Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 12: Oh, He’s My Son

Chapter 12: Oh, He’s My Son

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In the past, Jiang Tingxu might not have been able to calm down that quickly and listen to the chastising with an open mind.

However, a 10-year career as a military doctor was bound to have a great impact on her, far more than anyone could ever imagine. One could even say that it had turned her into a different person altogether!

Deputy Chief Pei saw Jiang Tingxu’s rather earnest-looking attitude and ceased his admonishment.

“The patients from the serial car crash will be sent here in two minutes. Everyone, go and get ready. Double check the equipment and medicines you’ll be using later!”



Jiang Tingxu came out of the office after changing into her scrubs.

The head nurse pushed out the medical cart with all the medicines ready. The two of them had worked together earlier and their relationship had improved considerably.

“Dr. Jiang, don’t take Deputy Chief Pei’s words to heart,” she comforted genuinely.

Jiang Tingxu’s lips curled into a smile. It had been years since someone comforted her like that and it was very refreshing.

“Don’t worry. I won’t!”

‘Why must I hold anything against him? Just because of his words? But there was nothing wrong with what he said!

‘Now that I know my mistake, I’m doubly sure that I won’t do it again in the future. If I keep his words to heart, I might end up driving myself insane!

‘I have no reason to be so petty!’

The head nurse breathed a sigh of relief after seeing Jiang Tingxu’s ever-calm demeanor.

“Deputy Chief Pei is always like that. We’re already used to it, but to be honest, his skills are quite amazing. He’s rescued at least a hundred critical patients during the past six months. He’s a really skilled person with incredible ability, so he has every right to expect the highest standards out of everything!”

Jiang Tingxu had a teasing look in her eyes when she heard the head nurse’s words. All of a sudden, she leaned into the head nurse’s ear and whispered, “Say, do you have a crush on Deputy Chief Pei? That’s a very roundabout way of praising him. Something must be up...”

Jiang Tingxu never noticed it before, but the head nurse was actually really cute.

Well, the cuter the person, the more tempted she was to tease them and get a little kick out of being evil.

Sure enough, the head nurse’s face turned red almost instantly—along with the bottom of her ears and her neck—and she grabbed Jiang Tingxu. It was unknown whether she was flustered from the teasing or was simply shy.

“Dr. Jiang, please don’t be silly. I wouldn’t dare to have a crush on Deputy Chief Pei. He’s a really accomplished person and the average girl can’t possibly win him over. I don’t want to torture myself.”

The head nurse had a point.

Jiang Tingxu patted the head nurse on the shoulder “It’s true that he’s an accomplished person, but we can’t undervalue ourselves too. Who says we’re just average? Aren’t we like little fairies1?”

The term ‘Angels in White’ would probably be the aptest description for little fairies like them!


The head nurse finally laughed in amusement.

“Okay, okay, Dr. Jiang. Stop teasing me. All this nonsense about little fairies when my kids are all in elementary school already!”


Jiang Tingxu would have never guessed it had she not heard it coming from the head nurse herself. The news came as something of a shock to her.

Finally, the head nurse had a chance to get back at Jiang Tingxu too.

“By the way, who was that kid this afternoon? He’s a looker, isn’t he? I feel like I’ve seen him somewhere but I just can’t remember.”

He had basically the same face as his father who made the news every day, albeit a shrank-down version with many features still yet to be fully developed. In any case, a closer inspection would likely reveal the similarities between them.

“Oh. He’s my son!”


The head nurse kicked the medical cart by accident, but she ignored the pain in her foot and exclaimed with a scream, “WHAT?”

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