Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 1221

Chapter 1221: What Do You Think

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Jiang Tingxu’s face turned slightly hot. However, as an adult, even if she knew what she said was wrong, most of the time, she would ignore it and let it die down.

When she sat next to her son, she reached out and hugged the little boy in her arms:

“Baby, you’re so obedient.”

After saying that, she kissed him.

She tried to use this to save her from the embarrassment earlier.


It had to be said that this method was very useful. The little boy did not mention it again.

Mo Boyuan came downstairs about ten minutes later. His face was still sleepy, and his expression was also unpleasant.

When he heard his son calling him, he only answered perfunctorily. Then, he instructed Uncle Mu to make a cup of strong tea.

After a cup of tea, he seemed to feel a little better. He looked at the mother and son pair and saw that they were very lovey-dovey and whispering to each other.

“What are you talking about?” He asked.

Hearing this, the mother and son stopped and looked over at the same time. The little boy pursed his lips but did not say anything. Jiang Tingxu’s lips curled up:

“We’re talking about the TV series just now. Your son is quite insightful.”

The little boy listened to his mom’s words and his little body immediately straightened up.

Yes, mom was praising him!

Mo Boyuan, on the other hand, was not very interested in the plot of the TV series. He put down the teacup and rubbed his eyebrows:

“Uncle Mu, is the construction going to start soon?” He asked.

Uncle Mu was not far away. When he heard it, he quickly answered:

“Yes, Young Master.”

Mo Boyuan nodded:

“No one can live here for the time being. Uncle Mu, take everyone back to the old mansion and stay there for a while.”

Uncle Mu had worked in the old mansion for dozens of years, so he did not think much about returning to the old mansion.

“Ey, okay, okay.”

A certain little boy frowned when he heard that they could not live here anymore:

“Dad, why can’t we live here?” He asked.

Mo Boyuan took a look and said softly:

“Don’t you want to raise sharks at home?”

The little boy came to a sudden realization:

“Right, then where are we going to live?”

“Ask your mom.”

Anyway, Mo Boyuan did not have any opinion about where they were going to live. It was mainly up to his wife.

Jiang Tingxu was also not that troublesome:

“Probably Yunyu Tixiang. It has already been cleaned. We can live there directly.”

Moreover, it was close to work.

The little boy suddenly thought of something and said:

“Dad, does Chi Xinxin’s family also live there?”

“That’s right. If you have time, you can go to their house to play. Of course, you can also invite them to our house to play.”

“Oh, it would be great if Brother Shitou and the others also live there!”

Mo Boyuan knew that his son missed his little friends. Mo Boyuan, as his biological father, naturally knew that his son did not really have many friends over the years. He was still quite lonely. When he spoke again, his voice became much gentler:

“If we have time, we can go look for them.”

“Dad, really?”

“Of course!”

The little boy’s face was full of joy. He was extremely happy.

“Dad, when are we moving to Yunyu Tixiang? Ningning wants to play with Sister Xinxin!”

Looking at his son’s sparkling eyes, Mo Boyuan looked towards Jiang Tingxu:

“Honey, what do you think?” He asked.

Jiang Tingxu coughed:

“Anytime. Why don’t we move there later?”

Since they had to move, it was the same whether they moved sooner or later.

The man naturally did not have any objections. After that, the family of three ate lunch at a much faster speed than usual.

After eating, they went back to their room to pack their luggage.

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