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Chapter 524 - Father and Son’s Thoughts were Equally Dangerous

Chapter 524: Father and Son’s Thoughts were Equally Dangerous

“Of course, Brother-in-law, you’re too worried. How can this be considered a problem?”

Why don’t you take a look at what your sister’s family does, and what kind of big shots exist in the family.

Even if Mo Boyuan himself was not in Yun City, the Mo family could easily do it for him.

Gu Ranzhi snorted coldly:

“I hope so. Mo Boyuan, I’ll remind you again. If you can’t protect her properly, then don’t blame me for taking her away.”

If Gu Ranzhi had found his sister before the two of them got married, he wouldn’t have agreed to this marriage.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have sulked for years because of this after they reunited.

“Brother-in-law, you’re worrying too much. I’ll protect my wife.”

Want to take her away?

Not in this lifetime!

Gu Ranzhi got into the car and left. Mo Boyuan didn’t stay there any longer and returned to the set with the glass jar.

Zhou Xian ran forward when he saw Gu Ranzhi:

“Brother Mo, I heard that Gu Ranzhi came to look for you?”

This must be the number one gossip peddler, right?


“Uh… no, no. It’s just that I have a niece who is a big fan of Gu Ranzhi. She has been wanting to get his autograph for a long time.”

He had also been pestering Zhou Xian for a long time. It was just that in the past, his Brother Mo and Gu Ranzhi were known to be sworn enemies. Even if Zhou Xian had the chance to meet Gu Ranzhi, he would not really go forward to ask for his autograph or anything.

But now, the two sworn enemies had suddenly changed, becoming related by marriage.

Then… there wouldn’t be any problems!

Mo Boyuan sneered when he heard this:

“Then you’ll have to ask him for it next time you see him, because he has already left.”

Zhou Xian immediately let out a long “AH?” sound.

The next moment, a small fish tank was stuffed into his hand:

“Take good care of it. If there’s a problem with raising it, bring your head to see me.”


What the hell?

This, this, this… I don’t know how to raise fish!

“Brother Mo~”


Hearing this cold tone, he swallowed the words that were about to come out of his mouth:

“No, no, no. I’ll go and see if there’s anything that this little thing can eat.”

As a man, he can be flexible.

For the sake of money, of course, he had to give his all.

It was just raising a little goldfish. Who couldn’t raise it?

However, after that, Zhou Xian wandered around the village a few times, but he couldn’t find anything suitable for the little goldfish to eat. After all, no one in the village raised fish, so of course, he couldn’t find fish feed.

Instead, he asked his fellow villagers for some pig feed. Since it was all feed, it should be about the same. When the time came, he would split a piece of feed into two and feed it twice.

Such a large piece of pig feed, this little thing could not eat so much at once.

Moreover, Zhou Xian had tested it first. The little goldfish had indeed eaten the pig feed that was thrown in, so he dared to do so.

Of course, he would definitely not tell Brother Mo about the pig feed.

Mo Boyuan would not have so much time to ask about it every day. As long as there were no problems, he would just throw the fish to Zhou Xian.

The main reason was that he was worried that he would not be able to give the brat an explanation. Otherwise, Mo Boyuan could just skewer the little goldfish and roast it.

Why did he have to take so much trouble to raise it?

There was a pond of fish in the backyard of the old house, and there was no lack of such a little fish.

Fortunately, a certain little guy did not know that his father had such a dangerous thought for the time being. Otherwise, he would definitely not have given the fish to his father on a whim.

If he wanted to roast it, he had to eat it first!

How could his father eat it first?


F * ck…

This was indeed worthy of being the biological father and son pair. The thoughts in their minds were all the same dangerous.

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