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Chapter 30: Getting Off Work at Last

Chapter 30: Getting Off Work at Last

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Everyone was half-paralyzed after the night shift and their minds were a complete mess.

The nurse’s station was already busier as they prepared various equipment.

Soon, the rolling sound of carts’ wheels was heard in the corridor.

Such was the routine every morning. As soon as they opened their eyes, they had to take the patient’s temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, as well as make proper records of everything. Only then could the nurses hand over their duties smoothly to the next shift.

Jiang Tingxu rubbed her arms which had turned numbed after she slept on them for too long. After alleviating them, she got up and walked to the corner before taking a cup of warm water to warm up her stomach. Her alertness returned almost instantaneously.

She glanced at the clock on the office wall. Finally, she could get off work soon!

She did not feel hungry after having eaten supper in the early morning, but she did not intend to stay in the office for too long either. She took out her stethoscope from the drawer and went out.

The patients with minor injuries from the past night’s car accident were all staying in the observation unit. They would only be brought to various other departments only after it was officially time to clock in.

Jiang Tingxu was stopped by the high school boy’s voice as soon as she stepped into the room.

“Dr. Jiang, you’re here?”

She walked over to him. “Mm, how did you sleep last night? Does it still hurt?”


How could it not hurt?

Jiang Tingxu smiled.

“Well, it’s good that it’s hurting. That means it’s going to heal. It’ll itch in a couple of days, but you shouldn’t scratch it. Lie down and I’ll check it for you.”

The high school boy grimaced but lay down very obediently.

After an examination, Jiang Tingxu lifted the gauze and looked at the wound.

“Remember what I told you yesterday. Watch what you eat, otherwise the wound might not heal very slowly.”

“Mm, I know.”

“Okay, I’ll go check on the other patients then. You have a good rest.”


Except for the more serious car accident patients, the rest of the serious cases were unlikely to be there and were all lying in the ICU.

After checking all the patients in the observation unit, she finally left without feeling much worry.


When did the operation in the operating room end?

Was that not Deputy Chief Pei standing outside the nurses’ station?

The head nurse personally helped to heat up his meal. It was the one that was specially kept for him the night before.

Pei Rusi was really hungry after the operation, but he felt so tired that all he wanted to do was go home and sleep to his heart’s content, rather than going to the cafeteria for breakfast.

In the middle of it, the head nurse stopped him and said that there was a portion left for him when they had supper in the department the previous night. She made sure that he ate before leaving and getting off work.



‘I stood in the operating room with a group of people for more than ten hours last night and the others were out there enjoying their supper?’

He felt disheartened when he thought about it.

At least they still had the conscience to leave some for him.


The microwave rang.

The head nurse came out with two containers.

“Deputy Director Pei, this is yours and Dr. Liao’s. I couldn’t find Dr. Liao, so I’d have to trouble you to bring this back to the office.”

“Thanks. Just hand it to me.”

The department’s two large offices were facing each other. Pei Rusi carried his food and saw Jiang Tingxu returning to the office from afar.

“Dr. Jiang.”

Jiang Tingxu stopped walking.

“Deputy Chief Pei?”

He raised the lunch box in his hand.

“I heard that this is your treat. Thank you.”

“Ah, you’re welcome.”

Jiang Tingxu went directly into the office after she said that.

Meanwhile, Pei Rusi felt a slight twitching on his face. In fact, he had every intention of explaining what happened yesterday and making it clear that he did not overhear it on purpose.

Perhaps it was better to leave that aside for the time being.

Dr. Jiang clearly did not mind, so there was no reason for him to mention it again!

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