Douluo Dalu

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Blue Silver Grass First Spirit Ring

Part 1

“Spirit master’s cultivation, before twenty years of age is an extremely important process; one can say that achievements up to twenty years of age decides future success. Thirtieth rank is the fire and ice dual heaven threshold. If crossing this threshold before twenty years old, then future prospects are limitless. If unable to cross over in twenty years, then, also forever unable to leap beyond. Youth has the advantage, youth can have the potential. Therefore, you right now cannot delay one minute. Teacher can still help with your first and second spirit ring, but when you require the third spirit ring, teacher will probably be unable to do enough. At that time you have to rely on you yourself. Spirit strength cultivation has no shortcuts, you can only rely on meditation to make spirit power to increase. Although you have the innate full spirit power advantage you even more cannot slack off, otherwise, you do not deserve to become my disciple.”


At that time, variant spirit Luo San Pao’s call abruptly rose.

Spirits were one with their host, so Grandmaster at once started, his body shooting up, looking in that direction.

At this moment, the color of the sky was already completely black, faintly within, ten or more moss green points of light were approaching in their direction.

“It’s hell wolves.”

Grandmasters voice was somewhat muffled. But without a bit of alarm,

“Little San, don’t move from here.”

Luo San Pao’s mouth unceasingly made luoluo calls, seemingly menacing those existences that gradually drew closer, Grandmaster certainly did not see, in the eyes of Tang San by his side flashed a layer of purple, the things in the darkness becoming clear to his eyes.

All in all six wolf type spirit beasts, the height of their bodies all at one metre six or so. The whole body appeared iron grey, and that moss green radiance was precisely their eyes. At this moment slowly closing in straight on Luo San Pao.

Luo San Pao’s smell seemed to make them somewhat restless, and while approaching, they kept a half circle formation.

Grandmaster snorted frostily,

“One pack of tenth ranked little wolves dare come harass me. San Pao.”

Luo San Pao made a low howl, an inhaling noise just like the scream of a hurricane, and that originally fat belly, expanded with amazing speed, looking like it was a big gradually enlarging ball.

Grandmaster raised his hand and waved it, and from his body a yellow ring of light flew out, encircling Luo San Pao’s body, as he solemnly shouted,

“Break wind like striking thunder, rumble the heavens and split the earth Luo San Pao!”

Luo San Pao’s pair of clear blue eyes suddenly shone, the yellow ring of light centered on its body suddenly seemed to become a screen of light. The rounded body abruptly shot up, astonishingly climbing upward to a height of five metres, the figure overhead turned around, and a deafening sound like the rumble of thunder erupted in a moment.

Grandmaster’s hands had at some unknown moment already produced two gauze masks, first handing one to Tang San, and subsequently put the other on his face.

Tang San subconsciously brought up the gauze mask, eyes unblinkingly fixed on Luo San Pao’s actions. Following that one thunderous sound, he only saw a yellow light cover suddenly release, as powerful as a thunderbolt, the six ten year hell wolves were all completely covered within.

The six hell wolves’ bodies, under Luo San Pao’s attack were flung up like broken burlap sacks, immediately plunging down more than ten metres away, with two hell wolves’ waists smashing against tree trunks, howling pitifully, but unable to rise.

The several other wolves on the ground rolled about briefly. Tang San relied on Purple Demon Eye to clearly see, from those hell wolves’ mouths fresh blood was flowing, he could see how powerful the shockwave had been. Following a short period of wuu wuu sounds, other than the two hell wolves on the ground unable to rise, the several others had quickly run away.

Grandmaster at this time still did not neglect to instruct Tang San,

“Wolves and dogs bodies are very alike in structure, called ‘copper head, iron bones, bean curd waist’, the waist is their bodies’ weakest vital part.”

While speaking, Grandmaster stepped forward with big steps, at some point he had drawn a short knife, cutting the necks of the two unmoving hell wolves, spreading more realgar on the bodies, covering the smell of blood.

“Look, spirit rings are about to appear.”

