Divine God Against The Heavens

Chapter 10: A Big Fortune

Chapter 10: A Big Fortune

Ye Xiao walked around the mountains and chose to search for a relatively smaller mountain because some bright lights were coming out from that mountain.

That small mountain was in the center as twelve big mountains were surrounding it from every direction. It looked like that these twelve big mountains were here just to protect the small mountain.

"Looks like there is something important over there in the small mountain." Ye Xiao thought.

When Ye Xiao reached that small mountain, He saw many small caves that were circling around the small mountain. After counting he found out that there were a total of 12 caves.

But except for one cave, all other cave's door was covered with a light barrier. It was the same barrier Ye Xiao saw on the memories of three ancient gods.

Seeing this, Ye Xiao understood that if he wanted to enter other caves, he needed a different level of strength, powerful enough to break the barrier.

The light that Ye Xiao saw first when he was coming toward the small mountain, was flashing out from the first cave which was without a barrier.

Since there was no barrier on the door of the first cave, Ye Xiao entered it. After walking for a while his gaze landed on the walls of the cave. Many bright stones were shining like stars in the night, were embedded on it.

"Spirit Crystals!"

When Ye Xiao saw those stones, he exclaimed out loudly in surprise.

It was actually a crystal mine?

Ye Xiao was so shocked that he could not recover for some time. This was a crystal mine that produces spirit stones that were even more precious than gold coins.

Ye Xiao was relatively familiar with spirit stones because he once saw a spirit stone in the hand of the Fifth Elder Ye Fan of the Silver Moon Sect.

At that time, when he asked what about the stone, then the Fifth Elder Ye Fan explained to him everything about the spirit stones. He also said that he got lucky when he was out from the sect for some of his personal work and came across the spirit stone.

Spirit stone was a type of crystal that contained the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth. The power contained within this crystal could not only be absorbed by the human body. Moreover, it was an indispensable material for refining spirit weapons and it can also be used for laying down a powerful array formation as its power source. If spirit stones were used in setting up the array, it would also greatly increase the time and power of the array.

Spirit Stones had a wide range of uses and were of great value in the market.

Spirit stones were divided into three grades: Low-Grade Spirit Stone, Middle-Grade Spirit Stones, and High-Grade Spirit Stones.

A single Low-Grade Spirit Stone was equivalent to 100 gold coins which were equal to 10,000 silver coins. On the other hand, a Middle-Grade Spirit Stone was equivalent to 1000 gold coins whereas a single High-Grade Spirit Stone was equal to the 10,000 gold coins.

"I am rich, I am rich. Hahaha!" Ye Xiao started laughing like a mad man.

Looking at the spirit crystals carefully, Ye Xiao found out that those crystals were all Low-Grade Spirit Crystals.

Even though they were only Low-Grade Spirit Stones, but there were countless of these Low-Grade Spirit Stones in this cave.

Ye Xiao dug out a total of 1000 of these Low-Grade Spirit Stones. After putting those spirit stones away, he walked out of the cave.

After walking out he once again saw the 12 caves circling the small mountain and 12 big mountains surrounding that small mountain from all directions.

Looking carefully at those 12 big mountains and 12 caves in that small mountain, Ye Xiao came up with a conclusion that those 12 small caves were connected to these 12 big mountains. The mine of spirit crystals are actually inside those big mountains but the door that leads to the mines of those 12 big mountains were the 12 caves in the small mountain.

As Ye Xiao thought about this, he became even more overwhelmed by the mysteries of the Heavenly Pearl.

"Exactly where does this Heavenly Pearl came from? What kind of treasure is this Heavenly Pearl?" The more he thought, the more restless he became.

"Forget it. Maybe, in the future, I can get the answer to these questions of mine. But one thing is sure that I have to hide it well. If anyone finds out about the Heavenly Pearl then only one thing will be waiting for me and that thing is 'disaster'."

After taking a long breath he looked at the other 11 caves.

"The first cave has the mine of Low-Grade Spirit Stones. Let's say that the second and the third cave have the mine of Middle-Grade Spirit Stone and High-Grade Spirit Stones respectively. Then exactly what is in those other nine caves leads to?"

"What is in the other nine big mountains."

"Ah! forget it, forget it. When I have enough strength to break the barrier, I will naturally come to know what is in those nine other big mountains."

Thinking about it, Ye Xiao shook his head and returned to the grassland.

He sat down there meditated for a while then adjusted his condition and left the world of Heavenly Pearl.

Once again he found himself on the bed. Sometime later, Ye Xiao came out of the room and went to the restaurant to eat and drink.

The waiter served him with dishes he ordered. When the waiter was about to leave, Ye Xiao suddenly asked "Waiter, when will the auction that Zhang's family held will begin."

As Ye Xiao asked he also gave him a silver coin. When he was in the world inside the Heavenly Pearl, he forgot the flow of time so he became confused about how much time has passed since the day he entered the world inside the Heavenly Pearl.

Seeing the silver coin, the waiter's eyes lit up. He hurriedly took the silver coin and keep it in his pocket and said "Customer, the auction will start in another two hours. Do you have any other questions, sir?"

"No, thanks." Ye Xiao said to the waiter, then the waiter left.

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