Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 19: Weibo’s Trending Searches

Chapter 19: Weibo’s Trending Searches

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Fortunately, the head nurse and the doctor on duty came out of the observation unit at that exact moment.

“Dr. Jiang, Little Ran.”

It was the first time that Qiao Ran found the head nurse’s voice to be so mellifluous.

“Head Nurse...”

Goosebumps appeared all over the head nurse’s body. Did Qiao Ran really have to greet her in such a sappy tone?

The head nurse probably already had a general idea after glancing inside the ward.

“Is the CT scan done?” she asked.

Jiang Tingxu nodded and asked, “What happened inside?”

There was a touch of helplessness in the head nurse’s eyes.

“Everyone else is fine, but the patient who had the craniotomy...isn’t doing very well.”

The injury was so serious that it necessitated a craniotomy.

Before that, two boxes of epinephrine were urgently sent into the operating room.

Human life was particularly fragile. Birth happened by chance, but death was inevitable and it was only a question of when.

No one knew what the next day brought or when an accident would happen!

Everyone understood what the head nurse meant, and all of a sudden, the atmosphere became heavy.

The serial car crash claimed two lives already, and the patient inside was also...

Qiao Ran and another young nurse named Cao Jing had reddened eyes. The head nurse was obviously looking quite depressed too, while the young male doctor Guan Xiaodong was clenching his fists tightly.

Perhaps the only one who remained calm was Jiang Tingxu.

If the hospital was a place where life and death were the norm, what could be said about the battlefield?

Someone once said that the battlefield was a ‘Green Hell1‘, capable of turning people into demons anytime and anywhere!

One occasion left a particularly deep impression on her—the large-scale battle between two opposing forces.

Describing the situation as gruesome was a gross understatement. In truth, there were no words capable of describing it at all.

It was not an odd sight to see corpses piled up into a ‘bunker’. During the night, Jiang Tingxu and the others used to rely on the ‘bunker’ to signal to their companions in order to check if the other party was still alive.

Ding...ding... Two urgent bell rings sounded one after another.

The head nurse patted Qiao Ran and Cao Jing. “Don’t think too much and reset your mentality. We’ve done our best if we give it our all for our patients!”

The two girls grunted twice, then ran to the ward that called them.

The head nurse checked the time. “It should be okay for now. Dr. Jiang, Dr. Guan, you may take a rest first. We’ve got a long night ahead of us.”


Inside her office, Jiang Tingxu was a little dazed as she sat in her seat. At the table behind her, Dr. Guan was already snoring as he slept on the table.

At that moment, the desktop photo on the computer screen automatically changed into a photo of a certain man.


Jiang Tingxu was wide awake despite her initial dazed state.

She looked at the photo on the desktop, took a deep breath, then clicked the settings.

To her marked surprise, there were more than one, and two photos stored. She glossed through them and saw dozens of them, all the same man.

Unfortunately, those photos which had been stored for God knows how long were all emptied into the recycle bin and permanently deleted!

After completing that step, she seemed to have suddenly remembered something when she took out her phone from the pocket of her white coat.

Suddenly, there was a ‘ding’ as soon as she unlocked it.

A Weibo push notification appeared on the notification bar:

@Yun City Entertainment Express: Movie King Mo Boyuan’s romance exposed!

Jiang Tingxu’s eyes twitched, having never expected a notification to remind her of that man after she had just deleted the photos of him in her computer.

She planned to delete that notification because she had absolutely no interest in that man!

In the end, Jiang Tingxu clicked wrongly and entered the post.

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