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Chapter 1218: Code Name

Chapter 1218: Code Name

Why did she not realize before that this Big guy was quite interesting!

He looked fierce on the surface, but in the end, he was actually so shy?

If he had not seen it with his own eyes, he would not have believed it!

Leng Zheng was so amused that he almost broke down. He reached out with his hand and grabbed Huahua’s neck dangerously:

“I don’t have much patience!” He enunciated each word clearly.

Even so, not only did Xiao Huahua not frown, she even smiled happily. She reached out her finger and touched the man’s hand on her neck:

“You have to use more strength!”


Leng Zheng gritted his teeth again and withdrew his hand.

In terms of shamelessness, Leng Zheng knew that he was no match for the woman in front of him.

“Up to you!”

He coldly said these two words and prepared to get into the car and leave.

Xiao Huahua’s actions were one step faster than her brain. Before her brain could give the command, she had already pulled him back.

Yes, she did not understand why she had to do this anyway?

However, Leng Zheng did pause his body:

“Miss Ouyang, is there anything else?”

His tone was obviously deliberately distant and cold.

Huahua frowned and pursed her lips before she spoke:

“I have a hostile relationship with the group of people just now. They have always wanted to catch me!” She explained.

Leng Zheng shook the hand on his wrist away and calmly said:

“I’m asking who you are.”

He could tell the rest from what had happened just now. There was no need to explain further.

Xiao Huahua was very hesitant. She carefully observed the man in front of her from the corner of her eyes. She saw the determined expression on the man’s face:

“My identity is not noble. To put it bluntly, that group of people just now were soldiers. I am a bandit!

Do you understand?”

Leng Zheng narrowed his eyes and carefully stared at the person in front of him for a while.

A bandit?

Then it seemed that he really did not misread the license plate before.

They were the FBI!

Usually, those who could mobilize this organization were of certain social status.


Xiao Huahua took a few deep breaths. Since she knew that she could not cover up her identity, there was no need to hide it anymore:

“I am the internationally infamous — femme fatale!”

Femme fatale?

Leng Zheng naturally knew this code name and even had some understanding of it.

However, he had never thought that femme fatale would actually be such a dainty little girl!

His face was filled with shock, as well as disbelief…

Seeing that this Big guy before her eyes was actually able to show such an expression on his face, Xiao Huahua snickered.

“Aren’t you very surprised, shocked?”


He was not really surprised!

He was more shocked than surprised!

Leng Zheng had always been calm and composed. No matter how surprised he was in his heart, he still maintained a calm expression on his face.

“According to what I know, those people in femme fatale’s case all deserved it!”

Indeed, for femme fatale to get involved, they would never be ordinary people.

The ones whom she attacked were those corrupt officials and people who had lost their conscience. Oh no, they could not even be called human. To call them ‘animals’ would even be an insult to animals.

The Big guy’s words shocked Xiao Huahua a few times:

“Big guy, do you really think so?”

She could not believe it.

Leng Zheng closed the car door and did not plan to leave:

“It’s not what I think, it’s the truth!”

This was not a secret!

Everyone who needed to know was clear about it.

If it was in ancient times, she would have been the role model for women of that generation!

However, the femme fatale’s reputation was too great and some people had to be afraid. That was why they wanted to get rid of all the uncontrollable dangers ahead of time!

This kind of thing is understandable.

After all, stability had to be maintained!

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