Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 25: Escape, Elopement

Chapter 25: Escape, Elopement

The wind was forcing the temperature lower and lower, but Prince Li actually remained there, listening. Song Jiaoyue was forced to accompany him as well, but really, his interest was piqued too. What exactly would two women with talent converse about? However, listening in, wasn’t the topic of this conversation a little strange?

Within the hall, the two young ladies, one with the halo of the female lead, one a transmigrated female supporting character, two figures who should never have been sitting peacefully together, were actually conversing in great detail. The main topic was the female lead’s extreme dissatisfaction towards this marriage, especially being exceptionally afraid of Prince Li.

Bai Xiangxiu’s eyes widened in disbelief. Wasn’t this female lead too easily swayed, creating the male lead’s personality just off the rumors she’d heard? Although this was a development that was fated to happen, as someone who had read the novel, Bai Xiangxiu still very kindly helped explain things for her.

“Actually, Miss Lin is mistaken. The Prince is an extremely sentimental and loyal person. How would he do that kind of thing towards women?” Battles and whatnot were not as simple as everyone thought them to be.

On the battlefield, women were just like men. It was only that men fought valiantly and openly, while women used the method of presenting themselves and attempting assassination, focusing on killing the generals. Prince Li killed people openly on the battlefield, there shouldn’t be any wrong in that!

“No, it’s fine for him to kill people on the battlefield, but as a man, stooping to argue with women over matters, while also allowing his subordinates to treat women like that, that’s just wrong.” Lin Qianzi seemed about to cry. Why did this née Bai seem so stubbornly devoted? What was so good about that man?

“Miss Lin, the things that take place on battlefields are not as simple as we think they are. Also, how would an upright person like Prince Li allow his subordinates to do things like that? I feel that since those women intruded into that kind of world, they should bear their own consequences for that. You should not listen to the rumor mongering of others. The Prince is someone worthy of entrusting the rest of your life to.” She comforted the female lead with care, only wanting her to develop strong feelings for the male lead, then chase him boldly, so that Bai Xiangxiu would be able to extricate herself without needing to seduce the male supporting character.

Who knew that this little lady was extremely stubborn, as she wept, “You are his woman. You would naturally speak up for him. But outside, it is rumored…”

“Rumors, rumors, how could you believe them? Think of how Prince Li repelled powerful enemies and defended our homeland. The number of times he suffered injuries during a few continuous years of war outside is even more than the rice that we’ve eaten during those days. I don’t know who’s intentionally spreading these untrue words in the outside world, but they really do leave one speechless. If he were guilty, the Emperor would naturally rule it as so, but have you seen anybody bring out any evidence? If not, why must we insult the hero who defended our homeland like so?” She intentionally spoke of the male lead’s extraordinary valor.

Actually, these words were something that the male supporting character, Song Jiaoyue, would say in a future banquet on behalf of the male lead. She decided to appropriate them ahead of time. Let’s see you remain unmoving after hearing all that!

The female lead was moved, looking dazedly at her for a while before asking, “But still, he’s killed people before…”

“Which general has never killed in the empire? Or which official has never killed another, Miss Lin? You must be clear that sometimes, those who kill may not necessarily be bad people. It is instead those who kill people without drawing blood, wanting to stir up trouble behind the backs of others that are the true villains.” She truly felt that this little lady was a little hard to communicate with. Having spoken to her for so long, why had she still not developed that little bit of good feeling for the male lead? Not only had she not developed good feelings, she had actually begun crying…

The corners of Bai Xiangxiu’s lips twitched as she said, “Alright, this matter is not worth crying over. Do you really intend on leaving?”

“Yes, but can you definitely keep this a secret for me?” Miss Lin had hardened her resolve about leaving, her entire body shivering as she thought of the cold eyes that that man had directed at her inside the Prince Li Manor.

“You… will you really not consider it properly for a bit? He’s truly a good man, and you are destined to marry him. Why must you flee and hide around, only making things difficult for both families?” Since she could not properly clear Prince Li’s reputation, she could only use the notion of family to pressure her a little.

Lin Qianzi sighed, saying, “My mother only cares about the interests of the family. How would she care about my feelings… I… Living in the capital in a family of officials, I’ll have no freedom.”

Hearing these words, Bai Xiangxiu nearly rolled her eyes at her. Even if you have no freedom, even if this little noble daughter married into the household, she would still be an official wife. What would someone like her, who suddenly became a concubine out of the blue, do then? Run away as well?

“Miss Lin, you would still be the head of the household after marrying into the family, whereas I…” She also sighed.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose. However, I’ve already decided on leaving. Please do not try and stop me,” As she spoke, someone knocked lightly on the back window of the temple.

Miss Lin rejoiced, immediately rushing to the window after standing up. This wasn’t right! Could there be someone who had helped her escape? This hadn’t been written within the novel. She saw a man behind the opened window.

Bai Xiangxiu hurriedly pulled at her, saying, “Miss Lin, this is wrong. However much you hate the Prince, you also shouldn’t leave with another man.”

These words of hers definitely weren’t meant to harm Miss Lin’s reputation, as she was instead truly worried for her. Was it really good for her to be eloping with a man? This was eloping, something which was looked down upon even in the modern age, let alone in ancient times. Who would have thought that this Miss Lin would possess such courage? But how would the simple Bai Xiangxiu know that these words of hers had inadvertently cast the female lead in a bad light, as both the male lead and the supporting male lead beneath the tree frowned.

Thinking how this Miss Lin might be wanting to elope with another man, Prince Li’s face revealed a hint of a cold smile. It seemed that a problem with discipline had truly developed in the Lin Family.

Was it a good idea for her to meet a strange male like this? If not for the fact that he didn’t want to meet that fiancée of his, he might long since have rushed out.

When the man outside heard Bai Xiangxiu’s words, his face instantly darkened as he bit off his words, “I am only here to send my cousin away. Madame, please do not speak carelessly.”

So it was a cousin, another male supporting character. He really liked this cousin of his, but it was just that his heart was too evil, and there was also a problem with his character. Thankfully, he didn’t kidnap the female lead in the end.

However, was he not kidnapping her away now? If Bai Xiangxiu was like a butterfly causing ripple effects, it would be truly bad that she had sent the female lead into the embrace of her cousin after a little flap of her wings. “Miss Lin, you can’t go. What would the face of the Prince’s house be after this, causing the Lin Family… Ah…”

As she pulled the female lead over on one side, the cousin outside lost his patience, pulling the female lead outside without thinking.

In the end, Bai Xiangxiu was pulled along by a huge force as she collided with the ledge of the window before her, her forehead hurting very terribly even as she lost her breath because her chest slammed against the corner of the table beside her.

By the time she’d recovered, the male supporting cousin character had already brought the female lead in a speedy escape. Her hand was still in an outstretched poise, and Bai Xiangxiu only retracted it after a long time, thinking, the plot is still too strong. No matter how it deviates, the matter of the female lead running away could not be stopped. Male lead, you must stand strong! The road of chasing your wife still requires much effort on your part. This sister will support you mentally.

But how could Bai Xiangxiu have known that the male lead beneath the tree had already long been rendered speechless by Bai Xiangxiu’s emotional, spirited defense of him?

While he did not care about those rumors, he had also not heard anybody say such words in front him before. Saying that he was not moved would be a lie, and saying that his ears were not hot and his heart was not beating rapidly would also be a lie. His mind was in chaos for a time, and he didn’t even absorb anything that happened within the hall following those words.

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