking The Barrier

"Miss Yufei, Don't worry. I have a way to break the barrier." Ye Xiao said. He almost absorbed all of the energy, There is only little bit of energy left inside the thing that is providing energy to the barrier.

After continuously providing the energy to the barrier, the energy source was left with less that five percent of its energy. Now, Ye Xiao absorbed a large portion of the five percent energy, directly breaking through to the peak of the Third Stage of Qi Condensation Realm from the early Second Stage of Qi Condensation Realm.

So basically, That energy source was left with only a little bit of its original energy. It can only provide its energy to the barrier for some more time and then it will deplete all of its energy.

"What is the way to break this barrier?" Zhao Yufei looked at him in some expectation.

"There are two ways. First is to wait for some time, the barrier will break on its own due to depletion of the source energy. After thousands of year, its energy is should be left with less than one percent now. So waiting for half a day or a full day should be enough to deplete all its energy from the source."

"And the second, we will attack with our powerful moves. Barrier will consume more and more energy from its source and will deplete even faster. It will break after some of our moves. We don't need to wait for half a day or a full day to let barrier break on its own." Ye Xiao explained his theory to Zhao Yufei.

"How do you know that there is less than one percent of its original energy is left in the source of the barrier's energy?" Zhao Yufei instantly caught a flaw in Ye Xiao's explanation.

'This girl is really dangerous' Ye Xiao could not help but become careful while speaking.

"From what I have observed, this barrier is here for almost ten thousand years and it is constantly absorbing the energy from its source for these long period of time in order to strengthen itself and maintain its momentum."

"Also, I have a secret technique which can calculate how much the its strength. When I touched the barrier, at that time I was calculating how much energy in the energy source has left."

"That's why I said that there is less than one percent of the energy is left in the energy source. Yes, it may be different from what I just said because it is my first time using this secret technique to calculate something." Ye Xiao laughed embarrassingly.


"If you don't want to say the reason then don't say. Why are you making up excuses." Zhao Yufei pouted. She was not believe what Ye Xiao just said.

"Not only I have the affinity with the wind element, I was also born with a special ability. I can sense any fluctuation in one's heart. Be it due to fear, excitement or other things, I can sense it. You are clearly lying right now. Your heart beat was beating faster and faster. There is no need to lie anything. Everybody has their own secrets." Zhao Yufei said to him and turned around, looking at the barrier.

Ye Xiao was embarrassed to the point where he wanted to find himself a hole and hide there. He never thought that Zhao Yufei has this kind of special ability.

"Miss Zhao, I'm sorry. It is not that I don't want to tell you, it is just I can't." Ye Xiao embarrassingly looked at Zhao Yufei and said.

"It is alright. I just said that everybody has their own secret. There is no need to apologise." Zhao Yufei smiled at him.

"Ok, we need to attack together, so that this damn barrier can break expeditiously"

Both of them nodded and started attacking the barrier with their most powerful attacks.

"Heaven Sword Slash, First Slash"

"Collapsing Mountain Fist"

Ye Xiao's attack was like a stone sinking in the well. His attack was the first to land on the barrier and only caused slight fidget on the barrier.

In comparison to him, when Zhao Yufei attacked the barrier, a terrifying sword qi exploded out from her sword. It was like hundreds of swords were attacking at the same place at the same time. Winds nearby also becomes as sharp as blade and it mixed together with her sword and collided with the barrier.

Ye Xiao was amazed by this attack of her. It was a very powerful attack. He never had ever seen such attack.


When her attack landed on the barrier, a very fast fluctuation appeared on the barrier and after a moment, a crack could be seen there. At the same time, the barrier repaired itself.

"There was a crack on the barrier. If you attack once again, then I think the barrier will break immediately." Ye Xiao becomes very excited as said.

When he looked at her, he saw that she was looking at him with a very strange gaze.

"What happen, why are looking at me like that?" Ye Xiao was puzzled by her look.

"Was that really your most powerful attack?" Zhao Yufei asked. She was still looking at him strangely.

Ye Xiao was stunned hearing her. He could not help but laugh bitterly. Mountain Collapsing Fist was his most powerful attack right now. It was a low grade common rank martial skill. This skill was something, he got from the Silver Moon Sect when he just entered the sect.

When Ye Xiao attacked the barrier with this skill, Zhao Yufei was taken aback by him. From the moment she met him, she was always surprised by him. In her eyes, this young man was surrounded with mystery. Seeing the most powerful attack of Ye Xiao, which was a low grade common rank martial skill, she was once again surprised. But this surprise was different from before. She never thought that this young man's most powerful attack would be a low grade common rank attack.

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