Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 15: Dr. Jiang is Like a Living Bodhisattva Who Saves All Living Beings

Chapter 15: Dr. Jiang is Like a Living Bodhisattva Who Saves All Living Beings

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Various checks and inspections were being done while the other departments’ consultation doctors had yet to arrive. At that point, all they could do was put the patient on a ventilator and clean up the wound.

Jiang Tingxu was, for the time being, not the attending doctor. She was not allowed to do anything unless she received instructions from the attending doctor. The situation earlier that afternoon was really urgent, and even then, she had to get approval from the hospital director before proceeding.

After a cursory examination, she had a rough idea of what the patient was suffering from.

Both hands were fractured, while the left leg had a comminuted fracture. A steel pipe stabbed right into his left chest, and as of that moment, did not look too serious because there were only a few drops of blood around the wound. With such a situation, however, the most dangerous moment was when the steel pipe was removed.

The tiniest mistake by a doctor could send that steel pipe piercing right through the patient’s heart!

Regardless of how prestigious a doctor was, they could not afford to relax when facing such a situation.

During such a critical juncture, all Jiang Tingxu could do was bandage the patient and treat the wound.

At that moment, Jiang Tingxu really hoped that she could get her medical license as soon as possible.

‘Sigh.’ In the end, all she could do was think about it. There was still a month to go before she could get it, and she must perform to the best of her ability during that month without making any mistakes.

‘Sigh...’ She sighed again.

However, her 10-year experience as a military doctor made it easy for her to complete a textbook surgery with her eyes closed.

Cleaning, disinfecting, applying ointment, bandaging... She did it so quickly that the people next to her did not dare to even blink, as if blinking would wake them up from their dream.

How could anyone treat wounds so quickly unless they were in a dream?

The entire process seemed to take less than two minutes!

“Dr. J-J-Jiang... You’re done?” the nurse asked incredulously.

Pei Rusi and the other consultation doctors who had just arrived appeared to be in utter shock.

Jiang Tingxu noticed their arrival, and since she had already finished her tasks, she nodded to the nurse beside her and looked at Pei Rusi. “If you’ll excuse me, Deputy Chief ”

Pei Rusi grunted and said, “The ones outside have relatively minor injuries. You and Guan Xiaodong will be handling them along with our department’s nurses.”


“You can go now.”

After Jiang Tingxu left, some consulting doctors spoke up, “That’s Little Jiang?”

“What’s up? Do you know that intern doctor too, Old Li?”

“Of course, she’s the family of Abbess Miejue,” he said and smiled.

That news came as a shock to everyone.

“Ah? She’s Director Wen’s child? But doesn’t Director Wen only have one son?” the man continued to ask in confusion.

That old doctor from the Thoracic Surgery Department rolled his eyes mischievously.

“Did I say that she was the daughter of Abbess Miejue?”

“Oh, so she’s a relative!”


‘She’s not the daughter!

‘But who asked you to be so ignorant?’

Jiang Tingxu had no idea that the consulting doctors in the operating room were actually talking about her. After she went out, she discovered that there were actually many patients who suffered minor injuries in the car accident.

After all, the accident occurred during rush hour, and everyone was ready to go home.

A rough estimate placed the number of victims at more than a dozen.

Another one of the department’s interns, who went by the name of Guan Xiaodong, was busy dealing with the patients when he saw Jiang Tingxu coming out of the operating room.

“You’re finally out, Dr. Jiang. I’ve got my hands full!” Guan Xiaodong’s gaze resembled someone who saw a living Bodhisattva that could save all beings.

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