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Chapter 4: This Kid Skipped Class

Chapter 4: This Kid Skipped Class

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The little guy understood the rather strong connotation of the phrase ‘skipping class’.

“Of course not. I left a note for the teacher.” ‘It’s just that I hadn’t gotten the teacher’s consent yet.’


Jiang Tingxu could not help laughing after hearing her son’s stubborn reply.

“Alright. Then what are you doing here?”

The little kid has been very well protected by his dad and the Mo family. He had practically never been outside at all, which begged the question—why did he come to the hospital?

A shy look appeared on the little boy’s face and he hesitated before answering, “The kindergarten is having a parent-teacher conference today.”


“And then?” Jiang Tingxu was somewhat confused.

Her son then rolled his eyes at her a couple of times.

“Then I left!”

“So, your dad didn’t go to the parent-teacher conference?”


It was actually understandable since all kinds of hell would be raised if a man like him actually showed up at the parent-teacher conference.

Furthermore, the fact that he revealed nothing about his child was a clear enough sign of the problem—the child would no longer be safe if his identity was revealed.

However, inevitably, he would miss the child’s first parent-teacher conference.

Jiang Tingxu still did not know what to feel about the child she birthed. In fact, she was actually feeling a little conflicted.

Moreover, Jiang Tingxu resumed her studies a month after the child was born. The Mo family had been taking care of the child for four years...so things were quite different compared to other families.

She glanced at the clock on the wall. It was at 4:10 in the evening, and she would probably make it in time if she rushed to kindergarten.

At that moment, however... The head nurse’s anxious voice could be heard clearly from the corridor.

“Dr. Jiang, the patient on bed forty-eight is going into shock!”

There was no time to think about anything else.

“Wait here and don’t go anywhere, Mo Zhining. I’ll be back soon.”

It was the little guy’s first time in a hospital. He watched the nurses pushing various equipment and medical carts in the corridors, and although he did not understand what any of it was, he was well aware that his mother was facing an emergency. He did not argue with her and answered immediately, “Got it!”

Still rather uneasy, Jiang Tingxu glanced at the child again before running out of the office.

Everything on bed 48 was ready and the head nurse skillfully took out various liquid medications from the drawer of her cart. Meanwhile, two other nurses repeatedly called out the patient who was suffering shock beside the bed.

Jiang Tingxu approached the bed and took a flashlight to examine the patient’s pupils. “Are all the necessary inspections done?”

The head nurse nodded decisively.

“Yes. The T wave is flat and inverted.”

“A flat and inverted T wave is generally a sign of myocardial ischemia. In her case, it’s likely already in the critical stage. Was a coronary angiography done?”

The head nurse paused noticeably for a moment. “Ahem. Her family said not to!”

Jiang Tingxu’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Where are her family?”

The family members were actually not that far away. “Here. We’re right here, Doctor. How’s my daughter-in-law? Why is she in a coma?”

The lady’s words suggested that she was probably the patient’s mother-in-law.

Jiang Tingxu was well aware of what the patient’s mother-in-law was thinking about. Was it nothing more than a reluctance to spend money for her daughter-in-law? There was no point in talking nonsense with a person like that, so Jiang Tingxu turned to the man who looked to be in his 30s.

“What’s your relation to the patient?” Jiang Tingxu asked.

“She’s my wife. Doctor, what’s happened to my wife?”

“Okay. Let me confirm this one more time: you’re the patient’s husband?”

The man nodded and his expression seemed rather worried. “Yes!”

“The patient’s condition is far from good. In fact, it’s quite serious, and she requires immediate surgery. You’re the patient’s husband, right? You’re now the patient’s guardian. Bear in mind that you’re fully responsible for your wife’s life!”

As soon as the patient’s mother-in-law heard that surgery was needed, she immediately jumped up.

“What? Surgery? How could it be that serious? Why would she need surgery today when she was still able to work in the field yesterday? Do you even know your stuff, Doctor? Or are you just doing it for the money?”

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