Divine God Against The Heavens

Chapter 28: Golden Metal Ball

Chapter 28: Golden Metal Ball

"You rest first, you injuries are still there and it is not completely healed. If you attack again, it will not be good for your body. I am going to attack this strange wall." Ye Xiao said to Zhao Yufei and form a fist. That fist were glowing with red light. Then he attacked the wall with his full force.

"Mountain Collapsing Fist"


"Mountain Collapsing Fist"


"Mountain Collapsing Fist"


He continuously attacked with his low grade common rank martial skill 'Mountain Collapsing Fist'. That wall was made of some unknown ore. It was very difficult for him to break the strange wall with his low grade common rank martial skill.

With his great efforts in attacking the strange wall, that strange wall finally collapsed after half an hour.



Dust spread everywhere in that small room. Both of them started coughing. Because of the dust, they could not see anything in the room.

Only when the dust has settled down, things began to appear more and more clear. Some time later they began to search for the source of energy in the debris of the wall after it collapsed. Zhao Yufei's gaze suddenly landed on an object that looked like some type of small metal ball embedded in a half broken brick. That metal ball was shining with golden lustre.

"Ye Xiao, look at this ball. Is this the source of energy." Zhao Yufei showed the golden metal ball to Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao took the golden metal ball and inspect it carefully. He can feel a trace of spirit energy coming out from that golden metal ball.

"Hmm, I think so too. Except for this metal ball there is nothing in that debris of the strange wall." Ye Xiao looked at his surrounding and said, "This metal ball looks somewhat weird. There is obviously not a bit of spirit energy left inside it, but still from time to time, spirit energy is coming out from this golden metal ball."

Ye Xiao returned the golden metal ball to Zhao Yufei and looked toward a certain direction. There was once a strange wall stood there but now, a cave could be seen in that place.

"Was that wall protecting this cave?"

"What is inside there? Let's go there and take a look." Zhao Yufei looked at the cave and said to Ye Xiao.

"Lets go." Ye Xiao and Zhao Yufei took their step forward and entered the cave.

That cave was filled with darkness. There was not a speck of light inside the cave. Only a straight path was there, that leads to the depth of the cave.

Ye Xiao and Zhao Yufei was walking in the dark cave. From time to time, they encounter a group of bats. In that cave, where only darkness was there and from time to time, the sound of wing's flapping comes out from inside and then a group of bats fly towards both of them.

This ignited fear in them. Zhao Yufei snatched Ye Xiao's hand and held it very tightly. This was the first time, Zhao Yufei encountered this type of situation where there was only darkness and nothing else. It really scared her a lot. And on top of that, this dark cave was so silent that the sound of walking was

Ye Xiao was stunned for moment. In that deep darkness, he could not see anything, even his own hand. He could only feel a soft hand was tightly holding his hand. Ye Xiao trembled slightly. He does not know what this feeling was when Zhao Yufei held his hand, but he instinctively wanted to feel it forever. He wanted to keep holding her hand.

Ye Xiao shook his head and throw his current feeling to the back of his head. They both was in this dark cave and what danger they will face suddenly was unknown to them. So, they must be more careful here.

After walking for about five hundred meter, they suddenly saw a ray of light flashing in front of them. Both of them looked at each other and approached that ray of light. The closer they walk toward the ray of light, the bigger that ray of light becomes.

When they arrived in front of the ray of light, they were stunned what they saw. In front of them was a small lake. Behind that lake was a big tree. And there were lots of fruits on that tree. They counts the fruits and found that there were a total of twenty fruits there. Some distance away from there was a small hut, made up of bamboo.

They first arrived in front of the lake. That lake was just a normal lake. But they saw that at the centre of the lake, there was a sword. More than half of the sword's body was sinking in the lake, only its hilt can be seen.

"Miss Zhao, that sword, I want it. You see, I don't have a good weapon." Ye Xiao looked at Zhao Yufei in some embarrassment. But what can he do, if he want a good weapon, he has to become bold and ask what he want.

"It's fine. I already have a very good sword in my possession so I don't need other sword. You can take it." Zhao Yufei also knew that Ye Xiao only had a middle tier common rank weapon so she just told Ye Xiao that he could take the sword which was in front of them.

Ye Xiao jumped in the lake and started swimming toward the sword hilt. He approached near the sword at the centre of the lake, raised his and grabbed the hilt of the sword.


Suddenly Ye Xiao screamed in pain. The moment he grabbed the sword, a vast amount of Sword Qi that was coming from the sword invaded his body. All the meridians in his body started to tear apart. He felt that hundreds of sword, together, started to cut his body apart from inside his body.

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