Divine God Against The Heavens

Chapter 29: High-Tier Spirit Rank Sword

Chapter 29: High-Tier Spirit Rank Sword

"Ye Xiao, what happened?" Hearing Ye Xiao's painful scream, Zhao Yufei became anxious. She was about to jump in the lake when Ye Xiao's painful voice sounded.

"Don't come here. There is too much Sword Qi in the lake right now. These Sword Qi are too strong. If you come down in the lake, you will be injured."

"But you....."

"Don't worry about me. You stay there." Before Zhao Yufei could complete her sentence, Ye Xiao once again told her to wait and not come in the lake.

Sword Qi was just too powerful, he doesn't know what to do in this situation. Many of his meridians were badly injured. Sword Qi was slowly rushing toward his dantian. Ye Xiao become anxious seeing that.

Before the Sword Qi could invade his body, a loud thum comes from his heart. Heavenly Pearl release a stream of pure energy. That stream of pure energy started to spread in his body. All the Sword Qi that comes in contact with that stream of pure energy, vanished like it was never there.

After clearing all the invaded Sword Qi from his body, that stream of pure energy entered his dantian. When it touches the spirit energy in Ye Xiao's dantian, it began to purify his spirit energy even more. His spirit energy began to become even more pure and dense.

After purifying his spirit energy, that stream of pure energy that comes from the Heavenly Pearl, entered every pore of his body. His body becomes even stronger.

Ye Xiao benefited from the disaster. When everything returned to normal, Ye Xiao pulled out the sword from the lake. At that moment Ye Xiao felt that he was connected to that sword. He let out sigh. Heavenly pearl not only purified his spirit energy and made his body stronger, it even helped him subdue the sword.

After obtaining the sword, Ye Xiao didn't even looked carefully to check what rank this sword was, he swam and returned back to Zhao Yufei.

"Are you alright?"

She was still somewhat anxious. When she heard the painful scream of Ye Xiao, she does not know why, but her heart hurts a little. Now that Ye Xiao returned to her, she let out a sigh of relief.

"I'm fine. Don't worry." Ye Xiao smiled at her.

Ye Xiao looked at the sword in his hand. It was a long thin sword. That sword gave off such an aura as if it was made just to kill.

Zhao Yufei was also attracted by that sword's aura. She took the sword from Ye Xiao's hand and looked at it carefully.

"This sword is a high grade spirit weapon". Zhao Yufei said in some surprised tone.

It had to be known that in the Azure Dragon Country, spirit weapons are very rare, mainly high grade spirit weapon. Even the sect leader of some big sects in the Azure Dragon Country, only use low or middle grade spirit weapon. Only some really great figures like the sect leader of five great sect or the emperor of Azure Dragon Country, uses high grade spirit weapons.

Azure Dragon Country was just a small country in the Azure Sky Continent. Here, good alchemists, refiners and formation masters are very rare. So, in this country, high grade spirit weapon was the symbol of power.

"Is this sword really high grade spirit weapon?" Ye Xiao was surprised hearing that this sword was the high grade spirit weapon.

From the moment, he come to know about martial arts and started walking on the path of martial arts, he had only seen low grade, middle grade and high grade common weapon. The sword he used was only a low grade common weapon. He had never seen a weapon of spirit rank. He only heard people talking about it. Now that a high grade spirit weapon was in front of him, he was really surprised.

Zhao Yufei returned the sword to Ye Xiao and warned him, "Only use this sword in danger. Not let people see your sword easily otherwise you will only encounter the attacks by those people."

"Hmm, I understand." Ye Xiao nodded his head in recognition.

The sword in his hand was a weapon used by the owner of this tomb, a martial artist at the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm. He looked at the sword and then placed it in the first floor of the Nine Story Pagoda inside the Heavenly Pearl.

"Spatial Ring?" Zhao Yufei was surprised and looked at the ring in his finger.

This ring was just an ordinary ring, not an spatial ring. Ye Xiao wore this ring just to fool peoples after all he can not say anybody that he has a treasure like the Heavenly Pearl.

"But this spatial ring is somewhat strange. It did not looks like a spatial ring." Zhao Yufei comes from a great sect and she owned a spatial ring as well. So she was familiar with the spatial ring and immediately noticed that something was wrong with Ye Xiao's spatial ring.

"This....hehe.....this is just an inferior spatial ring, a defective spatial ring." Ye Xiao hurriedly made up an excuse and said, fearing that his lies will be caught.

"Oh, so this is the case. The spatial ring in your finger is a defective one, that's why it looked somewhat strange to me."

"The space inside a defective spatial ring is not stable. It can collapse at any moment after getting hit. You should change it." Zhao Yufei said.

Change it?

Ye Xiao was amused by what Zhao Yufei told him. She said him to change spatial ring so casually that it looked like spatial ring was nothing in her eyes.

Spatial rings are also rare just like any high rank pills or weapons. And since it was rare so it was also very high priced tool. Let alone a spatial ring, even if it was a low rank spatial bag, it will be priced more than 1000 gold coins. A middle and high rank spatial bag would be priced more than 10,000 gold coins.

Spatial rings are better than a high rank spatial bag. Its price would be even higher than those high rank spatial bags.

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