Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 294: Yu Kuang’s Surprise Encounter

Chapter 294: Yu Kuang’s Surprise Encounter

It was another night with a full moon, and Yu Shū had finally acquired the rare opportunity to come out for a bit of fun. Yu Kuang had relaxed his guard somewhat lately, so he let Yu Shū roam out the residence for a bit of fresh air. Technically, he was here for the great wulin gathering, and yet here he was roaming off grounds to wander elsewhere.

However, his random wandering did indeed land him in trouble as he ran into a girl in the gardens. She was crying like her heart itself was in pieces, so he walked over to ask, “Big sister, why are you crying?”

The girl turned around and was shocked out of her wits. The hell, when did the wulin alliance head appear behind me. Wait, why is he calling me big sister? She was so scared that she didn’t dare shed another tear. The first word that came out of her mouth was a blank, “Eh?”

“I’m asking why you’re sitting here crying? Is there anything I can help with? I can definitely help you~” Yu Shū spoke very sincerely.

The girl had no idea what to do with such a cute wulin head. She could only shake her head and respond, “N-nothing, I’m just feeling really hot.”

How could she not be feeling hot? Her own senior brother had dosed her with that kind of drug, and even immersing herself in water for half a day had proven to be of no use. She wanted to die—she hadn’t imagined that the senior brother she’d trusted for so long would do something like this! She’d have resigned herself to reality if he’d done so because he liked her, but he only wanted to take over her father’s position as sect head. Although Jade Peak Hall didn’t have much status in the jianghu, it still had a bit of wealth to its name. That was probably what he wanted!

She’d overheard his words his words by accident and known then she’d been deceived by her senior brother. Although she hadn’t been in love with him, she’d seen him as the person closest to her. She wouldn’t have truly opposed it if her father had wanted her to marry him. But to think that he was that sort of person!

“I’m f-fine.”

“You’re sweating, how can you be fine? Let me take a look, I know how to cure sickness.”

Everyone in the jianghu knew of that. Not only did the wulin alliance head have a strong martial arts foundation, his medical skills were also quite good. But it was also said that he was wholly in love with that legendary lady, the empress.

“No… that’s…” She hadn’t gotten two words out before the wulin alliance head had placed his fingers on her pulse. The alliance head was a legendary perfect bachelor and the dream lover of all the ladies who knew of him, including her. But she’d never thought that she’d be in such close proximity to him! The little girl instantly grew dizzy. She felt like her entire being was burning up, almost as if something seemed to be leaving her. All she could see was the alliance head in front of her. Imperceptibly, she actually slowly drew close to him and encircled his neck with her arm.

He didn’t react to her touch, just saying, “You’re so hot, you’re almost burning up. Let’s find a place to rest. I know an inn, I’ll take you there.” Yu Shū was naive, but he still had some basic societal knowledge. He picked up the girl and began to run, but the little girl was quite naughty along the way. She kept running her hands here and there.

Yu Shū had never been touched like that by a woman before and grew uncomfortable all over. When he finally got a room and took her upstairs, he’d thought that he could finally take her pulse properly. But the little girl found a surge of strength for some reason and pushed him down into the bed.

“What.. are…” He didn’t have the chance to finish before the girl mashed her lips onto his. A peculiar sensation spread throughout his body, but he found that he actually enjoyed what was happening. So he didn’t move an inch and allowed the girl to do as she would to his body. But at the very end when things were about to become very dangerous, the girl actually was too tired to move and collapsed weakly on his chest.

How could that be?! Yu Shū felt that he had to do something. He would just die if he didn’t do anything. And so, he rolled her over and pushed her down onto the bed instead…

A night of passion and intimacy passed.

Yu Kuang slowly woke up when dawn arrived, but… what were these memories in his mind!? Yu Shū’s memories crashed into his head like a tidal wave, and they were such ridiculous ones to boot! He sat bolt upright, but accidentally ended up sending the girl, who was dressing herself on the bed, tumbling to the ground.

She didn’t make a sound after her fall, instead slowly picking herself up. Her eyes were already swollen from the tears that she’d shed, and all color had drained from her face. She mutely pulled her clothes on and suddenly fell to her knees. “Alliance Head, I didn’t do so on purpose yesterday! It’s because… senior brother drugged me which is why I did something so shameless. Please forgive me!! Good… goodbye!”

The girl ran off in tears, so fast that Yu Kuang didn’t even have time to call out to her. He dressed himself after she left, slowly reflecting over what had happened last night. Her words weren’t false, and he actually knew of the girl. She was the daughter of the Jade Peak Hall master, a sect that specialized in raising poisonous bees and using them in battles. The girl’s name seemed to be Yu Jiaoniang, and she was the extremely shy sort.

He discovered the smear of red on the sheets when he got off the bed, immediately causing a furious blush to creep up to his ears. He’d never thought that Yu Shū would do such a thing, moreover to a little girl! She was just a teenager!

Wait, what Yu Shū did was also something that he had done. He had to bear the responsibility. But why had the girl run off in tears? Shouldn’t she have demanded that he be responsible? Yu Kuang couldn’t understand the matter at all, but he finally remembered that she’d mentioned that she had been drugged. Someone must be wanting to harm her, so he hastily threw his things in a bag and made for Jade Peak Hall’s staging area during the wulin gathering.

Yu Jiaoniang was currently quite depressed, because her senior brother had come to seek her hand in marriage. However, his expression was a bit sullen, because he’d obviously not been the one to have her yesterday after she’d been drugged. Even so, he was currently holding onto her hand with a sanctimonious expression. “Don’t be afraid junior sister, your junior brother will accept it no matter who that man is. This only happened because I wanted you so badly, but why did you run away?”

You cheap hussy, how dare you give your pure body away to another man. Just you wait until I off your old man. See how I punish you then!

“Let go of me.” The wild night Yu Jiaoniang had the night before had drained her of energy, so she was too weak to shake off his hand. So her senior brother had no trouble dragging her to her father and being forced to her knees.

“Speak! Where were you last night!” The sect head had always been very strict with his daughter, so spending the night outside was a big matter.

“Daddy, I…”

“Master, junior sister was taken advantage of by some cretin because of her youth. Please don’t blame her.”

“What?!” The sect head almost fainted in his anger.

“He’s no cretin! Not to mention…” Yu Jiaoniang blushed. “It’s… it’s me who took advantage of him.” She covered her face after speaking. The alliance head was so cute and adorable, she had been such a monster!

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