Douluo Dalu

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Spirit Tool, Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges

Part 1

“Teacher, the longer the cultivation time the more powerful the spirit beast’s strength, and the greater the effect of the spirit ring. In what respects does this formidability show?”

Tang San asked.

On Grandmaster’s stiff face appeared a touch of his signature unsightly smiling expression,

“This line of questioning is very good. The spirit rings produced by spirit beasts of different level main difference to spirit master is what attribute it adds as well as the capacity to master its ability. For example, if using the quantitative angle of view, with your blue silver grass spirit with the control system tool spirit master route, and you obtain a compatible attribute ten year spirit ring, then your blue silver grass’ control nature can increase by ten. But if it was a hundred year spirit ring, then your blue silver grass’ control nature would increase by a hundred. And so on. Consequently, whenever possible, spirit masters as much as possible pursue enhancing their spirit even more.”

Tang San uncertainly said:

“Wouldn’t then people possessing greater power be able to obtain a better spirit ring? Those nobles can completely rely on their clan’s strength to go hunt even more powerful spirit rings for them.”

In Grandmaster’s eyes fleetingly a commending light was revealed,

“To think of this, proves you have carefully reflected, but the facts are not that simple. One might say, the requirements for adding a spirit ring are extremely severe.”

“First of all, one must personally strike the killing blow to the spirit beast to be able to receive the spirit beast’s spirit ring. Spirit rings can only exist for an extremely brief time, if not added to oneself within two hours it will lose effect.”

“Next, spirit beasts are a kind of extremely proud creatures, not just any spirit beasts will let themselves be taken prisoner. If an opponent inflicts a severe injury, wanting to capture them, then the spirit beast can choose to explode their spirit power and commit suicide. This hinders the circumstances you spoke of, even if inviting people to hunt and kill spirit beasts, if not killed by him, then it is still very difficult to obtain a spirit ring.”

“Of course, all this is not absolute. How can humanity’s wisdom be compared to spirit beasts. The best method to hunt and kill spirit beasts, is precisely to organize groups to go to spirit beasts’ location, the one who strikes the last blow, then can obtain the spirit ring. Therefore, what you said about nobles and some people possessing power, on hunting and killing spirit beasts side indeed have a certain advantage.”

“But, these kinds of people easily obtaining spirit rings does not mean that he will become more powerful compared to an ordinary spirit master. They also cannot confirm whether the attribute of the spirit beast they come across is the most suitable to them. The spirit beast’s level is admittedly important, but whether the attribute is compatible is also equally crucial. Even better spirit rings, unless your spirit itself is compatible, it will also be unable to evolve good effects, and on the contrary will affect oneself. Every spirit master on different stages has restrictions on the spirit rings they can absorb.”

“To take an example, you right now are only a tenth rank spirit scholar, and with your current spirit power, at most you can absorb a hundred year spirit beast’s spirit ring. If you try in vain to absorb a thousand year spirit ring, this can only have one result: the body is unable to endure, and is destroyed by the spirit ring’s power. When absorbing the spirit ring, any outside force is unable to help, and you can only rely on yourself. Consider, these people requiring others to help hunt and kill their spirit beast, how capable is their own actual strength, perhaps absorbing a suitable to them while the grade of the spirit ring is still within control limits will bring about a destructive strike. Tang San, you must remember, this world is impartial: when wanting to obtain something, certainly one must put forth the corresponding effort. Being opportunistic is what a mediocre person does. We who study spirit theory, do so only for the sake of making this effort a bit easier for spirit masters. Under circumstances when possessing equal strength to become still more formidable. Do you understand?”

Tang San earnestly nodded.

In the first place he was not a person in the habit of being opportunistic, relying on his own strength with one step making one footprint in the direction of objective this effort was the most solid.

Grandmaster was not in any hurry to bring Tang San to leave the city walls, instead he was going in the direction of the inner city walls.

“Teacher, aren’t we going outside the city walls?”

Grandmaster said:

“For going to hunt spirit beasts we must still prepare some things, and also, we cannot go on foot. A four hundred li journey while not too long, but making the best of time is always best.”

