Divine God Against The Heavens

Chapter 5: Heaven Devouring Divine Dragon

Chapter 5: Heaven Devouring Divine Dragon

After he started circulating Spirit Energy of heaven and Earth and formed the hand seal according to the Nine Dragon Universal Circulation Technique, an imaginary outline of a dragon began to surface in his sea of consciousness.

Seeing this, he immediately becomes excited.

"What kind of dragon will it formed cultivating the first layer of the Nine Dragon Universal Circulation Technique?"

"Ah!, forget it, I hope it is a very powerful dragon so that my strength can be enhanced once again. And yes, there are also the abilities of the dragons. What kind of abilities can I get from it ?!"

After thinking for a while, he once again calms down and started forming the dragon according to the Nine Dragon Universal Circulation Technique.

As time passes, the imaginary dragon began to become more and more real. First, it formed its tail and then its stomach, after that its wings and claws, and after slowly forming the dragon's head, countless scales began to surface all over its body.

After who knows how much times passed, the imaginary dragon finally started to solidify and become real.

Ye Xiao was currently circulating the Nine Dragon Universal Circulation Technique diligently absolutely unaware of the outside world.

_Silver Moon Sect_


"Master, Is that true, first-rate sects of the Imperial City of our Azure Dragon Country are organizing a competition and the top ten would have the right to choose the sect, they want to enter!"

Zhou Yan asked an old man sitting on a luxurious chair in front of him while slowly sipping a tea.

He was the Grand Elder of the Silver Moon Sect, Ma Yafei.

"Yes, after one month, the competition will start. We have to reach there at least two days before the competition, after all, we have to register for the competition as well. Registration will end twenty-four hour before the competition will start".

"Remember to perform well in the competition and get into the eyes of competition organizers or sect members present there. In the competition, Top hundred will enter the five great sects of the Imperial City, and top ten will be given the right to choose the sect they wanted to enter".

Grand Elder became more and more excited as he told his direct disciple Zhou Yan about the competition.

"Yes master, I will definitely get into the top ten in the competition. Ah, yes master, one more thing, when do we leave to go to the Imperial City ?"

"Hmm, about half a month later, we will depart from our sect on the flying magical beast with nine other outstanding disciples of our Silver Moon Sect. It will take about ten days to reach the Imperial City. We will be there five days before the competition will start".

Grand Elder Ma Yafei said this while taking a sip of tea.

"Yes master, I understand." Zhou Yan said this cupping both of his hands in front of his master, Grand Elder of Silver Moon Sect.

"Hmm, now go, focus on your cultivation and try to breakthrough to Qi Condensation Realm in these ten days. Take this Barrier Breaking Pill, I will help you as much as possible in these ten days".

Grand Elder said and threw a pill bottle to Zhou Yan.

Zhou Yan caught the pill bottle excitedly bowed toward the Grand Elder and left.

On the first floor of Nine Story Pagoda...

Ye Xiao was circulating the Spirit Energy and forming the hand seals according to the Nine Dragon Universal Circulation Technique.


A loud dragon roar suddenly rang out throughout Ye Xiao's entire sea of consciousness.

"Is this what a true dragon looks like ?" Ye Xiao, who was working very hard so that he can form his first dragon, looked inside his sea of consciousness and saw a mythical divine beast, a true dragon arrogantly flying in the whole sea of consciousness with his wings spread.

That dragon's body was pure black with beautiful golden lines carved all over his black scales. It looked as imposing as a legendary true dragon should be.

Suddenly that dragon noticed Ye Xiao, he started flying toward him and descend in front of him. That scene in Ye Xiao's mind was like a God has descended in front of him.

The dragon looked in Ye Xiao's eyes from his big golden eyes and suddenly from its eyes, a ray of light shot out and entered the middle of Ye Xiao's brow.

Ye Xiao groans in pain and once again a certain amount of information appeared in Ye Xiao's mind.

"Heaven Devouring Divine Dragon, devour the heaven and earth and use it for his own!"

Heaven Devouring Divine Dragon, just as its name said, was a divine dragon. A dragon of the legend. It can devour anything and everything. There is nothing in the entire Heaven and Earth that The Heaven Devouring Divine Dragon Can not devour. It can even devour Heaven and Earth but there is a certain condition for it.

It has many abilities but Ye Xiao can only use two of the Heaven Devouring Divine Dragon's abilities.

First, Devouring ability, since Ye Xiao's strength was still too weak, he can only devour limited things but there is an advantage and that was that when he kills somebody, that person's thirty percent of Spirit Energy he can devour but the condition is that he has to kill and then devour.

Second, He can form a pair of dragon wings behind his back and use it as his own.

He can fly and attack using these wings.

Normally, only an expert of Martial Emperor Realm can fly but now Ye Xiao can fly using the wings of the Heaven Devouring Divine Dragon.

Ye Xiao gets very excited getting these two abilities. He could devour thirty percent of the spirit energy of the person he kills after killing, of course, he will not kill the innocent. And he can devour anything which has spirit energy in this world if he wanted to, after circulating the first layer of Nine Dragon Universal Circulation Technique.

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