Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 14: A Very Hard-Headed Woman

Chapter 14: A Very Hard-Headed Woman

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Fortunately, Jiang Tingxu remained calm, which allowed Pei Rusi to gradually revert to his previous aloof expression.

At that moment, the ambulance’s sirens blared urgently outside and relieved the three of them from the awkwardness.

“Let’s rescue the victims first!”

Pei Rusi led the way and left after blurting that out.

In simple terms, he was running away from the situation!

Jiang Tingxu dragged the head nurse along and caught up to Pei Rusi. The head nurse even apologized to Jiang Tingxu along the way.

“Dr. Jiang, I’m really sorry. I didn’t expect...” ‘...that the deputy chief would be listening behind us.’

“What’s wrong? I don’t really mind it at all, so why should you?”

After hearing those words, the head nurse—who had been feeling quite guilty earlier—had a sudden thought: ‘She was a very hard-headed woman!’


Outside the Emergency Department, several ambulances hastily pulled the brakes and opened the doors.

“Can someone come over and help me carry them!”

The serial car crash earlier was a very tragic one. A big truck collided with a small car, which then caused four cars behind them to rear-end one after the other. The drivers of the big truck and the first small car died on the spot, with one of them flying out of the car due to the impact and crushed so badly that their internal organs spilled all over the ground. The scene was absolutely horrifying, with puddles of blood staining the road.

The increased number of cars involved in the accident meant that there were a lot of people who were injured.

Pei Rusi needed only a short time to do an individual examination of the patients who had been carried off.

“These serious cases will be directly brought to the operating room. Contact Orthopedics, General Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, and Neurosurgery right now. Have them come over for consultation!”

After the nurse beside him answered in the affirmative, she turned around and dashed straight into the hall. As soon as she reached the triage desk, she immediately used the hospital’s public address system to contact everyone instead of making individual calls.

“Attention, attention! Paging all doctors from Orthopedics, General Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, and Neurosurgery. Please head over to the emergency operating room for immediate consultation. This is urgent!”

She was practically shouting her lungs out with her last sentence.

Jiang Tingxu, along with several other doctors and nurses, helped to push the stretchers to the operating room.

The most common injuries of a car accident patient were bone fractures, ruptured livers, ruptured spleens, rib fractures, lung contusions, skull fractures, and concussions.

The head of the car accident’s first victim was swollen to the size of a motorcycle helmet and his vital signs descended as quickly as an elevator.

“Sir, Sir! Stay awake. You have to stay awake. You’re already in the hospital. All our doctors will do their best to save you!”

However, the male doctor’s shouts proved useless, as the patient on the stretcher no longer made a sound.

The next moment, the male doctor somehow jumped onto the stretcher knelt on it, and began to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation by pressing both hands on the patient’s chest.

That patient was not the only one who was experiencing a decline in their vital signs. Two other patients behind them began showing similar signs too.

Fortunately, they had all reached the emergency operating room.

“Three, two, one. Up!”

The patient who had been unconscious had to be lifted from the stretcher to the operating table commencing the rescue procedure.

Lifting the patient up was fine for the male doctor, but not so for the female nurses.

The ladies tried their level best, gritting their teeth, wincing, and roaring before successfully carrying the patient onto the operating table.

Bursts of crying and verbal abuse came from outside the operating room... It was likely the victims’ family members who had rushed there and were bawling their eyes out. Their anger was directed to none other than the perpetrator who caused the accident.

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