Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 1254

Chapter 1254: About to Give Birth

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Jiang Tingxu opened her eyes and saw that everything before her was snow white. Before she could react, she was examined by a group of doctors.

When she came back to her senses, she was shocked to find that every one of those doctors was a world-class expert. The leader was Joseph.

“Dr. Jiang, you slept for quite a long time!”

She asked casually:

“Ahem, how long did I sleep for?”


Joseph showed five fingers on his hand. Yes? Five days? Or fifty days?

The next second:

“Congratulations, you slept for a full five months. You can apply for the Guinness Book of Records later.”


Slept for five months?

That’s right. She had stayed in that world for a full four years.

At this moment, Jiang Tingxu also saw the father and son standing silently behind the doctors. It was obvious that the father and son’s eyes were red.

When she saw father and son again, Jiang Tingxu’s psychology changed greatly from before.

She stretched out her hand stiffly and said in a hoarse voice,

“husband, I’ve missed you. Give me a hug.”

This man had once looked for her for a whole ten years.

And in the four years that she had existed as a soul, only she knew how much she missed this man!

The bearded man directly threw his own son down on the ground, walked forward, and gently hugged the woman on the hospital bed.

It was good that she was awake, it was good…

Actually, he had already made the decision to guard her for the rest of his life like this.

It was truly a blessing from the heavens!

At some point, the group of doctors had already left the ward, leaving only the family of three.

The little boy, who was sitting on the ground, finally came back to his senses. He got up from the ground and pounced on the hospital bed:

“Wa-wa- Mom, you’re finally awake!”

The wailing could be heard from the corridor.

Jiang Tingxu looked at her small, cuddly son and thought about his experiences during the past four years. Her heart ached terribly. She pushed the man away and hugged her son tightly in her arms:

“Baby, Baby, Baby!” She kept shouting these two words.

In this life, she must make her son happy!

She must make up for what her son did not have in his previous life!

The news of Jiang Tingxu waking up was made known to those who needed to know in a short moment. Su Muxue was the first to arrive. She was pregnant and after looking at Jiang Tingxu, she started to cry:

“Tingting, you’re finally awake! You worried us to death! Especially your man!” He almost went crazy!

In this world, perhaps only Tingting could make this man normal!

Seeing the pregnant woman so excited, Jiang Tingxu, who was a doctor, could not help but feel nervous. She was worried:

“Stop, calm down first. You are almost due, right?”

Su Muxue really took a few deep breaths before nodding:

“Yes, there’s still two weeks left.”

“Then don’t get excited anymore. Stay calm, stay calm.”

“Alright, alright, what are you worrying about? What can happen to me? My body is great, I’m really… fine…”

At the end of her sentence, her expression instantly froze.

Jiang Tingxu swept her gaze over and saw that a certain woman’s water bag had already broken. The corners of her eyes twitched violently as she said to the man,

“Call the doctor, she’s about to give birth!”

This was also the first time Mo Boyuan had encountered such a situation. He was stunned for a moment before striding out of the ward to call the doctor.

Following that, a flurry of commotion ensued.

Two hours later, the sound of a loud baby crying could be heard.

On the other hand, a certain little boy ran quickly into the ward and pounced onto the hospital bed. Jiang Tingxu was swiping her tablet as she watched the big news of the past few months. Fortunately, her son did not pounce heavily and she was barely able to withstand it.

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