At Grandmaster’s warning, Tang San started taking note. Following the death of the two ten year hell wolves, from the body gradually rose a ring of faint white light, the rings rippling like mist in the emptiness overhead, as if they could drift away at any time.

“This is a spirit ring, these were killed by me, so if my spirit power had just achieved the advancement requirements, right now could I could absorb these spirit rings to attain the advancement objective. The specific method, is to use my spirit power to draw the spirit ring to my body, and immediately after that begin meditation, absorbing the energy of the spirit ring.”

Faint purple light rose from Grandmaster’s hand, beckoning towards one of the spirit rings that emerged from the hell wolves, that spirit ring already floated over, circling about Grandmaster’s body. But it did not permeate.

“My current spirit power is not sufficiently advanced, therefore, the spirit ring can’t be absorbed by me. Within two hours, it will disperse on its own. Little San, hand me two white radishes.”


Tang San fumbled at his waist, drawing out two white radishes from Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges and handing them to Grandmaster.

Grandmaster offhandedly tossed them towards Luo San Pao, who, following a burst of excited luoluo sounds, gulped down the two radishes with lightning speed.

“Variant spirits’ characteristics already cannot be understood like ordinary spirit theory. San Pao can rely on eating food to reduce my spirit power consumption. But for its only three attacks, every time one attack is used it must immediately replenish.”

“Does San Pao only eat white radish?”

Tang San asked.

Grandmaster gave him a pained look, saying:

“You saw, San Pao attacks by farting, if not for bringing up gauze masks, perhaps right now you already could not endure the smell. Spirit beasts similarly cannot stand it, therefore those hell wolves fled quickly. White radish, with regard to hastening flatulence there are few foods that can compare. With two to replenish, in approximately half the time, San Pao can recover what is spent in one attack.”

Part 2

This also worked? Tang San wanted to laugh a bit, but seeing in Grandmaster’s eyes a trace of bitterness, he did not dare let laughter escape. He could imagine how possessing this kind of spirit that attacked by farting, among spirit masters, was a very embarrassing matter. With Grandmaster’s proud temperament, how could his heart feel comfortable?

“Luoluo, luoluo, luoluo…..”

As in a moment hurried calls abruptly rose, the bitterness in Grandmaster’s eyes was immediately replaced by a cold light, and he pulled at Tang San’s hand.

All around suddenly grew quiet, and a slight rustling sound clearly reached Tang San’s ears, vaguely. The air seemingly became somewhat stinking, the stink was not at all strong, even with a touch of sweetness and tea fragrance.

Tang San’s nose wiggled, subconsciously blurting out,

“There’s poison.”

Grandmaster’s right hand waved, this time, the two rings of light on his body completely moved over to encase Luo San Pao, vigilantly looking in the direction of the rustling sound,

“Tonight is unexpectedly this unquiet.”

The rustling sound came to an end. Tang San pushed his Mysterious Heaven skill, working his Purple Demon Eye to the limit, looking in that direction. Indistinctly, he seemingly saw a dark green triangular snake head held up in a shrub, a pair of ruby like little eyes looking straight in their direction. Perhaps fearing the effect of the realgar powder, it did not continue to approach.

“Grandmaster, there.”

Tang San raised a finger in the direction of the snake head’s location. Right now was already too late for Grandmaster to think about why Tang San could see a place his eyes still could not reach. With lightning speed he drew out a flare from the wrist spirit tool and tossed it in that direction.

The flare already ignited in the wind, rolling and illuminating the area, and this time grandmaster also saw the snake head. Mouth inhaling a mouthful of cool air.

“It’s a datura snake, why would this kind of ferocious fellow appear on the outskirts of Spirit Hunting Forest. Hope it’s a ten year.”

Siisi, siisi, as if infuriated by the flare, the snake head slowly rose, issuing siisi sounds towards Luo San Pao. But the realgar powder deterrent still existed, and it still did not advance.