Following the sunlight gradually rising from the east, within Nuoding city more pedestrians gradually appeared. Today was one of a not large number of days where Tang San did not draw on the eastern purple qi to cultivate Purple Demon Eye.

What Grandmaster spoke of as getting ready certainly was not complicated, he bought two leather bags specially used for holding drinking water. Each bag was capable of holding as much as five litres of fresh water. He also bought some cured meat, flatbread and fruit. All in all getting two large bundles.

If speaking of these Tang San could still comprehend, but Grandmaster still bought a kind of thing that he was unable to understand, and these things were also bought in greatest quantity.

A whole twenty jin of white radish. Tang San’s current assignment was to carry them. A twenty jin weight from his point of view, still did not count for anything. Of course, if it was a four hundred li journey on foot, then it was an issue.

Fortunately, after Grandmaster procured all these things all ready, immediately at the inner city wall he hired a carriage, giving the carter five silver spirit coins.

Douluo Continent’s currency exchange was like this: one gold spirit coin was equivalent to ten silver spirit coins, equivalent to a hundred copper spirit coins. One gold spirit coin was already enough for a family of three’s regular expenses for several months. It was also equivalent to three years worth of Tang San’s income from Nuoding academy work.

Spirit master was said to be this continent’s most privileged vocation, and income was a significant reason. Even if one only advanced from spirit scholar to spirit master, every month they could still enjoy a one gold spirit coin stipend. This was sufficient for an ordinary person to live. Of course, only basic life, desiring luxuries was impossible.

And as a spirit master cultivated and reached even higher levels, in particular exceeding spirit grandmaster and entering the spirit elder realm, provided they registered at spirit hall, could be conferred the rank of nobility directly by the nation, becoming a lesser noble baron. The higher the actual strength, the higher the noble title. Regarding income naturally the boat also rose with the water.

Part 2

For Tang San this was the first time travelling on a carriage, and even though somewhat bumpy, the new sensation still made him abundantly interested, frequently pushing aside the window curtain to look outside. Seeing a stream of people bustling with activity, as well as various sorts of shops, regarding the outside world, in his heart he couldn’t help but somewhat yearn for it. In this life, his fate would not be as simple as in his previous. Not knowing in what way he later would enter society.

“Little San, this is for you.”

Grandmaster’s cool voice suddenly roused Tang San from his train of thought, just as he gazed at Grandmaster, he discovered something unknown, Grandmaster’s already held a belt in his hand. A belt with a very beautiful appearance.

The whole belt was black, and on the surface were dark stripes, that unless carefully looked for could not be distinguished, and on the entire belt, evenly distributed were set twenty four pieces of milky white jade. Each piece of jade was the size of an adult person’s thumbnail, and round. With gentle color and lustre, looking like rare fine jade.

“Thank you Teacher.”

Tang San did not stand on ceremony, holding out his hand to receive it, what is called ‘senior’s gift must not be refused’. When he before was at Tang sect, Tang inner sect elders receiving disciples would all later give a gift. Grandmaster giving him this belt, should also have a similar meaning.

Grandmaster said:

“This belt has been with me for very many years, also been neglected for very many years. I hope in the future it can blossom into its proper glory in your hands.”

Regarding the belt, from the start Tang San felt it was not ordinary, as if the belt had numerous faint streams of qi circulating, and these streams of qi were with this belt itself acting as a bridge, with the jade serving as stores.

“Thirty years ago, when I obtained it I did not know what it was called. But through my many years of research I came to see it could be considered a first class spirit tool, functioning as storage. You only need to infuse it with spirit power, and each piece of jade is capable of providing one cubic metre of storage space. Like that you can conveniently deposit goods.”

Spirit tools, to Tang San, was a brand new term. Although he still did not know exactly what the meaning of spirit tool was, Grandmaster’s explanation already gave his mind deep astonishment.

Twenty four jade stones, that also precisely had twenty four cubic metres of storage space, to him, that was a place for depositing twenty four kinds of hidden weapons. The expression in Tang San’s eyes became blazing, and within his heart the thirst to promote Mysterious Heaven skill reached an extreme degree. He was dying to right now possess enough inner strength to go cultivate all kinds of hidden weapons uses. Having this belt, he need not again worry about hidden weapons storage issues.

