Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 1219

Chapter 1219: Anger

Xiao Huahua could not stop smiling at this moment. She could not help it.

“Big guy, not bad!”

Leng Zheng coughed:

“What are you going to do now? Those people have been looking for you, haven’t they?”

“They can’t catch me!” She said so confidently.

Sure enough, in the next second, the man sneered:

“They won’t be able to catch you? If it wasn’t for me just now, are you sure?”


Indeed, if it was not for the Big guy who suddenly appeared and blocked the car behind her, it would not have been so easy for her to escape.

This time, she did not know how the news was leaked, but that group of people actually found him accurately, causing Xiao Huahua to hide in such a sorry state!

Not to mention, this was definitely the first time in so many years.

If it was not for the few cars that had suddenly rushed out… Xiao Huahua admitted that she was not someone who would abandon her benefactor after receiving his help.

“That, for today’s matter, thank you.

En, from now on, Big guy, you are my blood brother!”

As she said this, she patted Leng Zheng twice in a friendly manner.



That was not necessary.

All these years, he lacked everything except for a bro!

Leng Zheng sneered, his eyes filled with a strange look.

Xiao Huahua could not understand. Why was this big guy so hard to deal with?

It was late at night, and it was the suburbs. The cold wind was blowing.

In the end, it was Leng Zheng who spoke:

“Let’s leave first.”

His tone was rather helpless.

Of course, the ‘Big Bro’ beside him did not have the slightest bit of self-awareness. He obediently followed the Big guy into the car.

As for the car that she had driven previously, it was picked up by the roadside and it was not her anyway.

In the car.

Leng Zheng was sullen for quite a while. Even he did not know why he was so angry?

Finally, the car stopped in a small alley:

“Since that place has been exposed, you can’t stay there anymore. There’s a house here that belongs to my friend. However, no one has lived there for many years. You can stay there for the time being.”

Don’t underestimate this place. There were many different types of people.

Moreover, as long as there was anything unusual, they would be discovered immediately.

Xiao Huahua responded:

“Thank you.”

Leng Zheng did not say anything, but his face was unhappy:

“Get out of the car. I’ll take you there.”


After walking through the alley for a long time, they finally arrived in front of an old tube-shaped building. The walls were tattered and it could pass off as a ghost building.

However, this tube-shaped building was actually full of people.

Huahua followed Leng Zheng up to the third floor and stood in front of the door. She saw the man move a little and then opened the door.

When she stepped through the door, a wave of dust assaulted her nose.

Cough cough…

It was very choking.

“You can clean up yourself. The furniture is still quite complete and there is everything.

From now on, Don’t go out. I will get someone to send things over every day.”

“Oh, okay.”

The main reason Xiao Huahua was discovered was because she could not stay in the Villa and ran out.

This time, she did not dare to be careless.

After all, if it were not for the Big guy and the others, she would have already been caught by the FBI.

“By the way, how long are you guys going to stay here? When are you guys going back?”

If possible, Huahua did not want to stay in this place.

She had to admit that she had really missed Yun City for a long time. Yes, the delicious food from Yun City and the people from Yun City.

Leng Zheng glanced at her and said slowly,

“Very soon.”


“Big guy, can you take me with you when you leave?”

It was still very difficult for her to leave this place on her own.

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