Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 1255 (END)

Chapter 1255 (END)

Chapter 1255: I Love You (Finale)

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“What’s wrong?”

“Mom, Auntie Su gave birth to a little sister.”


“Yes, yes, it’s true, it’s true!”

Then… she was envious.


The little boy raised his head and suddenly asked seriously:

“Mom, when are you going to give birth to a little sister for Ningning? Auntie Su’s little sister is so small and cute, Ningning wants one too!”


This… was probably not something that could be accomplished at once.

At the door, the man had unknowingly arrived. His beard had been shaved, his clothes had been changed, and his hair had been groomed. He was still very handsome.

It was obvious that he had clearly heard the conversation between the mother and son. At this moment, his face was filled with a meaningful smile.

Receiving the man’s smile, Jiang Tingxu’s shoulders trembled slightly. Then, she said to her son,

“Ask your dad this question!”

She could give birth, but for someone who had received male contraceptives for so many years, who knew if he would still be able to do it?

The little boy listened to him and really asked his dad:


The man walked in and pinched his son’s little face:

“What are you thinking about? You want a little sister, but I don’t want my wife to suffer!”

Having that experience once was enough. It was better not to experience it again.

At this moment, Leng Zheng’s figure appeared at the door:

“Boss, Madam, the plane is ready. It can take off at any time.”


“Do we need a plane to go home?” Jiang Tingxu asked suspiciously.

The man was amused:

“Of course, we don’t need a plane to go home. Your body still needs a long time to recuperate. So, in the next six months, we will go to Australia for a vacation.

It’s the right season in Australia now. The spring is warm and the flowers are blooming.”

Countless blue flowers bloomed brilliantly, turning the country into a purple fairyland.

The primitive underwater world — The Great Barrier Reef.

The famous Sydney Opera House.

They could even get close to kangaroo koalas.

They could take a cruise to visit Sydney Harbor, Lover’s Harbor… and so on.

“Muxue just gave birth and we’re leaving. Isn’t that a little bad?”

The man snorted coldly:

“She’s being taken care of by the Su and Tan Families. Don’t worry, I’ll prepare a big red packet.”


Who knew that just as she opened her mouth to speak, she was interrupted by the man.

“Grandpa’s health is very good. Father and mom are basically all in the country now. Mo Er has also returned. Oh right, that Elder Brother-in-law of mine is also about to have good news. What else do you have to worry about?”

Ahem, indeed, those were the questions Jiang Tingxu was about to ask.

“Ranzhi’s good news is about to arrive?”

However, it was the little boy next to her who came forward and whispered:

“Mom, it’s Auntie Chu Chu. Uncle and Auntie Chu Chu have known each other since they were young.”

So, Gu Ranzhi was the childhood sweetheart that Chu Chu had talked about earlier?

This was really… unexpected.

Since everyone was living well, there was indeed nothing to worry about.

“Alright then, I won’t ask anymore.”

The man suddenly smiled. There was nothing more to mention about the other things:

“Yes, let’s go.”

The couple walked to the door before they heard a long and aggrieved voice from behind:

“Dad, mom, have you forgotten Ningning?”

He felt uncomfortable and wanted to cry.

That’s right, they almost forgot to bring their own son.

Ahem, as parents, how could they admit such a thing?

The man waved his hand. Although his face showed a little impatience, there was still a doting look in his eyes for his son.

“Hurry up, or you can stay!”

The little boy got up from the ground and rushed forward. He held his dad and mom with both hands:

“Mom, Ningning loves you!” The little boy said sweetly.

“Yes, mom loves you too Baby!”

The mother and son’s lovey-dovey behavior made the man beside them frown. He was probably filled with jealousy once again.

Although there were some words that he did not say out loud, he silently repeated them countless times in his heart:

Honey, Honey, I love you!

— The End

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