Grandmaster said in a low voice:

“Datura Snake’s venom is extremely potent, it has not only a paralysing effect, but also causes powerful damage to the body’s nerves. It’s one of the most terrible among poison attribute spirit beasts. Its body is extremely tough, difficult to hurt with common sabres, its mouth and eyes are the only weak points. But datura snakes are very good at consistently protecting these two places, its speed is also incomparably fast. Most frightening is its aggressive character. Encountering humans it will practically always launch an attack. Realgar powder may not be able to restrain it for long, it’s waiting for an opportunity.”

Tang San did not feel any fear because of Grandmaster’s introduction, in his former life at Ba-Shu Tang sect, Ba-Shu had a large variety of snakes, of course without this type of Datura snake, but Tang San a was not short of experience with coming into contact with snakes. From the tip of this snake’s head could be seen it was hyper venomous, and by the neck’s robust surface it appeared its weakness certainly was not the seventh cun. There was no way of knowing how this kind of snake with spirit power would attack.

Grandmaster pulled Tang San behind him,

“Little San, right now I will instruct you in a principle. Rings many bones many, power surges; rings few bones few, take to your heels and escape. Here rings refer to spirit rings, bones refer to spirit bones. Regarding spirit bones I can explain to you later. Just say, when your spirit rings and spirit bones clearly outstrip your opponents, then, you should rely on your spirit ability and spirit power to launch a full out attack, thoroughly routing the opponent. And when your spirit rings and spirit bones clearly are fewer than the adversary, then, must not hesitate, immediately escape. Self-respect is never equal to life in importance. If this datura snake is a ten year spirit beast, then we can still risk our lives in fight once. If it’s a hundred year, immediately run away.”

“Break wind like striking thunder, rumble the heavens and split the earth Luo San Pao!”

Finishing explaining these, Grandmaster immediately gave orders to Luo San Pao, launching the attack.

Yellow rings of light again glittered, Luo San Pao’s body shot upwards in its insane inhalation, although he ate the white radishes, since that one attack on the hell wolves the body still had not recovered what was depleted, so right now there was still only strength for two attacks.

During the thunderclap-like roar, Luo San Pao’s super thunder shock wave surged out. Even though the datura snake’s speed was very fast, Luo San Pao’s attack was ranged, if it wanted to escape it was unable to.

Only seeing an immense snake body fly off from the ground, flung far into the distance.

“Quickly run.”

Grandmaster only gave that flying datura snake a glance without any opinion. The datura snake’s cultivation age was related to the size of its body. Before evolution to thousand year spirit beast, for each year of cultivation, the body’s length would increase by one centimetre. And this salamander by its flying body was definitely beyond three metres, even already approaching four metres, so to speak, its cultivation had already exceeded four hundred years. Grandmaster could not think that relying on his twenty ninth rank spirit master strength could confront this kind of spirit beast, let alone, when his own spirit also certainly was not regarded as formidable.

Guagua, mournful sounds were heard. Tang San was pulled to one side by Grandmaster to escape, turning his head to one side to look, being within that shock wave of Luo San Pao had surprisingly been unable to injure the datura snake the slightest, as body just about to hit the ground, it immediately bent in a flash, darting back. Every time its whip-like body came into contact with the ground, it could immediately shoot up like a spring, its speed incomparably fast, continuously approaching in his and Grandmaster’s direction.

Luo San Pao’s running speed was not a bit slow, following closely behind Grandmaster and Tang San, in the pair of big eyes was already an extremely panicked look.

“Break wind like mist, mesmerize to deep sleep Luo San Pao!”

Grandmaster again let out a big shout, and Luo San Pao overhead circled once. With a puu sound, a mass of yellow gas spouted from its fat buttocks, spreading out in midair.

Of Grandmaster’s two spirit rings, the two different kinds of effect they could add to Luo San Pao’s abilities were Thunder Shock and Mesmerize. Right now they had already been fully employed.

Part 3

The datura snake very quickly leapt over the yellow mist, but it was not at all mesmerized. It being outstandingly talented in poison, its poison resistance by far outdid similar spirit beasts, right now it had only been slightly slowed.

Luo San Pao’s ‘Triple Cannon’ all expended, its body had distinctly shrunk by a lot, and to right now feed it radishes to replenish again would come too late.