As Tang San had not asked, Grandmaster already went ahead and explained:

“Spirit tools, as the name implies, are implements that rely on spirit power to be used. Very few spirit tools are passed down from ancient times, for the most part without offensive function. Spirit masters themselves do not need weapons. Spirit tools can all be described as historical relics, as to how they came about, and how they were made, was lost long ago. This belt was obtained by me and several friends one time on an adventure. It was assigned to me as a reward. To me, its function is nothing too great, later you should be able to find it useful. Right, give it a name.”

Looking at those twenty four pieces of gentle jade, Tang San practically without hesitation thought of a famous verse from his last life,

“Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges. Right, I’ll call it Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges.”

Grandmaster was slightly dazed, his rigid face without expression, nodding said:

“A very good sounding name, if a bit long-winded.”

Tang San secretly sighed. Perhaps this could be considered a recalling his last life a bit.

Grandmaster said:

“Its function is very simple, infuse your spirit power within those jade stones, then you can sense its existing space. If you can react fast enough, things within it will appear as if out of thin air. But to control its specific property well, you still must practice much more. This is also your future homework.”

Tang San did not need Grandmaster’s words to understand the importance of training with taking things from Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, and hurriedly nodded in reply.

Originally Tang San had still been uncertain, Grandmaster had bought this many things, after entering Spirit Hunting Forest how could they be taken when hunting spirit beasts. Right now with Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges these all were no longer an issue. Idle throughout the journey, he started under Grandmaster’s direction to practice his control of accessing goods with Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges. And the goods used for practice, were those white radishes……

A four hundred li journey, whether long or not, it was not considered short. Not until noon the second day did they arrive at their destination, Spirit Hunting Forest.

Just when Tang San stepped down from the carriage, he discovered Spirit Hunting forest was completely unlike his imagination.

Forests, in Tang San’s impression, ought to be filled with big natural smell, trees secluded and tranquil, air fresh, no sign of human habitation. But this Spirit Hunting Forest before him, at least at the forest’s edge, felt like it was a Nuoding market.

At the forest’s edge, large houses were constructed, or rather shops. The sound of every kind of ware being cried out, a strip of man-made paved simple path freely among them, in the surrounding racket Tang San could not help but frown.

“Have warrant, recruiting to hunt strength type spirit beasts, still short two people!”

“Hunting agility type spirit beasts, warrant for seven people! Ten gold spirit coins!”

Similar hawking cries rose one after another, the forest of shops for the most part were peddling weapons, defensive tools and all kinds of food supplies.

Grandmaster brought Tang San to enter this place considered as a small town market,

“Do you know why I finished buying all the things at Nuoding city?”

Tang San shook his head.

Grandmaster pointed to the prices marked in the stores,

“Because arriving here, prices will all at least double. Are you not wondering, how a forest’s edge can be this bustling. It’s actually very simple. Where there are spirit beasts, there is profit. Particularly these special national spirit beast capturing forests are even more that way. Spirit masters are a wealthy group, and there are too many people wanting to make a profit off spirit masters.”

“Grandmaster, what do those people shouting about recruiting groups mean?”

Part 3

Grandmaster said:

“Spirit beasts are not so easily killed. Rather inherently formidable spirit beasts, even if not cultivating more than a few years, still has very powerful firepower. This kind of what is called grouping up for hunting spirit beasts, is just multiple people mutually cooperating. Hunting their respectively required spirit beast, and obtaining the spirit ring. Having the aid of other people, they can deal the required last attack on the spirit beast themselves. On the Continent it is the most common and safest method of hunting spirit beasts. Only, is grouping up that easy?”

Speaking of this, Grandmaster looked at these crying out spirit masters, his eyes exuding a trace of disdain.

“A genuinely outstanding spirit hunting group, will be composed of at least five parts: food system tool spirit masters will be responsible for supplies, healing system tool spirit masters responsible for condition and spirit power restoration. Agility system battle spirit masters responsible for scouting, strength system battle spirit masters responsible for blocking, attack system battle spirit masters responsible for annihilating the enemy. With these five parts composing the group, it can be regarded as a complete group. But also the coordination between each also can’t take shape in a day or two. Alone it imperceptibly influences the process, and it requires at least several years to become coordinated. Even more importance must be attached to group’s members, they must have mutual trust. Absolute trust. Otherwise, when encountering danger, they are very easily defeated in a moment.”

