Divine God Against The Heavens

Chapter 9: Auction

Chapter 9: Auction

Ye Xiao still remembers that girl in the forest and her strength. At the age of around sixteen or seventeen, she already has the strength of an Origin Core Realm expert. And he, Ye Xiao, who only has one month left before he will turn sixteen, only has the strength of Ninth Stage Of Body Tempering Realm.

"Sigh!, I need to increase my strength as soon as possible."

After taking a long sigh, he paid the bill of the dishes and wines he ate and drink to the waiter and left the restaurant.

He was wandering around the street when he came across a group of people.

Nothing was interesting in that group of people, it is just that they were talking about an auction.

"Hey, do you know three days from, at the Zhang family auction house, an auction will be held there." A young man in his twenties said to his three other friends.

"Yes, and it is even going to be a large-scale auction that only happens every six months." The other young man whose skin is somewhat dark said to the young man before him.


Zhang Family Auction House?


Ye Xiao suddenly became interested.

The Lin Star City was a city that was situated at the border of Black Cloud Forest, so there will definitely be some good things to be sold and it was even going to be a large-scale auction.

Perhaps some things that he will be interested in would appear during the auction.

He then went in front of those people and asked in a gentle tone to a young man, "Brother, may I know this, if I want to participate in the Zhang family auction house's auction. What should I do?"

Ye Xiao went straight to the point and at the same time gave him some silver coins.

The young man's eyes lit up. After putting away the silver, he hurriedly said, "Hehe, this brother here, you asked the right person. In the Zhang family's auction house's auction, there are two grades of entrance fees. The first, spend 100 silver coins to obtain the right to bid and to sit on a seat in the hall.

The second, spend ten thousand silver coins to obtain the right to bid, and the Zhang family will provide you a private room and the most comprehensive service.

Just a normal seat requires 100 silver!

Ye Xiao's eyes slightly squinted he was surprised.

And that private room actually requires 10,000 silver...

To a small family, their monthly allowance is ten thousand silver and here, in the Zhang family's auction house, just the fees of a private room are 10,000 silver.

"Thank You, brother." Ye Xiao cupped his hands toward the young man and left.

Sometime later, he arrived in front of the inn he was staying and directly went to his room. He sat down on his bed and murmured. "If I knew this, I would have taken the 3000 silver coins that the sect leader was giving me before kicking me out from the Silver Moon Sect."

"I have to think of a way to earn some money in these three days. Otherwise, I won't be able to buy anything in the auction three days later."

After thinking for a while he still can not think of a possible method through which he could earn some money.

"Let's first enter the world inside the Heavenly Pearl, maybe there I can find something worth some money." Thinking that he entered the world inside the Heavenly Pearl and disappeared from the room he was in.

Ye Xiao once again came into the world inside the Heavenly Pearl. In front of him was the beautiful grassland, covered with many types of beautiful flowers. To the right side, some distance far away was a forest with thick and long trees and to the left of the grassland, some distance far away was mountains and rivers.

From the middle of the grassland, there was a jade path that leads in every direction. The last time when he came here, he had chosen the jade path that leads to the Nine Story Pagoda which was the straight path from the grassland.

This time he chooses the left side of the grassland and started walking on the jade path that leads to the mountains and rivers.

After about an hour later he arrives in front of a river that was flowing toward the forests.

What surprised him was the concentration of spirit energy in the river was at least five times more than that of the outside world.

He looked at the surrounding, searching for something that can help him cross the river. He wanted to go to the mountain. There was some hope in his heart that maybe, in the mountains, he could find some rare ores or something like that.

There were hundreds of mountains on the other side of the river. After searching for a while he still could not find anything through which he could cross the river.

As he was about to leave in disappointment, suddenly his gaze was landed on a dried thick trunk of a tree.

An idea flashed in his mind and he came beside the thick trunk of the tree and started cutting it with a knife. That knife was a middle-tier common weapon, given to him by his master, the Fifth Elder of Silver Moon Sect.

It took him about a whole one day before he managed to make a boat from that trunk.

He slides that boat and took the boat in the river. After everything was done, he started driving the boat into the river. On the way, he faced a lot of the big waves of water but still somehow Ye Xiao crossed the river with great difficulty.

Ye Xiao parked his boat by the river's bank and got down from the boat.

When he turned around, he saw a large number of mountains. Ye Xiao could not even see where the peak of any of the mountains was located. The mountains were just too high.

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