The two spirit rings again returned to Grandmaster’s body. All over his body spirit power light was visible, speed elevating to the limit, one hand pulling Tang San, leaping ahead at full speed like a shooting star. Hoping to be able to get clear of the pursuing datura snake.

Grandmaster was very clear on the datura snake’s characteristics: this kind of savage and cruel spirit beast had one weakness, which was patience. If unable to shortly chase down its target prey, it could very easily give up.

But, the datura snake they encountered today was particularly persistent. Whether infuriated because of Luo San Pao’s wind and the realgar powder, with unflagging persistence it chased after Grandmaster and Tang San, its speed matchless. Soon coming closer and closer.

“San Pao, block it for a moment.”

At Grandmaster’s command, Luo San Pao’s chubby body stood facing the onrushing datura snake. Attempting to use the body to obstruct its advance.

But this datura snake was not only incomparably fast, its reaction was also extremely sharp - body in a flash coiling open and striking Luo San Pao, simultaneously biting it.


Luo San Pao gave a blood-curdling shriek, body falling to the ground. Grandmaster gave a wave with both hands, and Luo San Pao’s body immediately melted into purple light, again merging into him.

Grandmaster in his heart right now already was somewhat grieved, his past life continuously reverberating in his mind. He wanted to ask Heaven, why should he have such bad luck in this life? Why? Why this outcome? Even so far as to involve Tang San, this child.

As Grandmaster was already close to despair, even to the extent that he felt the chill of the datura snake’s venom fangs, suddenly, he discovered his pulling Tang San changed. Turning his head to look, he saw Tang San’s left hand feeling at Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges on his waist, immediately throwing something behind without turning his head.

One sturdy white radish swiftly flew out, and with a puu sound, unexpectedly just right to strike the datura snake’s body, causing that originally already well within reach to launch an attack spirit beast abruptly slow down, again pulling open the distance somewhat.

Distinguishing location by sound was nothing more than a superficial Tang sect ability, Tang San naturally knew it, but the next action, caused Grandmaster’s heart to fill with shock. Only seeing Tang San’s left hand continuously flicking between his waist and afterward throwing behind, continuously shooting out one white radish after another. Although the strength was insufficient to hurt the datura snake, when the datura snake was about to overtake them the sum could obstruct its body.

Such accurate skill.

Grandmaster realized, every time Tang San threw out a white radish, the left hand’s thumb always curved inside, palm facing down, and the additional four fingers together stretching out; the motion was concise and effective. And on Tang San’s little face although also a little alarmed, seemingly was no fear.

If it was in Tang San’s former life, every person of Jianghu could have called the name of such a skill, as certainly Tang sect hidden weapons elementary grade skill, Arrow Hand Throw. Utilizing inertia of a lashing arm to send out hidden weapons. This kind of skill was most direct, although can’t be said to be elegant, right now it was extremely effective.

Although twenty jin of white radishes was not a little, Tang San’s Arrow Hand Throw throwing rate was not slow, and in a little while the stock in Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges was already exhausted.

Right now they had already reached the crucial moment of life or death, Tang San very clearly like this perfectly understood, seemed like strength, speed, poisonousness excellent spirit beast tangling up had what consequence. Right now is already not the time to hide his true strength.

He let go of Grandmaster’s hand, his body overhead in a wink, left hand rising, a black tip already noiselessly emitting power. The sleeve dart he had worked hard to forge finally was used.

Tang San’s both eyes by then had become completely purple, relying on Purple Demon Eye’s effect, he was able to clearly see the datura snake’s every motion.

The datura snake’s reaction was even faster than Tang San had imagined, that one sleeve dart shot in the direction of the datura snake’s left eye, but he saw that leaping body twist once in midair with lightning speed, the snake head dropped, unexpectedly avoiding danger. But the sleeve dart’s speed truly was too fast, and still shot at its body.

With a clear dang sound, on the salamander’s hard serpent scales a succession of sparks spattered up. Acute pain making it once again emit a queer guagua cry.

