Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 11: I’m Sorry, My Bad

Chapter 11: I’m Sorry, My Bad

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The car zoomed off after stopping briefly at the hospital. Inside the car, Mo Boyuan felt very agitated and irritable, to the point where—for the first time ever—he even took issue with the air he breathed.


The mobile phone he placed beside him rang at that moment.

He glanced at the caller and answered the call.

“What’s up?”

He then heard Fourth Brother’s saying, “Where are you, Second Brother? We’ve set off from Imperial Phoenix. Ningning is with us, so you can come straight to Big Brother’s house.”

Mo Boyuan’s brows frowned noticeably after hearing Fourth Brother’s words. “Why would you bring him along? I’ll be there soon. The bodyguards will pick him up first.”

So far, the Mo family’s eldest grandson had never been exposed to the outside world. Apart from a couple of close individuals, few outsiders have ever met him.

That night was the Fei patriarch’s birthday dinner. Many guests would certainly be coming over, and there was no room for them to mess up.

“Second Brother, you don’t need to be that...strict, right?”

They were never subjected to such strictness when they were younger!

Nevertheless, their situation was an entirely different one. Aside from relatives and friends, the only people who knew the four of them when they were young were business partners.

At present however, Mo Boyuan’s identity was not just limited to being the Mo family’s young master. He was a well-known big-time movie star who amassed hundreds of millions of fans.

The consequences would be unimaginable once his child’s identity was made known!

For that reason, the Mo family protected Ningning very well during the past few years and never allowed him to appear in public unless absolutely necessary.

News of untoward incidents in the entertainment industry have happened. Did no one realize that the identity of most celebrity children was kept a secret?

Once a rumor made its rounds, people would be more than willing to pay for such information regardless of how small the rumor was or how outrageous the price was.

“Are you asking to be smacked, Cao Chi?”

On the other end of the line, Cao Chi immediately quivered from head to toe.

“Ahhh, no, not at all. Okay, then Third Brother and I will wait outside for your bodyguard to come over.”

Mo Boyuan immediately hung up the call without responding.

Not long later however, he immediately dialed another number.

“Find out about my wife’s recent movements.”

Evidently, the command had shocked the recipient of the call. “What? You want me to find out about...Madam? Are you sure, Boss?”

“If I don’t see the investigation report in three days, it just so happens that we lack someone to manage the company down in Africa.”


“Don’t worry, Boss. It will be done!”

Getting it done in three days was better than going to Africa. All he had to do was to pull all-nighters for three consecutive nights.


Back at the hospital, Jiang Tingxu sprinted all the way to the department.

As soon as she entered the department door, she saw that the head nurse was already standing there with the rest of the personnel. The Emergency Department’s Deputy Chief Pei, who came back from abroad about six months ago, was also standing there.

Jiang Tingxu’s hair stood on end when everyone gave her those looks.

Deputy Chief Pei raised his hand and said, “As an on-call medical staff, it’s important to have an organized work ethic. It’s equally important to hold yourselves to strict standards and have self-control. What are we to do if there’s an accident during your absence, Dr. Jiang?”

“I’m sorry. This is my bad!”

It went without saying that there was no room for negligence in a hospital, especially in the emergency department, of all places!

Should a mistake happen there, it would be a severe catastrophe that placed a person’s life at risk!

Although the hospital did not expressly stipulate that all medical staff must eat in the cafeteria, they could still eat out on the condition that there were no accidents—whether major or minor—which necessitated immediate attention. The entire department would be held accountable for the slightest negligence!

As Deputy Chief Pei mentioned, what was Jiang Tingxu to do if something unexpected happened to a patient in the department during her absence? Since Deputy Chief Pei and the others were not there earlier, what was to be done if there occurred a situation similar to that of patient 48’s urgent life-saving surgery?

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