Divine God Against The Heavens

Chapter 6: Tyrant Bear

Chapter 6: Tyrant Bear

He calmed himself with very difficulty, after all, anybody who could get this type of fortune will definitely become excited beyond compare.

Heaven Devouring Divine Dragon has many amazing abilities but Ye Xiao can't use them because of lack of his strength.

After that, he exited his sea of consciousness. Ye Xiao opened his eyes and saw the three memories of three different ancient gods.

"What a pity, I don't have enough strength right now, otherwise I can get at least one of three memories merged with me".

From the information he gets after coming to the first floor of the Nine Story Pagoda, he knew that if he wanted to obtain the memories of three ancient gods, he needed enough strength to open the barrier.

To open the barrier of the memories of the Ancient Pill God, he needed the strength of at least the First Stage of Qi Condensation Realm.

To open the barrier of the memories of the Ancient Formation God, he needed the strength of at least the First Stage of Origin Core Realm.

To open the barrier of the memories of the Ancient Inscription God, he needed the strength of at least the First Stage of Martial King Realm.

Right now, Ye Xiao was only at the Third Stage of Body Tempering Realm. If he wanted to open any one of three barriers he needed to work hard and gain strength.

In the Azure Sky Continent, only strength matters. No matter how noble your identity is, if you don't have strength, your only fate will be stepped on by the strong. Yes, it is another matter if you don't have enough strength but you have a powerful backer behind you.

Ye Xiao shook his head in disappointment and exited the Nine Story Pagoda. Once again a vast and beautiful world appeared in front of him.

From the information he gets after placing his hand on the stone pillar, he knew that this vast world and even the Nine Story Pagoda can be used to store things inside. He can even raise a magical beast here in the world of the Heavenly Pearl.

He can plant herbs and raise them and even reproduce them further in the world inside the Heavenly Pearl.

In the Azure Sky Continent, there is a tool called a storage bag. If one wanted to, one can store many things inside the storage bag. There is also a spatial ring, One can store many things inside the spatial ring and wear it on the finger.

But spatial rings are very rare and their price is also sky-high, so very few people can afford them.

If one wanted to store a living plant or herb, one needed a special spatial ring called the life spatial ring, but it is even much rarer and costly than normal spatial rings.

Ye Xiao was very excited. From time to time he will laugh loudly and shout toward the sky. If there was another man present there, he would call Ye Xiao a crazy person.

"How do I get out from here ?"

Just as Ye Xiao was thinking this, his eyes suddenly become blurry, and once again when everything around him became clear, he found himself in a pitch-black surrounding. He knew that he was on the bottom of the ravine he saw earlier from the cliff of the Black Cloud Forest.

Suddenly a pair of black dragon wings with beautiful golden lines carving on them appeared on the back of Ye Xiao. He flapped his dragon wings and started flying in the sky.

When he reached the top of the cliff, he descended on it and started panting heavily.

"With my current strength, I can't use Dragon Wings for a long time".

When he grasped his breath for a while, he began his journey to Lin Star City once again.


Just as he was walking toward the Lin Star City, he heard an explosion.

"Is somebody fighting there ? Let's go and take a look".

Following the sounds of the battle, Ye Xiao moved towards a location in the forest.

The battle in front in front of him was getting closer and closer. Woods and rocks were flying everywhere. One could imagine how intense the battle was.

Not long after, a huge monster appeared in Ye Xiao's line of sight. It was three meters tall bear-shaped magical beast with a sturdy body and thick brown fur.

"Tyrant Bear!" Ye Xiao was so shocked that his eyes turned round. It was actually a Violent Bear Beast.

The Tyrant Bear was a Third rank magical beast. Third rank magical beasts were equivalent to the Origin Core Realm experts.

What made Ye Xiao even more surprised was the person fighting against this Tyrant Bear.

It was a young girl around the age of sixteen or seventeen years old. She was wearing a green flowered dress. She looked very beautiful. Her jade white hand, long legs, and a pair of a proud peak, in all she has the perfect figure.

"This world is too crazy." Ye Xiao did not dare to believe that what was happening in front of him was real. He carefully examined the surroundings and confirmed the girl was indeed alone without any helpers.

It was hard to believe that a sixteen to seventeen years old girl has the strength of Origin Core Realm. Ye Xiao could not help but feel defeated.


The Tyrant Bear pounded its chest and continuously attacked with its fan-like palms. Every time it landed, he would either break a tree or create a deep crater in the ground.

The young girl was like a gentle butterfly as she nimbly dodged the attack. There was an emerald green long sword in her hand. With a light wave of her white wrist, a sharp sword qi specifically aimed at the Tyrant Bear's weak eyes, stomach, and other vital areas.


The Tyrant Bear was smashed by the sword qi in a thick tree. That tree was smashed into many pieces.

After a while, the Tyrant Bear's body was covered with wounds of varying depths. The dripping blood dyed its fur, red.

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