Tang San in his heart secretly cried out in disappointment, since sleeve darts relied on using mechanism to send out, speed and strength were both no problem. But that is not sufficiently ingenious. It could only bluntly attack the opponent. This was also a common fault of mechanism type hidden weapons. However, the datura snake’s defence made him taken aback, one must know that although his sleeve dart only had three darts, they were all forged of iron mother, the mechanism shooting force was also extremely powerful. Still he could not truly injure the eye of this spirit beast.

The datura snake was thoroughly enraged, and the scales on its body began to shine, the deep green scales were covered in a layer of faint yellow light, its speed suddenly increasing, in practically only a split second it had already pounced in front of Tang San.

When Tang San unexpectedly let go, Grandmaster already moved more than ten metres by inertia. This all happened in a split second, right now again wanting to rescue Tang San is already too late.

In the crucial moment, Tang San’s heart instead became extremely calm. Mysterious Heaven skill working in his whole body, this kind of genuine Daoist internal skill right now caused him to enter a state where his heart was like still water. Watching the datura snake’s widely stretched open snake mouth, without being the slightest amount flustered. His right hand turning over, the short sword Grandmaster gave him already turning in the palm of his hand.

Part 4

The datura snake regardless of speed still had power, but neither could match the current Tang San. Watching the snake head rushing up, Tang San used Ghost Perplexing Shadow Track, and his body in a flash already moved sideways three chi away. Tang San knew that to him there would be only one chance, if he could not succeed, then, the datura snake would absolutely not be taken in again.

Deciding quickly in the crucial moment, Tang San moved both hands above practically completely filled by his Mysterious Heaven skill effect, in his palm blue light glimmered, the left hand drawing in then sending out, his body under the effect of Ghost Shadow Perplexing walk once again changed position.

The datura snake only felt an attractive force from the side of its head, and the snake’s head turned uncontrolledly. Right now, because of pouncing at Tang San, the snake mouth was stretched wide, just about to close.

A vast blue radiance seemingly appeared as if out of nowhere, quietly waiting there, in the split second as the datura snake’s head turned over, in the instant before its mouth closed, puu——

The nearly four metre long snake body stiffened in practically a split second, that one chi two cun sword, was already completely driven into the snake’s mouth. After a moment, the datura snake’s body violently stirred, and at once on the ground sand flew about and stones hurtled through the air, where its hard body swept across, regardless of shrubs or small trees, all were tested as if enduring a tornado, branches and leaves broken.

Stabbing with full strength behind that sword, Tang San using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track had already retreated at full speed, just far enough to avoid the datura snake’s lashing tail. What is called ‘a centipede dies but never falls down’, regarding the snake’s characteristics Tang San in no way would think the datura snake would die immediately?

“Little San.”

Grandmaster in a haste calling out suddenly roused Tang San. He knew, all he just did, he already could not avoid appearing before Grandmaster. His soul was not part of this world, and all this, clearly could not be known by any person. What’s to be done?

Kill Grandmaster to silence him? Tang San believed that relying on the attack power and specific characteristics of the sleeve dart, his chance of success was at least seventy percent, as Luo San Pao right now already had no attack strength. But how could he go through with that? Grandmaster was his Teacher, although they had only known each other for several days, already he had already gained Tang San’s heartfelt respect. Nothing to be done, he could only lie.

Underfoot intentionally staggering, Tang San immediately rolled back on the ground.

Grandmaster stretched out his arms and grabbed him, he was after all a twenty ninth ranked spirit grandmaster, and although his spirit was somewhat poor, he still had spirit power. He supported Tang San with one hand,

“Little San, what..?”

“Teacher, I was scared to death. How that snake chased us.”

Grandmaster looked at the datura snake in the process of terrible destruction, rebuking said:

“Just now why did you suddenly let go, do you not know how dangerous that was?”