Tang San astonished asked:

“Why will they be defeated? Because of insufficient strength?”

Grandmaster shook his head, coldly saying:

“In the future, perhaps you also will chance to join a group in this way. When choosing a group, you can’t even consider other members’ actual strength, but the one thing you must keep in mind, in the group which you choose, that you can present your back before any other person.”

Tang San still did not very well understand Grandmaster’s meaning, but Grandmaster also did not for a long time explain again. Bringing him towards the depths of the market.

Although the marketplace was a disturbing chaos, just as they moved away from the market, when they saw this huge forest, Tang San still could not help but be somewhat shocked.

Trees tall and large showing their age, at the forest periphery, encircled by an immense steel fence, facing the forest, appeared a great number of piercing tips. The fence’s height exceeded ten metres, looking extremely robust.

This still was not counting, outside the fence, a line of a hundred soldiers patrolling there. These troops wore meticulous suits of full body armor, hands grasping long spears, disciplined in neat formation, a hundred steel warriors standing together, giving people a kind of deadly feeling.

Grandmaster said in a low voice:

“Not anyone can enter Spirit Hunting Forest for capturing. Only spirit masters who have obtained a warrant issued by Spirit Hall, can enter Spirit Hunting forest to hunt spirit beasts. Although there are also those who have secretly entered, those people find it very difficult to have a good ending. These soldiers are only guarding the periphery, in Spirit Hunting Forest, there still are Spirit Hall enforcer groups, at all times inspecting warrants. Those people don’t pay attention to sentiments.”

Tang San said:

“Teacher, in the end is this Spirit Hunting Forest considered Spirit Hall’s or the country’s?”

Grandmaster’s expression turned cold, gesturing Tang San to keep silent,

“Outside you must not again ask similar questions. Concerning the relationship between Spirit Hall and the nation, I will tell you again later. Obtaining a warrant is certainly not difficult: the first requirement is Spirit Hall’s approval, determining that you have indeed reached peak stage power, requiring a spirit ring to advance. Next requirement is having the guarantee of at least three nobles.”

While speaking, in Grandmaster’s hand already appeared a token tile, the dark token tile was made from some unknown material, on the surface a pattern was formed by three kinds of figures fitted together, in the middle was a sharp sword pointing down, to the left and right of the sword, separately were a hammer and the head of a monster Tang San had never seen before.

Grandmaster saw Tang San’s eyes full of curiosity, and put the sign in his hand,

“Remember this symbol, this is Spirit Hall’s characteristic mark. Within Spirit Hall, there are six kinds of signs. Distinguishing each kind of token tile is very simple, just look on the figures. On the lowest grade token tiles are only a sword, it symbolizes spirit hall’s holy hall chief consul’s spirit, and higher grade token tiles have on the side of the long sword a hammer. Symbolizing a spirit hall formidable elder.”

Tang San’s inference ability still was not bad,

“Teacher, these two people in spirit hall position should be extremely significant, right. But, before I heard, beast spirits are more formidable compared to tool spirits, these two spirit master figures should both be tool spirits, right.”

Grandmaster tousled Tang San’s head, with a cool smile said:

“People saying beast spirits compared to tool spirits are more formidable, concerning spirit understanding are obviously insufficient. Any spirit’s strength, hinges on two things. One is how much spirit power is added at the awakening, the other is just acquired with the process of cultivation method. Perhaps, before thirtieth rank, beast spirits because they can add to themselves are yet compared to tool spirit masters a bit more formidable. But after arriving at higher ranks, between the two there certainly is no difference. Strong or not only depends on a person’s cultivation.”

“My warrant, is Spirit Hall’s third grade warrant. With it, one essentially may enter the majority of Heaven Dou nation’s Spirit Hunting Forests. The examining standard are these Spirit Hunting Forest’s never appearing beast. And also unlike the previous two token tiles it doesn’t have to be returned to spirit hall after completing the spirit beast hunt, mine can be held for a lifetime. On this token tile appears a blue lightning tyrant dragon, among beast spirits, it’s considered a top level existence. Although its owner is not part of Spirit Hall, the representative clan receives in no small measure Spirit Hall’s respect.”

