Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 5: Eccentric Mother-In-Law

Chapter 5: Eccentric Mother-In-Law

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The expressions of the surrounding medical personnel soured at once after hearing the lady’s words. What kind of remark was that? What did she insinuate by saying that the doctor was ‘doing it for the money’?

Did she not know that doctors did not actually collect the operation fees?

The man hurriedly grabbed his mother and warned, “Stop it with your nonsense, Mom. If you don’t want to stay here, then go home. It’s good enough that I’m here!”

He then turned to Jiang Tingxu again.

“Do it, Doctor. Do the operation and save my wife!”

After hearing that, everyone immediately felt a sense of relief.

Many strange things happened in the hospital, especially in the Emergency Department, but the one thing that angered everyone most was none other than when delays by family members left them no choice but to watch helplessly as a patient died, especially when there had been a clear chance to save that patient’s life.

Jiang Tingxu nodded, then said to the head nurse, “We might not make it. Call the operating room and have them make immediate preparations. All inspections can only be done in the operating room. Prepare the operation consent form for her family to sign!”

Her orderly commands calmed everyone’s anxious hearts.

“Okay, I understand. Little Ran, push the patient to the operating room with Little Jing.”

“Yes, Head Nurse.”

Once the patient had been brought away, the head nurse finished the call before suddenly exclaiming, “Hiss! Damn it!”

Jiang Tingxu flung her arms, adjusted her stethoscope, and was already prepared to head back to her office. She then heard the head nurse exclaiming and asked, “What’s wrong?”

The head nurse pulled her hair anxiously.

“Everyone’s in the operating room. You’re the only one left, Dr. Jiang. Who will do the...operation for bed forty-eight?”

What was going on?

Jiang Tingxu was slightly taken aback by the statement and quickly snapped back to her senses.

“Hurry up and call the Thoracic Surgery Department!”

“Oh, oh, oh. Yes, I’ll call them.”

There was no surgeon present in the Emergency Department, so their only recourse was to request support from the Thoracic Surgery Department.

Jiang Tingxu was feeling flustered too. She could not possibly take to the operating table without her medical license, otherwise...


She could only lament the surge in patients requiring emergency attention that day. A bunch of people who were involved in a group scuffle had taken up the attention of almost the entire Emergency Department’s doctors.

“Huh? They’re all in the middle of a procedure?”

The head nurse’s voice sounded like she was about to cry.

“I understand.”

The call ended.

“Dr. Jiang, there’s no one else from the Thoracic Surgery Department who’s available. What are we going to do now?”

‘Umm, this is a hospital, not a battlefield.

‘You’d be lucky to have a doctor if it was in a battlefield. Who would ask for anything more?’

“What else can we do? Call the hospital director and inform him!”

The head nurse nodded and she quickly dialed the hospital director’s office. The situation was briefly and accurately summarized.

“Yes, yes, that’s right. The patient urgently needs surgery and we can’t delay anymore!

“Mm, okay. Dr. Jiang is right next to me. I’ll pass the phone to her.”

Jiang Tingxu answered the call while the corner of her mouth twitched uncontrollably.

“Hello, Director. Jiang Tingxu speaking.”

“Little Jiang, I’ll leave patient forty-eight’s surgery in your capable hands. Are you confident enough?”

‘Leave it to me?

‘What was the hospital director thinking?’


“Desperate times call for desperate measures. I’ve heard about you from your mentor a long time ago, and the Emergency Department’s chief praises you in front of me often. You are more than capable of handling this procedure!”

Jiang Tingxu certainly could not refuse now that the director had spoken.

“Okay, I’ll do it!”

“Hahaha, wonderful. There’s no need for those in the Emergency Department to mull over every little thing. The patient’s not going to wait for you to finish contemplating. Alright then, time for you to head to the operating room and get ready. I’ll send you an assistant doctor from one of the other departments. Good luck, and don’t be nervous!”


After hanging up, Jiang Tingxu sighed to herself and said to the head nurse, “Please help me watch over that little brat in my office.”

“Sure! No problem!”

The head nurse was dying to ask who that little kid was, but there was no time to speak as Dr. Jiang’s figure had already left.


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