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Chapter 20: 180 Million Crazy Fans

Chapter 20: 180 Million Crazy Fans

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Barely a minute had passed since the verified entertainment media’s Weibo posted about Mo Boyuan’s exposed love affair, yet it had already shot up to first place in the trending searches.

After all, it was Mo Boyuan.

He was the Movie King with over 180 million fans!

These fans were not zombie fans bought over using money—they were all genuine fans.

The 180 million fans were ecstatic whenever there was news about Mo Boyuan. Those 180 million fans, could propel it up the trending search in seconds.

It was not as bad with other types of news, but whenever it touched on his relationship, the 180 million fans never failed to verbally attack the other party and force them to apologize even though they knew it was all hyped up.

The current situation was no exception.

The female protagonist linked in a supposed scandal with the Movie King was none other than award-winning actress Lu Yanlan, who had just bagged a trophy from Cannes.

In one minute, Weibo Square, Supertalk1, and all of the previous Weibo posts were practically swamped by the mention of that man.

Jiang Tingxu also saw the two-by-two photo grid that everyone made viral.

It was a picture of the two of them getting out of the same MPV, as well as one that depicted their flirtations during dinner. Another one seemed to have been photographed on the set of a film, with Movie King Mo’s cell phone somehow in Movie Queen Lu’s hands while she had a resplendent smile on her face.

Everyone knew that mobile phones were a relatively private item in the modern era. Not everyone could get their hands on someone else’s phone.

The last photo was of two people attending a banquet together.

The date on that photo was that day, and the photo was likely taken at Tan family’s birthday banquet.

It could not be denied that the photos, when placed alongside each other, caused people to read into it.

Those pictures were genuine, without any traces of photo editing. It was taken directly using a camera and Lu Yinghou had a rather doting gaze when she looked at Movie King Mo.

He was a man after all. As long as a man did not make an outright refusal, it meant that they were silently acquiescing to it!

Jiang Tingxu chuckled after looking at those photos. The corners of her mouth curled up in a sneer and her eyes had a look of irony.

There were beauties aplenty all around her husband!

She tapped the screen a couple of times, closed the app...logged out...and uninstalled...all in one go.

It was then that a loud voice was heard from afar.

Jiang Tingxu stood up and knocked twice on the table behind her, waking up Guan Xiaodong abruptly.

“What’s wrong, is there another patient?” he murmured.

“No, they’re probably already done in the operating room. Wake up quick. I’ll head out first.”

“Okay. Thanks, Dr. Jiang.”

Jiang Tingxu did not respond again and had already walked out of the office. The head nurses who heard the same also came out from their nurses’ room.

Sure enough, all the doctors who had just participated in the operation came out. Each of them looked particularly tired.

It was getting late too, for the time was almost 10pm.

A three-hour operation was not an easy task. Doctors had to maintain high levels of concentration for every minute and every second. After all, death was knocking on the door and there was no room for carelessness.

A few of the doctors were discussing the operation they had just completed.

“I heard that you just brought a person back to life when they were already on death’s door, Old Li. I was told their heart had stopped beating for a moment.”

“It’s not so bad if an orthopedic surgeon like you loses a knife, is it?”


The two of them jested with each other, and it was evident that they got along splendidly with each other.

It was to be expected, of course. With the operation done and the patient rescued, it was important to have some banter among them, lest they collapse and crumble from all the pressure.

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