For some reason, when Grandmaster spoke of the blue lightning tyrant dragon, in his eyes appeared a trace of difficult to speak of loneliness.

Tang San said:

“Then after these three kinds even higher rank token tiles, precisely respectively have more kinds of spirit symbols?”

Grandmaster nodded, saying:

“Precisely like that. These six kinds of spirit marks, respectively represent six formidable spirit masters, and also represent six formidable clans. Among these three are in our Heaven Dou Empire, the other three are in Star Luo Empire.”

Part 4

While speaking, Grandmaster had already brought Tang San to arrive at the Spirit Hunting Forest entrance.

The captain responsible for inspecting warrants gave the token tile’s three signs one glance. On his face immediately appeared a respectful look, and he hurriedly ordered the soldiers to move aside and open up the way, inviting Grandmaster to bring Tang San inside. Without even asking why Tang San, this small child, also must enter Spirit Hunting Forest.

Crossing the steel fence to enter within the forest all the clamour seemed to already have disappeared, and the atmosphere finally became as fresh as in Tang San’s imagination, giving people’s mind a feeling of being free from worry.

After entering the forest, Grandmaster was without any impatience to advance, and rather quietly observed their surroundings.

Tang San seemed to suddenly recall something,

“Teacher, just now those six people you talked about receiving Spirit Hall respect, being carved on token, what is their title? Spirit Saint? Douluo? Is it Title Douluo?”

Grandmaster gave Tang San a keen look,

“It’s Title Douluo. And also the six most formidable Title Douluo.”

“Most formidable?”

In Tang San’s eyes was a trace of excitement.

Grandmaster sighed,

“Equal rank, but different spirit ring and different spirit, so the actual power is completely different. These six Title Douluo undoubtedly are the most powerful of powerful. Even though there are other spirit masters that have cultivated over the ninetieth rank and entered the realm of Title Douluo, those are still unable to shake their position. But right now these are too far away from you. Ok, we will prepare to enter the forest, starting from now, you must not deviate more than one step from my side.”

“Yes, Teacher.”

The originally dispirited expression in Grandmaster’s eyes abruptly cleared, both hands held close to the chest, again quickly separated below,

“Come out, Luo San Pao.”

With a puffing sound, a faint purple thread of spirit power separated from Grandmaster’s both palms. Tang San only felt Grandmaster release a burst of fluctuating spirit power from his whole body, and before him already appeared a creature.

Unmistakably, this creature, it would seem, had an appearance much like a dog, but its bulk was more like a hog. More than one metre fifty in height, and its waist measurement should be something similar.

Its entire body had pale purple fur, two small drooping ears, a pair of deep blue big blinking eyes, and the expression in its eyes very gentle. As the fat body swayed once, the fatty buttocks immediately swayed side to side. Four stocky little legs made it hard to imagine just how slow it moved.

On top of its head was a bulging, spherical, unknown something. As it appeared, running over towards Grandmaster, and using that head to rub against Grandmaster’s leg.

Under Grandmaster’s feet two rings of light rose up, moving back and forth over him. Both rings of light appeared yellow, obviously hundred year spirit rings.

“Little San, did you not want to know what my spirit was? This is my spirit, you can call it Luo San Pao, or just call him San Pao.”

Luo San Pao as if understanding Grandmaster’s words, looked at Tang San with its pair of big eyes, the expression in its eyes unexpectedly had a somewhat affectionate look.

“Grandmaster, this is your spirit?”

Tang San shocked said:

“But, don’t animal spirits manifest attached to the body? Why does it……”

Before speaking about what kind of creature Luo San Pao was, Grandmaster’s spirit obviously went beyond the limits on the spirit beast category.

Luo San Pao obviously somewhat dissatisfied, made two luoluo calls towards Tang San.

