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Chapter 29: Being Alive Is No Different from Being Dead

Chapter 29: Being Alive Is No Different from Being Dead

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As a member of the Mo family, Mo Boyuan was bound to inherit the staunch defensiveness of their own kin that proliferated in the Mo family’s bones!

Jiang Tingxu came to the Mo family when she was only six or seven years old, and she had been a member of the Mo family ever since then, even marrying successfully into the family.

Did those people take Mo Boyuan for a dead man?

Jiang Tingxu would probably nod in agreement if she could hear those words inside King Mo’s heart!

Although he did not die and was well alive in the entertainment industry, Jiang Tingxu felt that there was no difference whether her husband was dead or alive.

Across the phone, Special Assistant Yan could still clearly feel the anger coming from his boss.

“Ahem, I’ll arrange everything right now.”

Mo Boyuan coldly reminded, “Special Assistant Yan, don’t forget that you have only two days left. If you still haven’t finished it, you can pack your bags and fly to Africa to take up your position there. You won’t need to see me anymore.”

“Uh...Yes, President Mo!”

He had no choice but to bow his head in front of that powerful capitalist.

After ending the call, Mo Boyuan headed downstairs because he could no longer sleep.

He took a bottle of red wine from his wine cabinet, skillfully used a corkscrew to uncork it, and began drinking from the bottle directly.

He was the youngest Best Actor in history and a talented budding director! Glory and splendor abound!

However, did anyone actually know how much hard work he had to put in behind the scenes? All that suffering

There were many things Mo Boyuan never mentioned to anyone!

On second thought, he felt as though he made a major cockup!

That girl suddenly became so foreign to him.

Gulp... Another mouthful of wine flowed down his throat.

Perhaps alcohol allowed him to let his truest emotions loose.


The next day.


After one entire night, the door to the Emergency Department’s operating room had finally opened. Deputy Chief Pei and his group walked out with a tired face. Obvious dark circles appeared under their eye sockets.

They entered the operating room at almost 7pm the previous night and it was already just over 6am—the entire period spanned a full 12 hours.

All the doctors and nurses in the operating room did not rest for those 12 hours. None of them dared to close their eyes for more than two seconds, for fear that a sudden mistake might end up causing a terrible consequence.

Fortunately, the life of that critical car accident patient was successfully saved!

Their hard work was not in vain and that was what everyone felt was most gratifying.

Family members waited outside all night and fell asleep on the ground. On hearing the noise, someone shouted excitedly, “They’re out! They’re out!”

In an instant, the other family members woke up as well and gathered around before they had time to tidy up their appearances.

“Deputy Chief Pei, how is my husband?” The patient’s wife was so worried that she looked to have aged by 10 years overnight.

It should not have come as a surprise, since the patient inside was the family’s pillar. Should anything happen to the pillar, the entire family would certainly crumble.

Pei Rusi rubbed his forehead a couple of times.

“The operation was successful, and all the congestion in the patient’s head has been cleared. Most of the other injuries are not fatal, and all that’s needed after this is some recuperation.”

“Thank you, Deputy Chief Pei!”

“Yeah, Deputy Chief Pei, you saved our entire family. There’s nothing an old woman like me can do, so let me kneel and kowtow to you.” The patient’s old mother really knelt down after that, but Pei Rusi moved quickly and stopped the old lady from doing so.

“Don’t do that, Auntie. This is our duty. We’ve received all your gratitude and that’s enough for us.”

The patient’s old mother and wife were in tears at that moment.

Pei Rusi and the doctor behind him comforted them for a while before finally persuading the patient’s family to be well.

Nearly an hour had passed after they came out of the intensive care unit.

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