Actually, Grandmaster did not see as much as Tang San imagined. After all, this was in the middle of the night, Grandmaster also did not have his Purple Demon Eye type of eye ability. In the darkness, Grandmaster only faintly saw Tang San’s body fall back behind, and that blue short sword’s glimmering radiance. As for the ringing of the sleeve dart hitting the salamander’s body, Grandmaster took no notice of at all.

“I also do not know how to explain, with sweaty hand, it suddenly slipped. Teacher, just now in the confusion I wielded the short sword you gave me, seemingly it dealt a piercing blow to that snake.”

Pulling up Tang San’s hand, in his palm there was indeed cold sweat, Grandmaster also guessed that Tang San hit the datura snake with a piercing blow, and very likely with a piercing blow to a vital spot, otherwise, how could this kind of violent and vicious, seeking revenge for a single look spirit beast not suddenly pursue and attack.

“Don’t assume it’s over, wait and see. Snake category spirit beasts’ vitality is extremely tenacious, it does not die so easily.”

Tang San gulped for breath, this was not intentionally assuming an air, and he already somewhat lost strength.

Confronting such a formidable spirit beast as a hundred year datura snake, just now in a split second he already used his full strength. If that one Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon had not pulled over the salamander’s head, then, the ending would have become completely different.

As a result of this time’s alarming danger, Tang San already secretly resolved, after going back, he must think of a way to increase his armaments. Before completing Mysterious Heaven skill, various kinds of mechanism type hidden devices clearly was the best choice that was also Tang San’s most outstanding talent.

The two master and apprentice like that stood up and very cautiously observed. The datura snake’s hysterically frenzied struggle gradually subsided, body unceasingly twisting, smashing every single plant on the ground, revealing the soil beneath.

The short sword Grandmaster gave Tang San, although one chi two cun was not long, but it was already sufficient to skewer the datura snake’s brain. That was a fatal wound.

Watching the datura snake’s struggle grow weaker and weaker, Grandmaster gradually let out his breath, and following this, the expression on his face gradually began to change, the panicked look gradually became wild with joy,

“Excellent, this truly is excellent. Little San, you’re getting your spirit ring.”

“Teacher, what are you saying? You can’t be talking about this snake, right?”

Tang San shocked looked at Grandmaster.

Grandmaster nodded seriously,

“Precisely, it’s this. Datura snake’s cultivation until it reaches a thousand years, every year it lives, its body will grow one centimetre, this datura snake’s body already nears four metres, which also means he has nearly four hundred years cultivation. As it happens approaching the limit for absorbing the first spirit ring when going from spirit scholar to spirit master. With your innate full spirit power absorbing its spirit ring will be no problem.”

“But, Teacher. My spirit is a plant, this datura snake is an animal type spirit beast. Can I use its spirit ring? Will it not cause a conflict?”

Tang San said uncertainly.

Part 5

By now Grandmaster had already relaxed, in his eyes was an extremely confident radiance,

“One of the ten core spirit world concepts of my research, is the spirit mimicry principle. Plant spirits does not necessarily have to absorb a plant spirit beast spirit ring, and beast spirits are not necessarily unable to absorb plant spirit rings. Under a variety of pre-conditions, these both can mutually absorb. Because it is excessively small and weak, whatever spirit ring property is added will not cause rejection, and only passively assimilate. Therefore, absorbing this datura snake’s spirit ring is no problem. At the same time, still remember what type of spirit ring we wanted to look for?”

Tang San’s eyes brightened,

“Adding a toughness effect, best was having poison. Certainly, the datura snake possess these two attributes.”

Grandmaster gave his disciple a keen look, saying:

“Whether common spirit masters or not, they still are Spirit Hall fellows; regarding my ten great core concepts they were all laughing through the nose and nobody believed. Previously also no spirit master consented to absorbing different kinds of spirit rings to strengthen themselves. Little San, are you willing to give it a try? Even though for the theory up to here I have absolute certainty, this has never been tried by people. Actual practice is the sole criterion for judging truth, the ten great core spirit concepts I put forward can only be theory and not truth, precisely because no people are willing to put it in practice.”