In Grandmaster’s expression appeared a trace of bitterness,

“Because, my spirit is a variant spirit. Remember what you and I spoke about spirit variation, San Pao is just that. Only, its variation clearly is in a bad direction. When it only just awakened, my spirit power level was only a half rank. Otherwise, how could things be as they are? Even if I again made the effort, breaking through thirtieth rank spirit power is impossible in this lifetime, so in the end I can only study spirits in theory.”

Before when Tang San heard those rumours about Grandmaster, he knew that Grandmaster was a persistent person. Regarding spirits he was as persistent as he himself was regarding hidden weapons. This was also why Tang San had never regretted acknowledging Grandmaster as his master. Perhaps, this was talent appreciating each other.

“I’m sorry, Grandmaster, for raising your old painful memories.”

Grandmaster laughed at himself and shook his head,

“It’s nothing, I became inured long ago. Come, I’ll introduce you to San Pao. The reason for its name is because it calls out a luoluo sound, and its attack can only be launched three times. Therefore it’s called San Pao.”

“San Pao, first open up a path ahead.”


Fat Luo San Pao looked pleased with itself and walked forward. Although the body was a bit fat, when seeing it move it could also be called nimble. Moving from one side to the other sniffing at something.

All over Grandmaster’s body spirit power light was glimmering. Bringing Tang San to follow Luo San Pao, they moved along deeper into the forest.

“San Pao’s sense of smell is very acute, capable of discovering tracks of spirit beasts and how strong they are. Although it has become small and weak because of variation, regarding spirit power the consumption is also very small. Therefore I can release it outside for a long time. This is for you. You must make the last attack that kills the spirit beast yourself.”

Grandmaster fumbled out from the breast a magnificent short sword and handed it to Tang San.

The short sword’s entire sheath was a transparent blue, and on it were inlayed seven pieces of blue jade. The sword handle had a chunk of milky white jade, and the sword’s length was one chi two cun. Even though with the sheath, holding it in the hand he still could feel traces of cold qi.

Walking not far away, Luo San Pao abruptly came to a stop, the pair of big eyes looking in one direction, mouth emitting two luoluo calls.

An animal looking a bit like a cat appeared in the direction of its gaze, lying in a tree, guardedly watching Grandmaster and Tang San.

Grandmaster coldly smiled, saying:

“It’s a ten year multicolored cat. San Pao, don’t disturb it. Continue ahead.”

Grandmaster never forgot to instruct Tang San. While continuing walking, he said:

“That multicolored cat just now belongs to the cat family of spirit beasts. Its offensive nature is very powerful, but provided you do not first attack it, it also will not easily start an attack. If a spirit master has a cat family beast spirit, using it for one’s first spirit ring is not a bad choice. You must not think of that multicolored cat as that small; if it was a more than thousand year multicolored cat, let alone us, even more than ten times our number could not kill it.”

Part 5

Tang San called to mind an important question,

“Grandmaster, how to distinguish the actual strength of a spirit beast? Or the number of years?”

Grandmaster said:

“Distinguishing a spirit beast’s actual strength certainly is not difficult. You look, that solitary bamboo ahead. That also is a type of spirit beast - a plant system spirit beast. It’s useful to you, solitary bamboo is tough, and although its attack nature is not powerful, its defense is not bad. This is a ten year solitary bamboo. Because its height does not exceed ten metres. Over ten metre, should be considered over a hundred years. Consequently, generally speaking, spirit beasts are distinguished mainly by observing bulk and the color of the spirit power used when they attack. Spirit power color is identical to actual strength. Precisely speaking, ten year spirit beasts use white spirit power, hundred year use yellow, and so on. Although, when confronting an unknown spirit beast, you best not go look at its spirit power, in a short time you will be unable to endure, and then will be up against devastating danger.”

“Grandmaster, will we be hunting that solitary bamboo?”

The solitary bamboo certainly did not seem to attract attention, only because all around it were large trees and not more bamboo, it easily could be conspicuous. Its body softly swaying, the top of the bamboo moving rhythmically with the wind.

Grandmaster said:

“For the moment we will not. If we are without a more suitable choice, and only last if forced to. Choosing spirit ring must be done carefully: each spirit ring cannot be replaced. Spirit scholars promoting to spirit master, can absorb hundred year spirit beast spirit rings. To be even more precise, they can use a less than four hundred twenty three year spirit beast spirit ring. I’ve carefully studied very many spirit masters undergoing growth and failure. Four hundred twenty three years should be the limit of what one can endure for the first spirit ring. Therefore, I hope that your first spirit ring will be as close to that limit as possible.”

