Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 1220

Chapter 1220: Did You Not See What Time It Was Already

But if she was with the Big guy and the others, it would be much easier.

After all, Huahua trusted the abilities of these people very much.

“I’ll inform you when the time comes!”

Leng Zheng did not stay for long before he left and then drove to meet up with his bros.

“Brother Zheng, who’s that chick? When did you meet her? Awesome!”

Everyone was together every day, but why did this person meet such a beautiful and hot chick?

Why did everyone not meet her?

God was really unfair!

Speaking of Xiao Huahua, Leng Zheng was always uncomfortable. He did not even know why.

“Don’t talk nonsense. We used to work together.”

The more he explained, the more uncomfortable he felt.

Leng Zheng frowned and went to the side. Naturally, no one else dared to disturb him.

After a while, Leng Zheng was on the phone with someone.

A call from overseas reached Yun City. When Mo Boyuan received the call, he was still not awake. Naturally, his tone was not that good:

“What’s the matter?”

Leng Zheng briefly and quickly explained the matter, causing the person on the other end of the line to wake up:

“Femme fatale?”

The PA ranked in the top three on the International Kiuer (Assassin) List?

“Yes, Young Master.”

Mo Boyuan sat up from the bed and leaned against the headboard and narrowed his eyes:

“You’re saying that she’s being pursued?”


He was not surprised. After all, she was a person on the assassin list.

He glanced at the woman who was still sleeping beside him.

So, how did his wife get to know the femme fatale who was on the International assassin’s list?

Furthermore, she even asked the femme fatale to protect her son’s safety?

This was probably even something the President of Country M would not be able to do, right?

What was the relationship between them?

Mo Boyuan’s heart was filled with questions one after another, but his wife was still asleep. He could not bear to wake her up, so he continued to speak in a low voice:

“Then bring her back!”

Yes, Mo Boyuan was really curious!

If he could not bear to ask his wife, then he would ask the other party.

But, actually, even Xiao Huahua herself was not very clear about it!

“Yes, Young Master.”

“Yes, get ready and come back as soon as possible.”

“Young Master, has the matters in Jin City been settled?”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of!”

“Alright, I’ll start making arrangements right away.”

After the call ended, Mo Boyuan threw away his phone, lay down, and continued to hug the person in his arms as he fell asleep.

He only woke up around noon.

Jiang Tingxu was woken up by the heat. When she opened her eyes, she realized that her entire body was tightly wrapped in the man’s embrace. No wonder it was so hot in her sleep!

After pushing him away, he did not wake up much. She got up and got out of bed. Her movements were very light, mainly because she did not want to disturb the man on the bed.

She did not know when he finally rested last night. In any case, it was definitely not early.

Otherwise, this man would usually not sleep till this time.

Indeed, Mo Boyuan had been busy the entire night. He only went to bed at five or six o’clock in the morning.

However, he was woken up by a phone call not long after he had rested. Therefore, he could not help but fall into a deep sleep at this time. Normally, how could he not notice the woman’s movements?

After Jiang Tingxu went downstairs, she saw her son sitting on the sofa obediently. On the coffee table in front of him were small snacks, fruits, and so on, prepared by the Helper.

Hearing the noise, the little boy quickly turned around:

“Good morning, mom!”

“Good morning, Baby. Why aren’t you in class?”

At this time, it seemed to be time for class, right?


“Mom, Ningning has already finished my class.”

Did you not see what time it was already?

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