Divine God Against The Heavens

Chapter 27: Heaven Sword Slash

Chapter 27: Heaven Sword Slash

Zhao Yufei always thinks of Ye Xiao very highly. She thought that his most powerful skill would be at the very least a high grade common rank martial skill.

Ye Xiao touched his nose with his thumb and rubbed it slightly then said, "Miss Zhao, it is like this, I was from Silver Moon Sect, a third grade sect. When I entered the sect, I learned this skill. My master, who was also the Fifth Elder of Silver Moon Sect said to me that when I reach the Sixth Stage of Body Tempering Realm, then I could learn more powerful martial skills. But when I reached the Sixth Stage of Body Tempering Realm, my master was already dead and I was reduce to become a medicine boy."

"From the moment my master died, I was always bullied by my seniors in the sect. Even the elders of the sect looked down on me. I was not allowed to enter the pavilion where martial skills are stored. I am now already kicked out from the sect so I didn't get any chance to learn a more powerful martial skills"

"That's why my most powerful martial skill that I have right now is only low grade common rank martial skill."

Zhao Yufei was stunned after knowing Ye Xiao's past. She said, "Oh!, So you were from the Silver Moon Sect. They kicked out a talent like you, they will definitely regret in the future."

"Even if they don't, I'll make them regret their decisions." Ye Xiao clenched both of his hand tightly. He suddenly remembered those humiliations he got from the Silver Moon Sect.

Seeing Ye Xiao's current expression, Zhao Yufei hurriedly changed the topic and said, "Let's break the barrier. You rest for a while, I will attack the barrier. After all even if you attack, Your attack will do almost nothing."

Ye Xiao nodded his head and stand far away from the barrier. Zhao Yufei once again launched her attack on the barrier.

"Heaven Sword Slash, First Slash"

Once again that terrifying sword qi emerged from her sword that was like hundreds of swords attacking at the same time at the same point.

A crack again appeared on the barrier.

"Heaven Sword Slash, Second Slash"

This sword slash was even more terrifying than the one before. This was the second slash of Heaven Sword Slash.

Martial skills are divided into four ranks. These are: Yellow, Profound, Earth and Heaven rank. They are further divided into three grades: low grade, middle grade and high grade.

Heaven Sword Slash was a high grade earth rank martial skill. It has total three slashes. Each being more powerful than other.

When Zhao Yufei attacked with the Second Slash of Heaven Sword Slash, a terrifying Sword Qi appeared in her surrounding. On top of that, with her wind elements supporting her Sword Qi, that sword attack was like a lava erupting from the depth of the mountain.

Immediately, her attack collided with the barrier protecting the wall and a loud sound comes out.


The barrier broke in many pieces and scattered in the air. After some time it slowly dissipated in thin air.

Seeing her sword attack, Ye Xiao mouth was opened in the shape of O. He had never seen a attack that terrifying.

Zhao Yufei's condition was not right. Her face was pale. She was out of energy. That sword attack sucked all of the spirit energy from her body.

With her strength at the Peak of the Origin Core Realm, she could at most show the power of First Slash of the Heaven Sword Slash. But in order to break the barrier, she forcefully used the Second Slash of the Heaven Sword Slash.

This action of her dealt a great deal of damage to her body. Blood was flowing out from the both of her hands.

Zhao Yufei took out a pill from a pill bottle and swallowed the pill. Her blood stopped flowing out from her body instantly. The wounds on her body also started to heal.

"Rank 3 healing pill, Jade Spirit Pill." Ye Xiao recognized the pill that Zhao Yufei swallowed. He had merged with the memories of the Ancient Pill God, so he could easily tell what pill she was eating.

"You recognized the pill" Zhao Yufei was surprised to know that Ye Xiao recognised what pill she was eating. In her eyes, Ye Xiao, who came from a third grade sect, Silver Moon Sect, Should not be able to tell what pill she ate. But it was opposite of what she was thinking.

"Yes" Ye Xiao nodded his head and asked, "Are you alright. Is your injuries ok."

"Hmm, I'm fine" Zhao Yufei nodded her head. She began to appear more and more cautious about Ye Xiao. Even Liu Feng and his father, who lives in a relatively large city and are connected with the Royal Family of Imperial City, was not able to recognise a rank 3 pill but Ye Xiao did.

Pills and alchemists are divided into nine ranks from rank 1 to rank 9. Rank 1 was a pill for Qi Condensation Realm cultivators. Rank 2 pill was for Origin Core Realm and so on. For Body Tempering Realm cultivators, an ordinary pill without any grade was enough.

In the Azure Dragon Country, a rank 3 pill was very rare and rank 3 alchemists were very respected. Even a great sect like Heaven Sword Sect would pay any price to keep them and let them work for their sect. There are very few rank 3 alchemists in the Azure Dragon Country. So recognizing a rank 3 pill like Jade Healing pill which rare even among the rank 3 pills, serves a great surprise to her.

Ye Xiao began to appear more and more mysterious in the eyes of Zhao Yufei. It was like he was covered with a thick layer of fog that she could not see through.

"Now, we have to break this strange wall and we can see what is behind the wall that needs this type of protection." Ye Xiao looked at the wall.

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