Grandmaster regarding spirit research was always that precise. Tang San felt, having this teacher exist, absolutely was a kind of happiness.

“Similarly for hundred year spirit rings, although the color of the spirit rings emerging from a hundred year spirit beast and nine hundred year spirit beast are the same, the gap between the amplification of the added attribute is enormous. Seeking a spirit ring as high as possible under the prerequisite safety limit, is required for every outstanding spirit master.”

Continuing moving forward, Grandmaster was giving Tang San a lively field class, relying on spirit Luo San Pao’s acute sense of smell, to one by one draw out spirit beasts concealed in dark places. Perhaps because for the most part these spirit beasts were ten year grade, their attack desire was not strong. Grandmaster gave Tang San introductions to these spirit beasts’ names, specific properties and method of distinguishing cultivation age.

Looking up at the color of the sky, Grandmaster said:

“It looks like today we must spend the night in Spirit Hunting Forest. We will first look for a place to camp.”

Having searched for half the day, although no few spirit beasts conforming to the requirements had appeared, Grandmaster had not been anxious to get involved, and very patiently continued looking.

The place Grandmaster chose to camp at was a depression, surrounded by complex terrain and encircled by numerous towering trees.

Grandmaster took out a big glass bottle from a loop shaped spirit tool on his wrist and passed it to Tang San,

“Sprinkle it around, remember, you must sprinkle it evenly.”


Tang San took the bottle. The bottle held some powdered type of drug, stinging the nose somewhat, and Tang San’s nose wrinkled, already making it out, this was similar to his old world’s realgar type drug. Tang sect was famous for hidden weapons and poison, and although he was an outer sect disciple, regarding distinguishing poisonous substances he had considerable skill. Earlier in the middle of the process of looking for spirit beasts, within Spirit Hunting Forest he had found no few poisonous plants he could distinguish, putting them within Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges. Grandmaster’s knowledge could not be doubted on the spirit side, but regarding distinguishing these spirit power-less poisonous plants, he by far could not compare to Tang San with two lifetimes of experience. Particularly among these poisonous plants were very many that required each other to be able to issue poisonousness.

Having scattered the powder, Tang San handed back the bottle to Grandmaster.

“Do you know why I let you sprinkle these around the periphery?”

Grandmaster’s facial expression was very serious, right now he was a teacher testing his student.

Since he could distinguish what the powder was, how could Tang San not be expected to know Grandmaster’s purpose, and without hesitation he said:

“It should have two effects, one is to conceal our scent, and the other is to repel snakes, insects, rats, ants and such types of creatures.”

Grandmaster nodded contentedly,

“Correct, precisely like that. This is called snake repelling powder, essential to adventures. Remember, in forests, especially within forests with spirit beasts, you must as much as possible not use fire. Even though the vast majority of wild animals and spirit beasts all will fear firelight, there are also several especially formidable spirit beasts that like fire. In case that you meet them, unless your own cultivation has become sufficiently formidable, you will undoubtedly die.”

The color of the sky gradually dimmed, within the forest certainly was not peaceful and quiet, insects and birds called, roars of wild animals rose and fell one after another.

Without lighting a fire, around them was completely pitch dark, Tang San and Grandmaster ate a simple evening meal, both master and apprentice rested leaning against a big tree.

Grandmaster was definitely a qualified teacher, and he paid a lot of attention to Tang San. Even though right now they already should rest, Grandmaster was still again quizzing Tang San’s understanding of spirit beasts from the daytime, in order to give him a deeper impression.

Tang San’s memory was considered not bad, in addition this was the first time he had come into contact with creatures like spirit beasts, the novel feeling deepened his memory, and when his answers occasionally had faults they were one by one corrected by Grandmaster.

“Little San, do you know why I say that for spirit masters youth is the most important time?”

Grandmaster’s deep and hoarse voice brought a somewhat sentimental feeling.

Tang San shook his head, waiting for Grandmaster’s explanation.

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