In Grandmaster’s eyes, Tang San saw fanaticism. Because of spirit variation, Grandmaster all his life was unable to become a formidable spirit master, but he was still this persistent, throwing his life’s energy into spirit research.

Regarding this kind of person, the respect growing from Tang San’s heart, respect for Grandmaster’s person, also meant respecting the results of his research,

“Teacher, please let me help you put this into practice. I believe your research will not be wrong.”

The datura snake’s body already gradually grew motionless, a vital part of the head had been penetrated by a sharp sword; even if its vitality was indomitable, it would still be difficult to escape death.

A bit of faint yellow light started to coalesce on the datura snake’s body, different from when Tang San before saw the ten year hell wolves’ spirit rings, the spirit ring which emerged from the datura snake was extremely distinct, the radiance also glittered more compared to the hell wolves’ spirit rings. Even without coming into contact with it, he still could clearly feel contained within it an enormous energy.

Hearing Tang San’s words, Grandmaster’s eyes filled with gratitude,

“Little San, begin.”

Tang San nodded, lifting his right hand, resisting the feeling of weakness from lost strength, with his remaining spirit power slowly condensing in his palm, following the faint blue light mist, blue silver grass grew from in his palm, emitting a faint smell of life and swaying softly along with the undulations of spirit power.

‘Come, my first spirit ring, you decide whether I am able to practice Tang sect’s secret lore, and also decide whether I can inherit Teacher’s hope.’

Under the attraction of that faint blue radiance, the hundred year datura snake spirit ring slowly flew towards Tang San.

Grandmaster’s both eyes stared fixedly at the floating spirit ring, and in a low voice declared:

“Cross your legs and sit up straight, focus your mind on the spirit.”

Tang San complied with the words and sat down cross legged, concentrating on his right hand’s spirit. Right then, following the approach of the hundred year datura snake spirit ring, he felt a kind of unprecedentedly powerful pressure, even his very skeleton under this kind of pressure emitted small noises.

Very quickly, the ring of yellow light reached the top of Tang San’s head, and without giving him without giving him any chance to react, that yellow halo abruptly contracted, becoming only bracelet sized, incomparably condensing into a solid gold ring that immediately dropped to encircle the blue silver grass spirit on the palm of his right hand.

Tang San felt as if his right hand was invaded by magma, a roasting hot energy frenziedly rushing in, in a flash the violent hot current had rushed inside his body, and instantly within, the organs were like burning. His body couldn’t help a burst of violent shaking.

“Regardless of how the spirit ring’s energy lashes your body, keep in mind you must absolutely maintain consciousness, only then in the future can you even better utilize the spirit ring’s energy.”

These were the last words Tang San heard Grandmaster speak, after a second, closing both eyes, his consciousness already completely immersed within that boiling hot ocean.

The Mysterious Heaven skill internal strength seemingly also ignited from that suddenly arising energy, the hot current in a flash spreading through every part of his whole body, Tang San felt like only spreading his mouth would make it spout fire.

Truly potent energy.

The surging inside spirit ring power in an instant severely tested Tang San’s body, but made Tang San somewhat surprised: such burning hot energy, without destroying the blue silver grass spirit.

Within his consciousness abruptly revealed, Tang San as if seeing himself immersed within a sea of flame, and in the centre of this flame, a solitary blade of blue silver grass gently swayed with the flame, regardless of how hot that flame burned, it was still unable to destroy it.

Tang San rejoiced in his heart; this seemingly was the visual state of internal strength. In his previous life because he was already too old when he cultivated Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record, he never experienced this kind of state, and did not expect it to actually appear when absorbing the first spirit ring.

Under the dry heat of the flame, a change began to occur in blue silver grass. The originally tenuous grass stalk became longer, became wider, the pale blue color also gradually began to deepen. The deep blue grass stalk within the ocean of flame started to extend, spiritedly moving about swaying, as if it was countless snakes leaping within the flame.

The pale blue grass blade began to become deep blue, on the surface it also had a few black lines, lines exactly like on the body of the datura snake before.

Hong——, all the hot current surged out, Tang San felt as if that blazing breath dissolved into his body.

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